Amazing Outdoor Living Room Design

There are many kinds of Living room design today, but the most amazing idea is outdoor living room design. Previously, people might think that after finishing the hard work, they would spend their leisure and relax time with their family in the home room or family room since it is their place to relax and have the entertain from their jokes with family or children. But nowadays  the living room designs are moving outside so that you could have Amazing outdoor living room design. For having outdoor living room, the sunshine, fresh air and the breeze of the air would be yours that would release you from the prison of boredom.  Beside that, if you want to welcome your beloved guests, you could make them want to stay long in your nice living room.

Pergola Lighted Outdoor Living RoomPergola Lighted Outdoor Living Room

There are many parts of the amazing outdoor living room design that you should consider if you want to have it as your possession.

The Furniture of Amazing Outdoor Living Room Design

Each part of the interior design would give big influence in the whole design and it is also happening to the outdoor living room design. Before we are talking about the furniture, it would be better if we talk about the flooring design of the living room. In this case, you could have various choices of flooring designs, including the wooden flooring design, marble, ceramics, or maybe you want to add carpet at the center of the living room design. Then, Let’s come to the furniture. You should choose durable, strong also nice furniture that would help you in making the relax atmosphere. The furniture includes, sofa, chairs, table, flowers, sculpture, and others. Then, for the matter of the material, of course you could choose that by yourself. you could choose wooden, bamboo, or steel material as long as it is suited to your living room design.

Outdoor Living room furnitureOutdoor Living room furniture

Modern Furniture of Outdoor Living roomModern Furniture of Outdoor Living room

Standing lighting of Outdoor Living roomStanding lighting of Outdoor Living room

Hanging lighting for outside living roomHanging lighting for outside living room

The Lighting of Amazing Outdoor Living Room Design

Lighting is very important part in the outdoor living room design since lighting could build the nice or bad atmosphere. It is also affect your mood and the sense, whether it would create the cheerful or romantic sense of the outdoor living room. There are various kinds of lighting design that could be your choice. It could be standing lamp, or hanging lamp. You could also choose whether it would be big or small lamp design. A lot of advantages could be gotten from the amazing outside living room design including for the owner or the guests that come to the house.

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  7. Irvin_Giovani

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  8. Remi-Roselyn

    Houses with the historic facades and uber-modern aft-ends & interiors: We should up with a name for the overall architectural style.Schizophrenics?MAPS? (Multiple Architectural Personalities)HiCCed? (Historic Committee Compromised)Mullets? (Business up Front, Party in the Back, Nothing left Inside);-)

  9. Ernest.Cash

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  13. PresleyReignAlyvia

    Jill – when you came to pictures for my house tour you told me about a color website that suggests colors for different light exposures…can you give me the web address for that? I also it should be featured on the site, since many would be interested. Surprise, surprise…I am thinking of painting various rooms again ;-).

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  21. Kennedy Laura Amiya

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  30. Francisco Peter Harley R.

    I the Ikea lamp mashup as well! I was able to the in as-is, minus the paper shade, and i hanging from it a Tord Boontje Icarus. 8^) The Ikea Tolga bed frames are neat, as well….I would hack them into something other than a twin-size bed, unless they offer them in bigger sizes, now.

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