Black and White Kitchen Decor

Black and white is identical to the modern and minimalist interior design and it is becoming very popular nowadays. There are many kinds of room that is suitable for having this black and white kitchen decor including living room, bedroom, family room, also kitchen. Then, now let’s specifically talk about black and white kitchen decor that would be great help for you if you want to have it as your kitchen decoration.

Black and White Kitchen designBlack and White Kitchen design

In the previous picture, you could see that the combination color between black and white is very great and looks very elegant. By having white kitchen cabinet and white kitchen storage, the luxurious kitchen is really becoming yours. Beside that, the combination between black flooring design and white wall is very good. Beside that, this black and white kitchen decor is also used as the dining room also since the design of this kitchen is very wide and large. The additional white lamp is adding the great look by the sparkling lighting.

Contemporary Black and White kitchen designContemporary Black and White kitchen design

As being said before that black and white is always identical in the contemporary or minimalist interior design. Beside that, in the previous picture, you could see how the arrangement and the domination color had by the kitchen design. The combination between white flooring design and black wall design looks great and elegant. In this kitchen design, there is also natural look since there is additional plants placed in the design. Beside that, The glass window allows you to have and take a look at the outside scenery and make it more beautiful for your kitchen interior.

Contemporary Kitchen designContemporary Kitchen design

In this kitchen design, you could see that the combination color between black and white is in the same portion. The dishes shelf is dominated with white color while the book shelf is dominated with black color. Beside that, you could see that the cupboard and the flooring design is having white color while the kitchen table is designed in black color. So, the combination between black and white seem to be in the same portion.

After looking those kind of ideas in designing the black and white kitchen decor, has it changed your mind?

Contemporary Kitchen design , Black and White Kitchen Decor In  Category
Contemporary Black and White kitchen design , Black and White Kitchen Decor In  Category
Black and White Kitchen design , Black and White Kitchen Decor In  Category

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39 thoughts on “Black and White Kitchen Decor

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  2. Melany-1987

    I various pink and green combinations in numerous bedroom redos for the past 45 years with success and to many accolades from guests. I especially pink and green with a pop of orange. Pink and green works well in nature; chintz never really goes out of fashion (although my bedroom has neutral walls, simple thyme curtains, a green wicker rocker, a green and hot pink striped comforter, and pinks and greens subtly showing in the art works).

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  5. Gabrielle Nayeli Kara

    What a wonderfully creative room and refreshing color combination. A example of how to add color without painting all the walls. I remember this room from before, a Nursery Tour? Anyway, it is that you guys of practically every detail, bask in lining up the stripes in the curtains to the paint on the wall.

  6. Alberto-Coleman-Earl

    For me it was setting up my first kitchen in general, not an individual purchase. It was a process because I had to to the dishes and glassware I wanted. It was a complete delight CHOOSING the actual toaster (and other items) I wanted, rather than whatever I received free or that came with a housemate.

  7. Addilyn Isabela Z.

    A) I delight in the suggestions to a professional of the wall and it to the mother in lawB) you could always hang fabric from the ceiling and then a wall of bookcases and hang art off of those

  8. Kiera.911

    Planner/savvy hunter. You need to notion carefully and know your measurements before hitting the yard sales/craigslist. And yes, more than one room of my house has multiple swatch of paint on the walls at this moment.

  9. Carla

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  12. Jade Josie U.

    Thanks, dldesigner! The curtain rods are Restoration Hardware w/glass finials, wide & evenly to remedy slim, uneven windows. I sewed most of the bedding from vintage kimono remnants, plus silks & blends. Holly loves books & Japanese culture so we found woodblock art & had her poetry quote handpainted on the brick wall. I filled the lamp bases w/clear marbles & had them wired to light up from inside – a reference to her admire of bubbly champagne!

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  14. Audrey

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  15. Reese Amiya Jasmin U.

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  18. Alaia

    It sounds to me you are figuring out what you want the room to be. The first, biggest, most step in decorating a room is deciding what the finished result should like. I learned this the hard way. I did my living room in a extremely piecemeal manner and sort of figured it out as I went along. It took yeeeaaaaarrrrs. delight in ten. It was an education fraught with lots of regrets and frankly, it will never be what it could been if I had approached the whole project differently.Having learned from that mistake, I approached the bedroom differently. All of the broad pieces were decided in before anything was purchased. Everything was measured out, swatches were compared, wood stains were compared one to another, costs were calculated and recalculated, and then I drew the whole thing up on SketchUp. This took about a year. Once I had committed to the idea, and felt I had really considered my options and was comfortable with the choices, I broke the purchasing into 3 waves of approximate equal cost. As each wave was installed, I always found things that could been better. I also discovered “happy accidents” – things that were not as planned that I ended up liking better than the idea. Given this information, I adjusted my choices for the next wave. From first installation to final installation was another 18 months. Even given all of this, I bear some regrets and am making some relatively minor (but calm costly) changes to bring the room more in line with my vision.

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  21. Conor99

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  26. Terrell Ethen G.

    This is so and lived-in. What an style! It looks so effortless yet incredibly chic. May I ask where all the blooming round mirrors that appear to be in several rooms are from? They discover old.. I am looking for mirrors this!

  27. Azariah 666

    Sexilicious! I honestly admire all your choices (btw, I it was genius to flip and the long thin pulls to the center drawers). Loove the stain color, and the between the rich brown and the base. And hey, if Girl Scout is what you were going for with the green – you got it! revive.

  28. Emery Marlee

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