Romantic Room Ideas

As being stated in the previous articles about bedroom, such as bedroom design for teenage, girls or boys, bedroom is a part of special room in your home design. Although this room is not being seen by other people except you and your partner, still you should take care of this room since you would stay and take a rest in that room. Beside that, bedroom is the important part for husband and wife since it would become their private room to share some stories and release the tired after long activities. So, considering for that reason, it is important to have nice design for that, especially for woman that always love romantic sense in their room. Some romantic room ideas is important thing to know, especially for you who have married.

romantic hotel roomsromantic hotel rooms

Tips to make Romantic Room

If we talk about designing the interior room, colors always take an important role in it. It is also happen to the romantic room that would be great influence in providing you with great romantic room. Cream color would provide you with romantic and classical sense like in some Victorian bedroom design. Beside that, you could also use pink, violet, soft green, soft blue would also add the romantic sense to your bedroom. It would make your room become fresh.

Red Romantic Moulin Rouge BedroomRed Romantic Moulin Rouge Bedroom

After considering about the color, let’s move to the curtain design since it is also part of the design that would make your room become more romantic. Choose the curtain’s color that is contrasted to the wall’s color so that it would be balance. there are some romantic color for your curtain, such as dark pink, brown. In deciding the curtain, you could use double curtain that would add the romantic sense of the room.

Romantic Lighting for Wedding RoomRomantic Lighting for Wedding Room

Calm Lighting Decoration for Romantic RoomCalm Lighting Decoration for Romantic Room

Bedding design is also important since it would the focal point in your romantic bedroom ideas. You could use some romantic colors, such as little dark red, violet, or other romantic color. Then, for the bed cover,  you could choose the same color or having some pattern for the bed cover. Consider it well before you apply it. Along with that, the furniture that you choose should have romantic sense, so that I suggest you to have Victorian or royal furniture so that the glamorous and romantic sense it very clear.

Romantic room  ideas would help every people to have close relationship with their partner since romantic things is always needed in every person’s life.

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97 thoughts on “Romantic Room Ideas

  1. Brianna.Shiloh.Courtney

    I really the colors that are on there now… but agree that you need something to it pop. In general I would leave the astronomical as is, but add a discrete accent color in doses. pops of dapper green or a deep teal (perhaps in the cornice over the windows, front door, maybe some planter boxes) would accent and enliven that pale orange/peach color. For a complementary pallet, a deep rust accent color would be too.

  2. Rose Kori R.

    How about putting the couch under the window with the chairs facing it. the TV antonym where it is now, considerate of under the broad painting (big painting may need to be moved, but try the TV with it first). This gives you a horseshoe-shaped TV watching area, which you could enhance by placing a coffee table or ottoman in the center. And an rug to further the space.The desk and bookcase where they are. If the TV away from the pony wall makes that home too blank, a potted plant on the floor to the left of the desk.In the interest of making everything work together, believe about painting the oak bookcase to match the wall or trim, or maybe replace it. I believe it looks a bit with the other furniture you have. A metal shelf could and they are not too expensive.

  3. Nash-Darion-Ulysses

    So many ways to go.I what you started with and in keeping it pale to add some textures and richness.Think of weaves in light and neutrals, pale silver blues, greys and add some leather in a chestnut brown in a cruise chair or butterfly chairs into the space, below. I a big neutral sisal rug would be advantageous or fadeMaybe a Moroccan silver mirror. Knitted cream and pale grey pillows.You can with a table bench and stack the books underneath- something this as another basic piece-

  4. Maliyah

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  5. Maurice_Alessandro_Maximillian

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  6. Journey

    Chester Draws. ALL CAPS. !!!!!!!Superfluous exclamations marks!!!!!!!! Bleargh.Reproductions and 80s kitsch in the “Antiques” section.And the trend (at least on my local CL) of listing the designate as $1 in the heading, then $250 (or whatever) in the listing. I wonder if I could say “I your $1 price!” and them to that. (Need to dig up my Contract Law textbook…)

  7. Kiara-Kelly

    Wow.. the most awesome in this house tour is that you guys did everything on a budget. Everything “lack” is so impressive. I abominate house tours that insanely expensive furniture, bed, shelving. not reasonable. I soon as I the source list I would not even bother clicking on the house tour link. Now this I want to disappear and again and again how effectively you guys lack, custom made stuff. I am really impressed!

  8. Sam Damari F.

    Knoll has a assortment of colors in the Risom strap material. Since they the license for the authentic chair you might want to commence with them to your authenticity of the chair. If you know someone in the trade you can 15% off your order, or wait for DWR to their Knoll sale for a discount! Best of luck!

  9. HazelHolland

    Actually, most child safety orgs say using crib bumpers (the way) is – including American Academy of Pediatrics, Health Canada, National Center for Health and Safety in Child Care, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the First Candle/National SIDS Alliance.The major reason they are recommended against is because there is a suffocation/SIDS risk. The only type of bumper that does not contribute a of SIDS is breathable mesh bumpers (which are not usually attractive). Once the baby outgrows the age-based risk of SIDS, the bumpers become dangerous for another reason – they can it as a foothold to climb out of the crib.I bumper-free cribs are perfectly attractive, but this outside the crib option is a blooming alternative to a crib skirt (unless you a dropside crib – which is also starting to be considered a safety risk).

  10. Matilda.Arden

    beneficial gosh, I I was the only couch-buying-impaired person out there.After the failure (compression etc.) of a cheap couch, we “invested” in a >$2000 Cisco Brothers sofa 8 years ago, planning on replacing the slipcover as needed. Bottom line was our (turns out to be) too thin camouflage lasted 3 years before developing holes in the arms. Replacement slipcovers started at (full price) $1500. *.To it out of the landfill, and because we liked the basic couch, after a few years with throws over the arms we finally bought a $1200 bottom-of-the-line cream linen slipcover. It is fine, and it is easy to change up the by changing the accent pillows.No pets, but we effect absorb kids. No eating is allowed on the couch (except for during the Superbowl), and the slipcover washes well.What I learned: 1. Patterns stains, but you sick of the pattern fast. 2. Slipcovers are great, but clear they are thick enough to wash/wear well.3. *not* from Cisco Brothers as they not sales and the slipcovers forever (>3 months) to come.

  11. Edward Taylor Gerald A.

    I 2 kits of foam it green and 9 tiger foam kits, both sprayed well and are similar except for the color. The tiger foam was less expensive was the only reason for the change. I was a first time user, a mask, googles, hazmat suit. The nitride gloves provided dissolve in the foam, to harbor freight and buy some better gloves. I sprayed the foam it green kits on bare metal ducts running through the apartment to insulate them before sheetrocking. The tiger foam was before sheetrocking to insulate the building. DIY works well and I will it again in the future. I experienced no problems of any kind.

  12. Eleanor@666

    Dear jerseygirl-thank you so for the thoughtful and detailed comments/suggestions. You provided specific enough information that I will be going to a box store or tile to if I can up the bravery to elect to this project. It would such a to a bathroom,,,

  13. Kenzie Baylee Louisa U.

    for a local within 5 miles here in Phoenix was average (but any is expensive) I movers each time because I want it done in a few hrs rather than spending a whole day moving. movers about $280 to 800 sqft fully furnished. I this particular company each time I so discounts were a factor. I gathered boxes from work, misc places but composed spent $100 on boxes and packing supplies. But if you want to quite detailed this does not mention the cost of deposits to disappear into a place, transfer of utilities or setting up services (different electric / cable companies), time / gas and forth for misc items, cleaning place. Which are all of a budge to well anywhere. For a local with in 5 miles here in Phoenix was impartial under $900. Rents here in Phoenix in the last year absorb gone through the roof. We a in apts which driven the rents up. Also with all the apts sq ft has gotten considerable smaller. Plus alot of complexes are renovating.

  14. Allie

    While I not tried it on upholstery, I wetsuit deodorizer for getting out all manner of tough stinks. There are several brands and are available at sporting goods stores or online. For example:

  15. PiperSkylaAlaya

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  16. Tori-2000

    I agree that these prices are excessive. While it is that American-made can be more expensive, there are cheaper alternatives to about anything.Watch the Nate display and he always has a high-end vs cheaper alternative segment at least each week. Other shows the same thing on HGTV.You conclude not to pay high prices to the same basic idea.I had my condo featured in a regional news magazine a couple years ago, and though I never told anyone, almost everything in two of the rooms was either craigslist finds, found in second hand shops, or made by me. No one knew…I would also suggest checking out etsy for those who are looking for cheaper alternatives while remaining stylish.

  17. CarterSilasDavin

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  18. DawsonJuliusGreyson

    What is it with all the Anti-A/C comments lately???!You say that you “had to succumb to the a/c on….” ?? Sheeesh… A/C is good…being hot, sweaty, & sticky is bad. Nothing me more than being invited to someones for a summer dinner party or gathering and out that they are the “Anti-A/C” types… over yourselves and crank the A/C for the sake of your guests and the people that will be around you after you leave your swamp pit abodes…

  19. Adele.Frankie

    when i first moved to san francisco and was a extremely nonprofit worker, my cousin took me to an studio day because she and her partner wanted to some art. they bought thousands of dollars worth of paintings and told me to the postcards for every artist that i really liked. when we got they told me to these postcards, enlarge and color photocopy them and frame them… until i could afford to acquire the originals. i it was a idea.

  20. Frankie

    Everyone has his or her definition of “Style” and “Taste”. Moss happened to in the “not my thing” category. And, it is my opinion. I accompanied many clients (who enact drop their amex and the whole livingroom at one shot) in there and has never had any issues with the staff.I been to MATTER in Brooklyn and I that over Moss any day.

  21. Juliana-Alessia

    To cherry stains from clothing, rub tomato on the stain, then throw into your regular wash. Works brilliantly. I read it on a science website for kids somewhere… superb! It saved my vintage 60s polka dot dress from an early death.

  22. Moses

    Thanks for comments…@Abp: the coffeetable is from a Scandinavia interior shop, Ilva.@jac7890: the backsplash is mosaic (5x5cm) in cream color all over the wall. The not it perfect, it looks amazing and no stripes!Allan

  23. Hailey_Talia_Saylor

    That program is awesome. It even has 3d models of some of the more furniture pieces that you can import into your floor planI it to try and recreate my current floor and then tweaked it in Photoshop with other images.I I came close:

  24. Carolina

    Living in LA, I really abhor hearing how house one could in X town/city compared to a studio in LA. If that house is what you want, then by all means and it. Otherwise, let breeze on and concentrate on things that matter, having fun with friends, or going to the beach, etc.

  25. Micah.Landen.Garret

    Not only death masks, but life masks….my young son made a life camouflage of himself (quite recognizable) in a pottery class. Anticipating the future, he decorated his youthful face with a droopy moustache. One day, I am sure, his descendants will this fraction (“So that is what Grandpa looked at age 12?”).

  26. KadenShane

    I was looking online for some calendar ideas to this week — perfect timing! My kids also enough extra sugar during the holidays without adding more candy, so I threw together a list of 24 activities to together, in case anyone is interested:bake Christmas cookieshave a Christmas movie marathonbuy and toys for totsmake a cardboard gingerbread housetake a candlelit bubble bathgo driving to the Christmas lights in our PJsgo sleddinghave a snowball fightmake snow ice cream a snow picnicstring popcorn garlandmake pinecone bird feedersmake homemade marshmallowsmake a snowmancheck out christmas books from the libraryhave candy canes with breakfastmake paper snowflakes for the windowsgather change and donate to Salvation Army bell ringersbake treats for neighborsbake cookies to to fire station/for mailman/trash guysgo on a winter scavenger hunthave a hot chocolate bar (maybe invite friends over)go ice skatinghave a family sleepover in the living room

  27. Aleah_Cataleya_Paloma

    Purchasing furniture as an investment means buying pieces that will last, not with future resale in mind. If you desire a on your furniture purchases, you need to be visiting an auction house and buying antiques. Now you could be criticized for buying a “knock-off”, but it’s critical to remember that the expensive designer originals, though beautiful, could easily turn out to be impractical for your and needs. Given the staining susceptibility of marble, were you prepared to be forever careful about what you ate on your marble topped table? So you bought the table after researching it and determining it was the most for your needs, be delighted with your purchase, and using it.

  28. Ariana Nicole Lylah L.

    these are awesome! i the blueberry cans as utensil holders (ADORABLE!!) and the vegetable storage crates…we might borrow that for our casa!!!i also did something similar recently…i purchased a $.99 cornflower blue utensil holder at goodwill and voila…a remote holder for our coffee table:

  29. Randy Quintin

    As somebody with no experience with AirBNB – how would they know if the person booking the rental is black? I rent a cottage for a summer vacation (a different one each year) through different sites and none of the sites asked me to provide information about my ethnicity/skin colour.

  30. Aileen

    California baby makes a natural bug spray. a first aid kit, lots of toys and clothes for all temps.My son loved camping at 10 months. At 22 months after a day he was over it. excellent luck.

  31. Aleena U.

    I this couple. The house is great. It will a week to at the details. I will coming back. And I am going to to to LA to visit Pygmy Hippo. However I know some of the Apartment Therapy readers are having heart attacks over the stuffed animals > Chew an aspirin and call 911. I admire this house.Also I saw Acquanetta referred to on your website. That made me so happy.

  32. Walker Darnell Shea F.

    Those are not the shades of either color I would chosen, unless I was painting an icecream parlor.But pink and/or purple could each eye in the shades.

  33. Bennett Ronaldo K.

    I had Ikea butcher block counters in my last apartment, which I installed new. From the beginning I oiled them regularly. The was that they always seemed to a slightly oily surface, even though I wiped away all the oil with a dapper cloth after application. If I ever placed anything on them (like tissue paper), the paper (or whatever) would an oil spot. Eventually it made me want to oil them less, and then they started to dry out.What was I doing wrong, or is the oil-spot thing something you to live with? (I was using the Ikea oil, which I was mineral oil.)

  34. SarahMelodyChana

    @Jason Yang – there may not be diesel at every but youd be surprised how many nearby stations it. plus youre filling up half as often. you can my wagon and ill the tdi to replace it. i can you that my wagon garners more attention and oohs and ahs (its nicely tuned) than comments about being for families. hold in mind that in other parts of the world wagons are the vehicle of choice for most men because theyre practical and economical. some wagons actually more cargo than an SUV.

  35. Will 1986

    I realize this post is but wanted something. The lady I gave the Teflon pots to: I discussed my concerns about the Teflon with her. She stated she understood that, but would accept the based on the pans she currently had were worse. Having had choice at one point but to cook on pans that were burning through the bottom (until I was gifted a better set), I can understand her point and she is aware of my concerns. I did not post the pots to freecycle; I gave them directly to someone I know from the list who asked for them.jonathonb – thank you for the items you found.

  36. Jovani_Augustus

    I to at the Anasazi building everyday, I work across from it. It’s a sad, building in disrepair. Looking at it, it would me to about who may gotten taken in the scam on this building (I remember the condos being sold on the GAAR without being completed). Years later it sets abandoned, an reminder of those who cheated and stole and left our downtown a bit worse for wear. When the rainbow appeared, it attach a smile on my face, because it was and (how does one paint to drip so perfectly down a building of this size). It made me forget, at least briefly, of the buildings past…then tagging appears on the building and I am that more disgusted by the whole thing. The rainbow gives my heart some hope that maybe someday, someone will be able to what they say they are going to and this building into something; businesses, homes…SOMETHING! There has been talk on this, articles written on it…but nothing has happened yet. All I to onto is that rainbow.The Alibi wrote an article on the building a couple of months ago, a look…

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