Swedish Country Style

We  have read some articles about many kinds of home interior design, such as Victorian interior design, African design, and others. Now, there is another famous design that must be described, that is Swedish country style.   The Swedish country design would provide you with elegant look with calm and classical atmosphere.

Swedish Countrystyle House Interior DesignSwedish Countrystyle House Interior Design

Swedish Living Room Design

Swedish Living Room Home Style With White Color SofaSwedish Living Room Home Style With White Color Sofa

As being said before that this interior design has calm and classical design and it is also happen to the living room design. The living room has white color that is combined with little soft grey furniture. Both wall and flooring design of living room has white color and some of furniture are also have white color,including sofa,  door, also the window. Then, the soft grey is used for the chairs, cupboard, also the frame of the mirror. In this design, the adding of natural look could be gotten by having a pot of small flowers on the table. Then, the adding of fireplace make it warmer when it is in the summer. Beside that, there are some hanging decoration that looks really beautiful with the touch of soft blue.

Swedish Bedroom Design

Bedroom Swedish Country Design Comes with White Domination Inside and GreenBedroom Swedish Country Design Comes with White Domination Inside and Green

In the Swedish Country style, the color combination is still have the calm atmosphere. In the bedroom design, the combination between soft white and soft blue is great. Actually this kind of bedroom design is really simple, but is has elegant and luxurious design. The color is dominated with white color including the wall paint, the flooring design, window design, closet door also the curtain that cover your bed.Then, for the matter of the blue color, it is used for sofa in this room. Beside that, by having the glass window with white color would make your room warmer since you could feel the sunlight.

Swedish Family Room Design

Swedish Country Family Room DesignSwedish Country Family Room Design

In this family room, the color is dominated is white color since there is no combination color in this room so that all of furniture is in the white color, including the sofa, chair, bookshelf, photo frame, also lamp. The only color that has different color is the carpet under the table that has soft blue color. This family room looks so calm that is really suitable for the family.

In some pictures, you could easily see that actually Swedish country style having the same pattern that the color is very calm and make you feel comfort to stay there.

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