Pop Art Decoration

Pop art is an art movement that arises in the 1950s in Britain and it is followed by United States. The word “pop” comes from “popular mass culture” of the essay of Lawrence Alloway the Britich art critic ad curator. Pop art comes as the effect of wealthy Post World War II society that full of materialism. Lawrence Alloway said that “an aesthetic that isolated visual art from life and from the other arts, there emerged a new willingness to treat our whole culture as if it were art” . at that time, the development of innovative ideas are arises that is influenced by the Pop movement including fine arts, fashion design, also the home furniture. During the 1960s the influence of pop art in the furniture design was arising and the term “pop furniture” come that had never being mentioned before. But still it is still difficult to define it since it had never mentioned before in the history because each artist would have different definition about it. This pop art furniture that would become the pop art decoration in nowadays home interior decoration.

Pop Art Perfume Table With Purple Rose Wall DecalPop Art Perfume Table With Purple Rose Wall Decal

When you see the picture of pop art decoration, maybe you would think it is “weird”, funny, humorous or maybe ironic. Sometimes, this pop art furniture are used to society, celebrities, comic strips, also the advertisements. The example is that as you can see in the previous picture that there is Bocca sofa that has red lips shape. This furniture is made from cold expanded polyurethane and elasticized fabric cover. Then, don’t you know about some characters or artist of pop art furniture? There are two artists that are very famous and inspirational, they are Salvador Dali and Marilyn Monroe.

Comic Pop Art Wall MuralComic Pop Art Wall Mural

Pop Art Decorating Ideas Fresh and Classy BedroomPop Art Decorating Ideas Fresh and Classy Bedroom

Elegant Walls Geometric Patterns Pop Art ReflectionElegant Walls Geometric Patterns Pop Art Reflection

Cantopop Pop Art Style DecorationCantopop Pop Art Style Decoration

Then, there is also pop art decoration that has minimalist design that has focal point to the ones who view them. This design plays with the stylish and colorful identity. The example of this kind of design is Malitte lounge furniture by Roberto Sebastian, manufactured in 1965. This furniture is made from polyurethane foam and wool. This style is very nice since the design is separated each of its pieces and it could be combined into one single cube.

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    These photos exemplify the type of that distinguishes homes from houses. Creative, to gape at and relative to the person who displays them.I will buy a room with a few simple pieces of furniture and more photos this over carefully staged and generic MCM houses w/o any personality, any day.Thank you for sharing your photos Victoria and reminding us what is at the heart of design.

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