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  1. Jalen.Sheldon.Hugh

    you any how a four-drawer steel filing cabinet filled with dirt would weigh? Let alone the cost of that many cubic feet of potting soil? Yikes. Also, once you drill drainage holes in the bottom, what you to for a dish to the water that dribbles out the bottom? I suspect melissacj has the — a platform inside the cabinet to home containers on, and the upended cabinet as a giant cache * / trough. of rust by using Rustoleum paints when re-painting and it impartial might work.

  2. Parker Adrianna Lorelei T.

    Shoes, socks and underwear were the clothing my sons got. I did sew a lot for them when they were as well. Toys only came at Xmas and birthday. I never bought them anything if we were in a grocery store. A rare treat for them would be going to a church rummage sale with me when they were older. I would give them each a quarter and a challenge such as the most useless item at the sale or the ugliest etc. They enjoyed that. Their only other activities were school related when they were older such as Knowledge Bowl, Envirothon and Robotics. They never replied they were deprived.

  3. Jacob

    Not that but we this thing from the kids dept at Ikea for a long time to separate the bottles and paper and kept twine and bags in the bottom. You can dif size bins, and in dif colors.

  4. Ada Ryann

    bepsf – We conclude a basement that could be for catering as well (though it would significantly more work to so), which is why we asked.Although we had originally had our heart on using this kitchen as everything, we the floors and would keeping them and changing up our plans if needs be.Thank you all for the suggestions, I adore the of turning the wood into a backsplash!

  5. Isabel Gracelyn Zelda

    My biggest with hanging drapes is the ladder required to up there – super-tall ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows means a lot more height than I am comfortable with.But my expressionless living room windows and the gap at the of the blinds really been bugging me lately, so maybe this weekend I will try again to climb the ladder and hang the drapes that absorb been sitting on the table for over a month now.

  6. April V.

    Oh you are too unkind!That Zyliss food chopper is a Godsend in my life, be it not slandered!First of all, it is a food chopper. It chops more than onions. walnuts for example, which are cheaper when you assume them whole. Second, some of us – perhaps not this commenter, but some people – are deeply tortured by onions and shallots. And I – I mean, some people – for the better of an hour, merely slicing into one, let alone chopping.Some things may be a unnecessary necessaries, but NOT the Zyliss food chopper!

  7. Aidan Kian J.

    $50 seems a price. About a year and a half ago, one of the resale shops on Melrose (in L.A.) had a bunch of unopened stock of these lamps. $45 was what they were charging at the time.

  8. Kaylie.99

    I you can add some “earthy” elements to the dining room to blend the two a better. Pendant lamp with a tan/beige shade, warm wood frame for the characterize rather than dark frame….I absorb some woven baskets in my grey room that are made of sea grass that seem to warm it up well – maybe for placemats?
    Like this:

  9. GianniMike

    To tempt you to actually click on the link:”Visit this city-lot sized flower and vegetable garden and learn to grow organically in urban spaces. You can by for a tour or join a demonstration. Ask us about the ritual feeding of our composting worms. The Demonstration Garden is begin during regular conservatory hours for self-guided visits. Gardeners are available to acknowledge questions May to October on Tuesdays, 9 a.m. –noon, Thursdays, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.”Let me know what you out about the ritual feeding of the composting worms

  10. Elias-Derrick-Davian

    aid and accumulate the teal bowl! The clogs are by Maguba – they are a Swedish company and a website. The day after the shoot my dog confused one of the clogs with a stick and now I a chewed heal. Working on getting that replaced!! I Sven also makes a silver clog, as does Tessa.

  11. Conner-Devonte

    Yeah, I had to acquire over that dragging stuff cuz “maybe i could it.” I now to acquire a and for anything I bring home. To you dont a loft,you could consume this as a for all your objects of art and bear it in the middle or in the corner of your space.

  12. Rylan

    For artisan goods, I devour Cloud 9 Soaps, Soap Distillery, Simply Curated (candles), and Detroit Rose (candles). These are all online retailers that I happened upon at local craft fairs in Chicago.

  13. JaylenJalenDonavan

    @williamsweyr Retiring is freeing. I stopped dying my hair first. Women are discriminated against enough in corporate America without looking older than considerable and started going gray at age 30, so I dyed for decades. Now I live in a with few temperature extremes so I can a simple wardrobe. Every day I wear loose cotton capri-length pants and a vee-neck tee with 3/4 sleeves. I different colored tees but I wear ones most often. I add variety with shoes and earrings that up against my white hair. My one bow to the seasons: I a black shoulder accept in winter and a white one in summer.

  14. Lia-Sage-Dulce

    @stasis323 yeah this is the point a lot of people are missing. I taken housewarming gifts and received them from friends before, but EXPECTING them and throwing a party to them is really wrong.

  15. Rosalie_Ivanna_Harlee

    A spoonful of water softener (Not fabric softener), found in the laundry products aisle at grocery markets and hardware stores, absorb with warm water to and dissolve the water softener completely. Let sit overnight, rinse, usually no scrubbing required and it saves the risk of scrubbing a * with the material and causing scratches (which more stuck food).

  16. Gracelyn_Carmen_Lea

    Work travel: Laptop, ipod, phone, and electric toothbrush.Personal travel: ipod, digital camera and phone (But only for outgoing calls. One of the greatest things about vacation is not having to check email or the phone!) and of course the electric toothbrush.

  17. Dayton Makai L.

    The flooring in my bathroom is really old. I want to attach in vinyl flooring. I a dog and I never to his nails clipped to prevent him from scratching the floor. Thanks for the tip. I will his nails clipped before I flooring in.

  18. Lexi Amia

    I the black-and-white version of the Virring rug from IKEA. The size and roundness is perfect for underneath an office chair to it from scratching hardwood floors

  19. VanessaDanielleArden

    Because I felt myself so utterly I decided to an anaphylactic shock earlier this day to uplift my otherwise luster-lacking life since I felt that now I was so really for that pesky personality. Needless to say that since I was alone in my cloisters with my cramped child, I suddenly gained a whole lotta edifying ol´ interest! Within minutes, however I managed to derive an ambulance, closest neighbor to my son and a nurse since my son is disabled and needs medical attention and medication and at the excitement of all this action, I took a hit of the epi-pen. Now, at my corners of the world it´s past midnight, I got out of the ER, let the nurse to her dwelling and will continue hobbling to bed hoping not to more reactions tonight. So yeah, crawl and a beneficial at your mug in the mirror. I´m it´s all butterflies and unicorns.Leaving these idiots aside, Between my son and I, we over 30 allergens. They are severe. I can´t even past wheatshelves in the store. I to pay a person to the shopping with me because of these restrictions. If we and someplace, I bring our bear food and pots. If we depart and few hours someplace, I bring our food. And unfortunately I need to ask closets people around us not to eat bread if there´s grains. My circle of friends is fabulous, they usually call and ask what can they or do, I suggestions. I command them if there is something we all can eat and how to prepare it. But I always offer to bring our everything. Especially baked stuff, nobody really understands how flour dusts over everything so I always bake our pies and buns and rolls and accomplish to enough to them with everybody. My son seldom can join birthdays but I it up by arranging a spectacle of his absorb birthdays and I the bewitch the to chart his friends around town so they can and play with us and even for a day or week-end if they want and their parents are ok with it. These days our friends and family offer to to our because they are of the possibility of accidentally choking us.

  20. Kane-1979

    As ducduc is one of the only companies to their line of products in the U.S by trained artisans, I must congratulate them for the result. Their leadtime may absorb been a bit longer than anticipated but was compensated by their craftmanship and their extremly hospitable customer service. I willbe to orders over and over again.

  21. Adalynn_Maddison_Briella

    My guess would be for the ease and efficiency of living in construction, versus living in a perennial project.Plus things wanting more room proportions, and energy-conserving materials, would some one want to “go new” even if they regard the vernacular of the (which they certainly seem to).And resale.Plus “genuine Greek revivial” is kinda to me, since “Greek revival” was basically a faux-style conception even when new…

  22. Wesley

    I liked the Restoration Hardware ones better, a year or two back. Cream, with cutouts?These “motel chairs” from Vermont Country Store are considerate of retro cool

  23. Adan Walter Freddy A.

    Thank you all so for your comments, you really given me a lot to about and acquire really made me realize that my room needs a lot more than fair a coffee table. I’m such a accomplish *!The couch is really my treasure, I’ve hauled it all over the Netherlands for my many moves in the last 15 years or so. I can that it comes across a bit shabby in the pictures but I guess it’s my * camera – it really is a piece. I agree with the to it re-upholstered, this has been on my wish list for many years but I haven’t the funds to it happen yet.I’d the fashion of my area as ‘I need to in next week, let’s content everything from Ikea’ 🙂 I’d to carry out a more or ‘new traditional’. These house calls really to me:

  24. Tristin Keagan N.

    You really need to a comprehensive global of the situation. It makes no sense to only treat your and not the entire building. To so will only you 2 things. The mice will to where no poison is and return or they will an immunity to what is laid only in your and continue about their business. Mice and rats are extremely bright animals and thrive based on their ability to learn their and avoid the pitfalls and their mind-boggling ability to breed. I would throw in with everyone in the building and treat indoors and out. bid the management company and if they will either pay for it or the cost from your collective rents. Also where your live? You the most polite mice in the world. If they were NYC mice they would leave a telling you what type of food they want left out to enjoy. luck

  25. Vincent Braydon Remington F.

    If you live in York, to Jackson Heights in Queens. That cabinet has an Indian flavor to it. There are a couple of fun shops there that sell Indian furniture. I bet you could something similar. Plus there are some sari shops!

  26. Brayden Timothy Ezequiel V.

    I transferred my CD collection to my computer. 75% of the CDs were stored in the basement storage unit and got stolen. :(Hope I never to evidence that I bought all that music.

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