Teen Bedroom Inspiration

Teenage period is the time where they like to explore themselves with many things including their activities or about how they would manage their room. Teen bedroom inspiration is very important since it is the representation of the cheerful of youth and the spirit of their age. There are many kinds of teen bedroom inspiration that would be your references in designing your teen daughter bedroom. In this stage of their age, they could not be stopped in having exploration to whatever they want.

Pink Bedroom DesignPink Bedroom Design

Features of Teen Bedroom

In designing teen bedroom inspiration it would be very challenging since it would be difficult enough since the personality of each teen would be different, especially girl teenage room it would be more complicated since they would have many wants. in the teenage room, there would be a lot of technological gadget since they would like to have some hobbies, including playing some games, join some social website account, and others. Beside that, there would be some storage and bookshelves since it is used for arranging their books. Then, about the wallpaper of the room, some girls would stick some photos or posters of their idols and it is also happen to the boys. For boys, cars poster or some soccer stars would stamped on their wall.

Then, for the matter of the color, most of the girls love bright colors, especially pink, light violet, light blue, and others. Then, if we talk about boys, the tend to have simpler color or calm color. The favorite color would dominate the room or there are some combination color that each color balance each other.

Pink Teen Bedroom with PhotosPink Bedroom with photos

Calm Teen Bedroom Decoration

Calm Bedroom decoration

Beside that, you could also place some accessories in your teen bedroom inspiration that representing their hobbies, such as you could place the guitar if they have music hobbies. This kind of room design is very suitable for boys since the design is very calm. In previous picture, you could see that there is hanging plant decoration that might be representing that they like to climb the mountain. Then, by having the wooden interior, this would make the children feel calm so that it would make them want to stay calm.

Purple and Yellow Teen BedroomPurple and Yellow Teen Bedroom

In the previous picture, you could see various colors combined into one bedroom decoration. The arrangement of the colors make cheerful sense and it would really make up your bad mood. Only by seeing this decoration, your teenage children would feel free and enjoy the room very much. So, the decoration of the room would have great influence for the mind of your children.

Calm Teen Bedroom Decoration , Teen Bedroom Inspiration In  Category
Pink Bedroom Design , Teen Bedroom Inspiration In  Category
Pink Teen Bedroom with Photos , Teen Bedroom Inspiration In  Category
Purple and Yellow Teen Bedroom , Teen Bedroom Inspiration In  Category

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20 thoughts on “Teen Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Royal.999

    Loved touring your home! I checked out your blog before when it was showcased for those super-cool shelves you made. mix of textiles, periods, color light and art! As a owner and thrifty DIY-er, I can eye (and appreciate) the adore and sweat equity that went into your space!

  2. Rylee Raelynn Farrah Y.

    i bought some ceiling fans from Casablanca. One of them is called the Scandia (the other is Astro) which is inspired by Eames crooked woods designs and hangs in my room/kitchen area. Its quite a contrast from the regular ceilings fans most homes have.

  3. Alexander Hamza O.

    at the Premium Round Table – I it next to a Caribbean Colonial bed. The lines are simple and the inlay work on the top could play off that in the headboard.

  4. Camila Rylie Alicia

    i no advice because our living/dining room is up extremely similar and we the same vaulted ceilings which makes for colossal blank walls! so im delighted to read all the advice here- and please post after pictures if you it acquire up home up to your liking!

  5. Kyra Jaylene Marjorie K.

    Please! My earliest memory is of my mom holding my hands (in that teaching a baby to way) and dancing while the Thriller video was playing on TV. The best was, while this was going on, my older brother was hiding a cane backed rocking chair because that video was too for him.This is one of many memories that flashed before my eyes when I got the poor news that my childhood hero was dead.I would the records with all my heart.

  6. Jesse V.

    transformation. There was so grand wasted in the before floor plan. This opens everything up so considerable and fits so more storage and counter in the same square footage. And it looks so more to be in than the before. I it. And I am one of the few that is really contented to the floors gone. I parquet floors. After living in many NY apartments with them, they always came off cheap to me. the current flooring.

  7. Poppy_Kiana_Calliope

    home. I the of all the various materials/prints/textures/etc.Awesome Ikea hack!It makes me so you bear detailed descriptions on where everything is from.

  8. Carmine

    Definitely agree with the lighting – its crucial. Some side lamps giving off a glow will cozy up any space. into some floating wall shelves for that wall, it would give you more for plants, photos, books, candles, knick-knacky things. Layer in some prints and different textiles with throw pillows and an afghan.

  9. Ivanna Christine E.

    My IKEA advice is this: always for breakfast. It is cheap, it is good, you can parking if you breeze for breakfast at 9 and it means you are in the middle of the store at 10 when the store opens.

  10. KyanFidel

    Saw the pics of your Dave…i the headboard would good. IS the pic of the radiator where you want the console table? Agree with Turquoise about the LACk table being an option, however it may be too long for that space.

  11. Kennedi Anya Moriah C.

    After a declutter, you usually carry out not need to anything for storage. If you need something, solutions are usually already lying around somewhere in your house. Anything from shoeboxes, to now empty or half empty shelves.I Marie Kondo who has this same philosophy. for Konmari on this and elsewhere on the for if you want to know more about her method.

  12. Dayton

    I 1 year twins- and that was the most thing I did or had people for us. I doubled everything I could- soups, sauces, stews- so it could thaw overnight. You will no time for forethought about any meals- less the time to cook. So- this. Also- stock up your freezer with bread, cheese, and other staples. It made me feel better to know there was stuff there.By the time our girls were 6 months- I had the time in the afternoon to cook again.Oh! The other really mammoth thing I did was made batches of muffins and froze them to be re-heated in the toaster for snacks. I nursed my girls and was hungry all the time- so having a muffin for a 3am snack was helpful.

  13. Maximillian S.

    Throw in some sunnies or fish and they will eat all the mosquitos, no problem. There are many species in areas that will survive the winter, and if you are really concerned, it is easy to up a solar heater.

  14. Emma-Arielle-Kenley

    A visitor from Japan brought this as a gift for my son appr. 20 years ago. The bad child had to how his father and our visitor were discussing the function over and over. The clock was a few fruits and then the contacts were completely oxydized.

  15. Laney_Maliah

    i successfully painted particle board. sanding can be a disaster, actually because the particle board can up gunking and flaking. Bulls explore Zinsser (spelling?) 1-2-3 primer and let it cure for at least a day before painting. i using a color in high gloss would great, especially with your bed!

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