House Interior Design for Small Space

Organizing a house interior design for small space often confusing you. While the need to store stuff and your collection can not be compromised. Call it a bedroom the size of a mediocre 2 × 3 meters. Many functions must be carried out at once. Ranging from mattresses to sleep, clothes, books to hobby equipment. The living room and family not only be packed with guest chairs, televisions, and display. But it is also a collection of souvenirs, newspapers / magazines, where umbrellas and shoes to your helmet. It may even dining table and chairs. Such difficulties experienced by the owners of a small house or apartment small studios. Before the matter was really puzzling to you, you need to get around from the beginning before inhabiting the house. Which take into account and make a list from the beginning what items would you let into the house or in a room.

Shelving Design for a Small Space RoomShelving Design for a Small Space Room

What does it mean? It refers to non-furniture items and furniture. Non furniture includes clothing, school supplies / office and kitchen equipment, while furniture is the place where the goods will be placed, in addition to accommodate other functions. In addition, you also know more detail what kind of furniture, size and functions that meet your criteria. For example, for the wardrobe, by the list you have made, you can already imagine roughly how the size and distribution of wardrobe and drawer space in the cupboard.

Bedroom Idea for a small space roomBedroom Idea for a small space room

In this case, what I want to say is that when you think of furniture you should consider two things. That is the design of the inside and the outside. Settled on a look outside, just finished half the problem. You should consider a function on the inside.
Another example is that when you are designing the kitchen, among others on goods that are stored in a closet cabinet. Which is often used and rarely used as well, any cooking activity is quite often done.

Guest Room Idea for a Small Space Roomguest room Idea for a small space room

Then, in simplifying the things, you could use Cabinets built in cabinets that are mounted in a wall niche, so the surface is parallel to the overall wall cabinet / wall. Built-in cabinets that are designed to the ceiling will provide a large enough room, but its presence should make the room cramped. Wogg, a German designer, try to show built-in cabinets are installed in the living room / living room small house. The closet was used as storage for items that are often used outside the home, such as shoes, hats and raincoats / umbrella. Everything is trivial stuff that often interferes with the interior because it is not laid out well.

kitchen idea for a small space roomkitchen idea for a small space room

small living idea for a small space roomsmall living idea for a small space room

Actually, there would another idea for making your space of room seem to be wide that is by having a right color combination. For example you could use a bright color, like light blue, white, or others since it would help you in maintaining your narrow space of your room. So, Good luck with your design!

Kitchen Idea For A Small Space Room
Small Living Idea For A Small Space Room
Guest Room Idea For A Small Space Room
Bedroom Idea For A Small Space Room
Shelving Design For A Small Space Room

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    this house is on point!!!!!i wouldnt mind being the babysitter. seriously.the house is gorgeous.and the MCM is done in a where you are not bored ( contrary to a comment made earlier)if you cant personality in this house, then i believe you are blind or to it. or perhaps you are seeing green because this house is awesome.the fact that its and its only 3 ppl..SO WHAT. maybe they are making more babies now, we dont know. so why knock it?maybe they space.i know i would it.” honey i will you later in the east of the house, i to recede tend to my chickens”CHICKENS…that was the icing on the cake for me, since last night i was mentioning…i want some chickens in my admire this house tour.well played AT, well played

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  6. Scarlett Nyla Carlee P.

    The TV frame is my best yard sale of all time- $20 because the woman the conventional painting inside was *! I then bought the TV to fit the frame. The key to making it work was painting the wall the TV matte black. It doesn’t fit EXACTLY, but the illusion is kept by the paint.My bedroom is a loft bed with a amble in closet underneath. You can probably imagine, by the of the diagram, that it was entirely impossible to a snap of a 6 foot high loft that didn’t a vignette. I’ll if I can a wide-angle lens and try again!As for the panda, I’m a believer in bringing things into your that you happy. Since the bathroom is such a personal space, it’s filled with portraits and pandas- things that perhaps wouldn’t work in the main rooms but truly belong in my home.Thanks again for all of the love!

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