Small Space Garden

Garden is not only functioned as home exterior door but it is used for relaxing your mind and you could see beautiful side of your exterior when you open your window  in the morning. But sometimes you would have some problem when you have a small space of your exterior or your backyard. In having this kind of home garden, do not worry about the matter of small space but the only important thing is about the arrangement of the garden itself. Then, actually how to arrange small space garden that might make you worry for having the garden design. This kind of problem is had by some urban people since there would not much space in their environment. Here, let’s be creative in solving this space matter and be efficient in utilisizing your exterior space.

Small Garden GuttersSmall Garden Gutters

Small Garden Appliances

There are many kinds of appliances that would become your references to decorate your small space garden. The first thing is about having self-watering container. In having this self water container you could place it on the balcony and it is really easy to make it and it would not cost much for having it. Another thing is that you could have hanging soda bottle planter that would be your pots in planting your flowers, vegetables, or others. Beside that, it would help you save the space of the exterior. This bottles could be found everywhere although you do not drink soda.

Salad Small GardensSalad Small Gardens

Small Gardens One Pot VeggieSmall Gardens One Pot Veggie

Then, you could use or make your own pots by having coconut shell aside from the bottle pots. Nowadays, people just left and throw away the coconut shell in the trash. In this matter, just make it become an useful thing by cleaning the inside part of the coconut and make a hole in the buttom of the coconut. Then, fill some soil to plant some flowers or vegetables.

Small Garden Urban StepsSmall Garden Urban Steps

Vegetable Garden IdeasVegetable Garden Ideas

The Arrangement of Plants in Small Garden

You should also consider about the shape of the small space garden that you would arrange. There are many kinds of plants arrangements that you could use for your small space of the room. as you could see from some pictures above, you could see that you could make shelves that it hang and stamped in on the wall. you could make it from the wooden material. Add some soils there and you could plant some vegetables there. Beside that, you could also make one big pot that is used for some plants in one big pot.

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