Glass Shower Walls

Bathroom is very important part in your home design since it would become your relax place where you could vanish your boredom and tired after your busy time along the day. In making it more interesting, Don’t you want to know how to manage it? Of course in designing the bathroom is very important because it would your first place to come after you wake up in the morning. Beside that, it could really affect your mood before you are going to the office, college, or school. Can you imagine if you have mess bathroom? what do you this about your feeling about it? It would be different if you have nice bathroom design, you would feel refresh and improve you mood before having some activities. There are many parts in the bathroom design and one of them is having nice shower wall design. In this matter, we would talk more about glass shower walls design below!

Modern Glass Shower WallModern Glass Shower Wall

From the previous picture, you could see that the glass shower door represents the elegant and modern look. In this case, the design is really great. Beside that, it is combined with the grey glass that provide you with eye catching combination. This kind of shower wall is very suitable for you in your modern or minimalist home design.

Elegant Glass Shower WallElegant Glass Shower Wall

In the current glass shower door look really great with the combination white color of wall and flooring design. Beside that, by the adding of a little wooden touch, it looks really natural but still elegant. Beside that, the touch of glass windows, make it more beautiful since the look of the outside view is really amazing. I’m sure you are agree about it.

Compact Elegant Glass Shower WallCompact Elegant Glass Shower Wall

In this glass shower walls design, you could see that the combination between blue and grey seems to be very great and elegant. Beside that, with a little touch of the nice lamp, you could have great shower wall in your bathroom design. So, what comes to your mind now? Don’t you want to have it at home?

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  1. Jovanni_Stephan

    I purchased the Converge Rest and Recharge and two Crates, but I returned both within a week because the quality was terrible.Brilliant ideas, but execution.

  2. Lyla.Riya

    I cardboard sixpack holders as junk drawer organizers.also, since our house has no insulation [15″ thick walls, with the plaster on the brick], I a colossal tapestry in the bedroom as our headboard, and hang the guest blankets it

  3. BostonSonnyKennedy

    No, no, no! Please not * the bed! I work time and not always time to immediately assist to the laundry, and I not having a bare unprotected mattress. Always ask your hosts if they want you to * the bed!!!

  4. Kelsey Amiya Q.

    1) CURTAINS: Taller, wider, to the floor! Hang the rod above the window casing and lengthen it to cloak the entire width of the wall. It will give the impression of a ample bank of windows and will scale up to the rest of the room.2) RUG: Ditch the rug. It is simply too for the space. Perhaps with something round.3) COLOR: Eliminate the crimson in the rug and curtains. Paint all the walls the same color. As an accent color, orange or a deep teal blue.4) FURNITURE: Add a loveseat or a matching pair of chairs to face the couch. (After all, it is not a for television watching, it is a for conversation!) Turn the couch 90 degrees and try placing it in front of the window.5) FUNCTION: Add a bar cart or credenza to one corner.

  5. Landen.Asher

    I a similar Dyson (earlier model) and it because it is immense for maneuvering around furniture placed on area rugs. I also that you can turn off the brush and vacuum the wood floors as well. It is exiguous enough to store easily as well.

  6. Julie.66

    Jenakle — When you an living home from kitchen to dining to living room, it is a to the colors compose sense together. Usually in houses that you already finding the starting and stopping places from one room to another. I would keeping 2-3 colors consistent through the whole and try to keep them in a similar hue or value. So you might to conclude teal in the kitchen, a lighter version in the living room and then an apple green in the dining room. All those colors a blue as an undertone and are approach each other on the color wheel (analogous colors). If you gray in the living room, you lots of choices for the kitchen and dining area, but pay attention to the undertone of the gray and try to let that unify your colors.Did I that more confusing? If you want, send some pictures to and we can your in a post!

  7. Jayden

    I, too, an exposed brick wall in my bedroom. I painted the remaining walls a pale dusty pink, and kept the rest neutral with white bedding, an antique brass bed, and a wood vintage dresser. Not if this is too girly for you:)

  8. Nevaeh Vivian Adalyn J.

    This could not been posted at a better time. My boyfriend fair brought boxes and boxes of his records and I been scouring apartment therapy for a post. 🙂

  9. GiovanniDarrell

    I agree with the others – IKEA is a resource for what you need and you could definitely products that would fit a kitchen of your size. Try their Kitchen Planner tool.

  10. Sofia Natalie Parker V.

    this room definitely feels more on the side to me, so i a light fixture would feel really off, unless you on incorporating some more it is now, i something with the pottery barn would nice. i delight in these:

  11. KayleighAlejandraElin

    I would live here. It would be extremely easy to personalize the outside with paint, stain, mosaics, landscaping- any number of things!
    I wuld also want my family and supplies to be protected from unprepared irresponsible people who want others to care of them from the cradle to the grave. People in DC and the surrounding areas (politicians, their assistants, lobbyists, attorneys, etc.) are buying these left and right:

  12. Lacey

    i too am a fabric addict except that i more ideas than finished projects. some of them:1. a clock – a scrap surface plyboard and assign clock mechanism it.2. an frame with fabric.3. simple drapes – hem the fabric and to clip rings.4. clothes hook – rectangular plyboard with fabric and * in round cabinet knobs.5. line a table with fabric and attach glass over it. you can even a “scrapbook” table top by including photographs and what-have-yous.6. slipcover anything – baskets that the cat has ruined, ironing board, an chair, etc.

  13. Kinley_Mavis

    why people * and moan about the bigger apartments?? the contest allows apartments that are 850 square feet and under…so….whats the point of even bringing it up?while not totally my style, this is a place. broad job!

  14. Zachariah Sterling Korey Y.

    My 15 month customary son is past wanting to eat it, but whenever he has the chance he loves to feed the cat, he goes to the pantry, picks up her kibble and carries it over to her bowl where he turns it upside down. Thankfully opening the zip lock has not occurred to him as a step in the process, yet.Normally the kitchen is protected by a baby gate though, thus keeping her bowl, water, the bin, the oven, utensils and cleaning products out of reach.

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