Victorian Curtain Design

Victorian building is very famous in the 20th century, the building that has great ornament and interior design that has many windows that make the building become very famous for decades. For some times, this home design has been less dominated in people’s mind, but in the 21st century there is a revival of the sense of Victorian home design among people whether in the original or traditional Victorian home design or modern version of Victorian home design. In the home design of Victorian style, of course the would be some accessories or decoration of this design. In the previous articles, you have known that windows and door are including in the interior design and there is no other choice for beautifying the door and windows except the curtain. Since it is Victorian home design, the most suitable curtain is Victorian curtain design.

Victorian Curtain on Gothic Home Office Library Living RoomHome Victorian style

As being said in some articles that home design or specifically home curtain design is the reflection of the personality or maybe social status of you. By having the curtain design, the decoration is very rich and also reflecting the aristocratic style . Usually, Victorian house is decorated with beautiful accessories and furniture and it always make luxurious. and it is proved that Victorian design is still preferable in this era. Maybe you have known from the previous articles that Victoria usually painted in dark and bright such as sapphire, ruby, emerald green, etc. Beside that, you could also had another color that might suit you.

Meuwissen Ranch Victorian CurtainMeuwissen Ranch Victorian Curtain

Victorian Bathroom Curtain Design

Victorian Bathroom Curtain Design

For having the Victorian Curtain Design and fabric for the sofa in the Victorian design, it should fixed to the color of the wall and also the pattern. in choosing the curtain, you could have heavy embroider fabric, velvet or brocade that would increase the wealth of the room. Then, in Victorian design, the tablecloth, bedspread, and also cushion cover is having rich design since it would use the ropes of linen, also ribbons.

Victorian Bedroom Curtain DesignVictorian Bedroom Curtain Design

Another kind of Victorian Curtain Design is lace curtain that is always perfectly fit to the Victorian design. For example if you have bright light of the sunlight, the curtain would help you in maintaining it so that you would feel warm but still you would not be blocked to see the outside view. Then, this curtain design would allow you to have privacy in your room and it is really easy to be maintained since you do not need to take care of it to intense.

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  38. Trevor Cooper X.

    One of my all time favourites and I know I am going to be looking at the photos for a long time. Curiously, the fashion I am trying to adopt for my apartment in France – a third floor mini-loft. I am British, too, which is a coincidence. well done and thanks for the tour and inspiration it has given me.

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