Modern Wood Flooring

Flooring design is part of the interior design that would give great influence in making up your interior home design. As being explained in the previous articles that there are many kinds of home interior design, such as modern, contemporary, minimalist or traditional interior design. Of course in each interior design, the flooring design also different, but still here, the wooden flooring design is always suitable for every design. This makes it become the special thing for this design, especially modern wood flooring design. Wooden flooring design always seem to be exotic and it is suitable for non-European countries, mainly Africa, Asia, also South America. In addition, this flooring design bring the original and unique taste in the home design.

Exotic bedroom interior with wooden flooringExotic bedroom interior with wooden flooring

Modern kitchen with grey wooden floorModern kitchen with grey wooden floor

Wooden Flooring Design in Kitchen

In the previous picture of modern wood flooring design, you could see that the wooden flooring design is combined to the minimalist kitchen design. The combination color between grey and white kitchen design with wooden flooring design look really great and exotic. Then, this flooring design also looks so natural in the interior design. Currently this design is very popular since the design would allow you to have noble, warm and also durable floor design. Beside that, this flooring design has many kinds of patterns for you.

Wooden Flooring Design in Living Room

Living room with black furniture and wooden flooringLiving room with black furniture and wooden flooring

wide plank wood floor kitchenwide plank wood floor kitchen

In the previous picture, it could be seen that minimalist look of the living room is combined intoย  dark grey wooden flooring design. This flooring design looks really great since the additional lighting reflected from the sunlight of the glass window. in designing the flooring for living room design, you should emphasize the tactile quality of the wood, such as soft, warm. From the look of the flooring design, it would not change the color and it does not lose properties. Th deep natural sense also could be felt here.

Modern wooden flooring designModern Red wooden flooring design

Aside from various style in the wooden flooring designs, this kind of design has many kinds of color as being explained above. Beside that, some brighter colors could be your choice in having this kind of door. In the previous picture you could see that the design is having red color of flooring design. Natural look and also elegance interior design always having great effect to the person who live in it.

Exotic bedroom interior with wooden flooring , Modern Wood Flooring In  Category
Modern kitchen with grey wooden floor , Modern Wood Flooring In  Category
Living room with black furniture and wooden flooring , Modern Wood Flooring In  Category
wide plank wood floor kitchen , Modern Wood Flooring In  Category
Modern wooden flooring design , Modern Wood Flooring In  Category

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  4. Norman Campbell R.

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  5. Ryan.Kalani.Lennox

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  6. Jayda Charli O.

    I also everything about this house. My accepted is the kitchen- that shade of green is and I all the orange accents. You the feeling that every single thing in this house is a to the family- they spent years scouring the world to exactly that blue yarn-holder side table thingy. Lovely!

  7. Richard-Jamari-Denzel

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  8. Jayden-Armando-Nathen

    I been looking everywhere for two in brass to in the bedroom, I these!My ikea version (which is surprisingly quite sturdy, is next to my tv (shown in the link)

  9. Alejandro Ivan Kyan

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  10. Harley Kenzie S.

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  11. Kylan@999

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  12. FabianCorbinDarrell

    Ah .. I it when electronics are mounted over heated surfaces. We all know TVs, and Apple TVs, and cable boxes, and blu-ray players are rated for temperatures. It says so in the manual … oh wait. I was reading in Russian. The Ikea Hacked hinged mirror in image 5 failed for the same reason. Too grand attention to without regard for function.

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  14. Darien99

    Answering a couple of questions here! Thanks for the response. 1. The lighting in the office is handmade with inspiration from ReadyMade magazine. The light in the bedroom was $20 at Menards. 2. The couch is this one (

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  16. Kai Lilyanna K.

    Hi. All this info is helpful. Re assembling the IKEA cabinets and installing them, you recommend going with an IKEA-recommended contractor, or can I fair consume a general contractor–even if he/she has never worked with IKEA products. Thanks so much!

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  21. Brock_Deangelo

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  22. Colin.Jovani

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  23. Felicity Helena D.

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  24. Anne.Kadence

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  25. Cristobal

    Cleaned out drawers and fridge/freezer, and cooking supply cabinets, as well as the spice shelf. Did not successfully * out the approx 75 different cups/glasses/mugs that 3 people “need” (who absorb a dishwasher I might add). Though I did also and organize the bonus shelf in the laundry room that stores cleaning supplies, tools, patch painting supplies, and the misc things you need on hand to deal with household issues!

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  29. Dane Coleman

    i dont you will be able to paint over the vinyl tile you have, perhaps if you stripped it down to the subfloor you could benjamin moore floor paint..skimstone is designed to be on concrete floors, as are those paints for garage floors.i would suggest a to depot, there are a number of flexible vinyl flooring options, such as the wood ones were already suggested by a previous poster. it is cheap, and easy to diy.

  30. TraceRocky

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  32. Alfredo

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  33. Caylee

    @peachpie–This house is a perfect candidate for in-floor heating.As far as cooling, a ceiling fan and windows would be quite sufficient since heat rises naturally……and with the orientation and some clear space, an entire side of the house could easily be fitted w/ solar panels, which would work well into the winter as the snow would naturally off the panels and the angle of the lower sun would provide more efficient for heating.

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