Bathroom Purple Design Ideas

In the previous articles, we have already seen about some bathroom ideas, such as by having white bathroom ideas, glass wall of shower wall, and many other articles. So, what do you think for making purple color becomes the choice for designing the bathroom? Purple theme in the bathroom design might not be very popular since the purple is representing the melancholy character, but still this bathroom purple design ideas would really suitable in almost all design in your home. This purple design has many kinds styles and features to this purple color. By having this purple design of bathroom, you could make your bathroom more unique. Pale lilac, deep eggpant, funky amethyst, soothing lavender, all these shades are really awesome.

Purple Bathroom IdeaPurple Bathroom Idea

Combination Color of Purple Bathroom

Having purple bathroom design ideas does not mean that you have full color of purple, but you have the combination color between purple and other colors. For example, you could have the combination color of purple and cream color. In this deign, there is a balance between those two color since the purple is made for the flooring design and some parts of the wall while the cream is made for the table storage and bathtub.

Impressive Purple BathroomImpressive Purple Bathroom

Another combination is that the combination between purple and white color into bathroom design. In this combination, the look feels so great and elegant. Beside that, the wall of this design is having the pattern that add the beautiful side.

Purple Bathroom DesignPurple bathroom design

After looking this bathroom purple design ideas, you would feel that this bathroom looks so girly and very romantic. Yes, of course it is right. Then, by having this bathroom design, you would feel to stay longer in that place since you could relax yourself and spend your leisure time there. By having this calm color, you would vanish your tired and the color also could improve your mood. don’t you remember that when you are waking up in the morning, the first destination of you would be this nice bathroom. So that by having nice bathroom would help you to maintain the energy and spirit in your body.

Dark Purple Bathroom DesignDark purple bathroom design

Bathroom purple design ideas is not only having combination with light or bright color, but also having darker combination that would make the sense of Gothic there. If you are a person who likes Gothic design, it would be your choice since it is really matched your style.

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  15. Malaysia

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