Glass Shower Walls

Bathroom is very important part in your home design since it would become your relax place where you could vanish your boredom and tired after your busy time along the day. In making it more interesting, Don’t you want to know how to manage it? Of course in designing the bathroom is very important because it would your first place to come after you wake up in the morning. Beside that, it could really affect your mood before you are going to the office, college, or school. Can you imagine if you have mess bathroom? what do you this about your feeling about it? It would be different if you have nice bathroom design, you would feel refresh and improve you mood before having some activities. There are many parts in the bathroom design and one of them is having nice shower wall design. In this matter, we would talk more about glass shower walls design below!

Modern Glass Shower WallModern Glass Shower Wall

From the previous picture, you could see that the glass shower door represents the elegant and modern look. In this case, the design is really great. Beside that, it is combined with the grey glass that provide you with eye catching combination. This kind of shower wall is very suitable for you in your modern or minimalist home design.

Elegant Glass Shower WallElegant Glass Shower Wall

In the current glass shower door look really great with the combination white color of wall and flooring design. Beside that, by the adding of a little wooden touch, it looks really natural but still elegant. Beside that, the touch of glass windows, make it more beautiful since the look of the outside view is really amazing. I’m sure you are agree about it.

Compact Elegant Glass Shower WallCompact Elegant Glass Shower Wall

In this glass shower walls design, you could see that the combination between blue and grey seems to be very great and elegant. Beside that, with a little touch of the nice lamp, you could have great shower wall in your bathroom design. So, what comes to your mind now? Don’t you want to have it at home?

Modern Glass Shower Wall , Glass Shower Walls In  Category
Elegant Glass Shower Wall , Glass Shower Walls In  Category
Compact Elegant Glass Shower Wall , Glass Shower Walls In  Category

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22 thoughts on “Glass Shower Walls

  1. Lyla.Riya

    I cardboard sixpack holders as junk drawer organizers.also, since our house has no insulation [15″ thick walls, with the plaster on the brick], I a colossal tapestry in the bedroom as our headboard, and hang the guest blankets it

  2. Kelsey Amiya Q.

    1) CURTAINS: Taller, wider, to the floor! Hang the rod above the window casing and lengthen it to cloak the entire width of the wall. It will give the impression of a ample bank of windows and will scale up to the rest of the room.2) RUG: Ditch the rug. It is simply too for the space. Perhaps with something round.3) COLOR: Eliminate the crimson in the rug and curtains. Paint all the walls the same color. As an accent color, orange or a deep teal blue.4) FURNITURE: Add a loveseat or a matching pair of chairs to face the couch. (After all, it is not a for television watching, it is a for conversation!) Turn the couch 90 degrees and try placing it in front of the window.5) FUNCTION: Add a bar cart or credenza to one corner.

  3. Landen.Asher

    I a similar Dyson (earlier model) and it because it is immense for maneuvering around furniture placed on area rugs. I also that you can turn off the brush and vacuum the wood floors as well. It is exiguous enough to store easily as well.

  4. KayleighAlejandraElin

    I would live here. It would be extremely easy to personalize the outside with paint, stain, mosaics, landscaping- any number of things!
    I wuld also want my family and supplies to be protected from unprepared irresponsible people who want others to care of them from the cradle to the grave. People in DC and the surrounding areas (politicians, their assistants, lobbyists, attorneys, etc.) are buying these left and right:

  5. Kinley_Mavis

    why people * and moan about the bigger apartments?? the contest allows apartments that are 850 square feet and under…so….whats the point of even bringing it up?while not totally my style, this is a place. broad job!

  6. Madelyn 1980

    Also, check your hardware store or garden center for burlap.These are fantastic. And to so many possibilities – maybe a table runner? Or for children, you could paint a play “carpet” for cars or exiguous people?

  7. Gregory_Calvin_Dexter

    be aware of what of paint you are using. Flat or eggshell paint originally ancient for a wall is probably not the best choice for a of furniture unless you to it with polyurethane. By itself, it may not stand up to abrasion (drawer opening/closing) or being wiped down frequently. In any case, on to at least a bit of paint to touch-ups of whatever you originally the paint on.

  8. Paisley_Ayla_Amia

    gives me the giggles in color. it looks a location decorated for a vintage film noir when you convert to dim and white. clever.the exaggerated ceiling pattern must been overused in the bakery industry and someone on the upcoming MADWOMEN series it would be a appetizing architectural treatment in a room that lacks height… 20 feet would be to avoid claustrophobic attacks by anyone setting down for a cup of tea to divorce papers because of the wedding cake? green tea chai latte. in a green cup. on a green saucer. served by a greed-clad servant.garish to say the least offending!

  9. AlessandraPriscillaKora

    A space, and beautiful! I how you are giving yourself a to rest in her room, and simultaneously preparing for her to bigger. I am insanely jealous of your terrace. The baby is gorgeous, and obviously happy!

  10. Jaylen Ahmad U.

    @Modern_Love, I bear had similar luck. One neighbor actually came over after we moved in, invited herself in, sat on my sofa, and proceeded to me how things “worked” in the neighborhood (i.e., her rules for the newbies). Another neighbor shot my dog. Another neighbor trashed my property. Another neighbor encouraged his kids to torment my dogs and deface the outside of my house (and then phoned animal control when the dogs his kids were abusing barked). Another neighbor….oh, it goes on and on. I gaze that most of these posts are memories of neighbors past. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose time, when it comes to the people you live next to.

  11. Oliver

    My three year olds color is gray. He also loves black, white and brown. We are about to paint his bedroom and those were the colors he suggested. We were a bit surprised but he he wanted sleepy colors in his room and colors on his body!

  12. Dalary

    Huh, I had a Susan for years and hated it! I always forgot about the stuff in there and found crouching to it around really uncomfortable, but perhaps mine was poorly designed (it was cheap and and not IKEA).Does IKEA any designs for corner drawers this?:

  13. JemmaMilaniGiana

    This is timely- I a bed frame to assemble this afternoon for our guest bedroom, and I was thinking it would to be in the corner to maximize what exiguous we have. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Mohamed.1962

    If you need a lot more light, replace the fan with a lightweight track light. They in all sorts of styles now. I replaced my downward hanging light over the dining table, which had one measly bulb in it, with a track light that has four brighter and adjustable led lights. I also added a dimmer switch, to allow for candles at dinner. Now it lights wall art and a wider space. One light illuminates a formerly dim area. I also a matching four track light to replace the ceiling light in our entry hallway which had no light in the coat closet, one hallway wall is painted brown. It was bask in walking into a cave. I the same four light track light and positioned one to shine on the art and one to shine into the coat closet when its door was open. It is more welcoming in there!Having lived in a hot climate, if you need the fan bask in we did, change the blades, the entire fan or a current shade kit for the bulb.

  15. HaydenKatalinaAzaria

    the wood planking and slats in exterior and furniture. Makes for visual lines and to white interior paint.Love photos of that dawg 🙂 ! Maybe if fed food sans the containing sodium selenate or inorganic arsenic, he may be free of ADHD 🙂

  16. Heath

    I stand by my initial comments.gardens are not exclusively about or about “seeing better.” They are, literally, alive. So they tend to their own, intrinsic concerns, obligations, difficulties. Sometimes, keeping something alive feels more than buying an “imaginative planter.” Especially when your plant may die by august.

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