Exterior Home Design

When you are inviting your guests to your house, the first thing that they would see is your home exterior design. Exterior design is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your personal preferences to the entire neighborhood, reminding neighbors that you are building a home inside and out. Of course each of you have different taste of deciding the exterior home design, so you might have different style of decorating the exterior home design. When you are planning your home’s exterior colors, trims, railings, doors, and roofs should all be considered; the greater the exterior details, the more colors you can use.

Exterior Home Design With Calm ColorExterior Home Design With Calm Color

Then, actually what should you consider about designing exterior home design? Maybe you should and reconsider again about your garage. Garage is part of the house used as a place to store and protect the vehicle from the sun or rain. However, in its development, is now being contributed to the beauty of the exterior garage home that is why, just as home interior, garage design also needs to be addressed. So it looks harmonious with the house and was able to create interesting impression on the whole look of the exterior of the dwelling. So, for those who intend to bring the garage, you could consider a few things, such as models of garage doors, because it has an influence on the overall look of the home. Generally, the garage door is widely used roll door and sliding door. If you are going to make the garage, the door should be adjusted to the color and shape of the design house. In order to further support the garage of a house and did not damage her home.

Garage Exterior Home DesignGarage Exterior Home Design

Not only that, this type of garage floor is also a concern. Choose the type of floor slightly rough texture that is not slippery when wet, and does not look dull. For the modern home, usually using special ceramic and granite outdoor or you can also use natural stone structure. Choosing wall paint colors, wall paint color is also an important element to create the impression of appealing to the garage. For color, you can apply as you wish but must remain in harmony with the color of your house facade.

Then, for completing your home exterior design, you could have pool as your interior design. Maybe it is quite common for having the pool, then what about having another idea, such as having fish pond?

Fish pond presence would make the pool look more beautiful and gives a pleasant impression when used as exterior elements of the home. Of course it is backed by a pool design and proper care. To make the fish look bright and healthy, pond maintenance things that needs your attention. Ornamental pond fish, it needs a place to live a clean, comfortable and safe. Free from animal excretion remains itself and also from the leftovers. Therefore, caring for fish pond is important you do. Some accessories are needed in order to maintain the condition of the water pond habitat. Ideally you’ll need a water pump, filtration system, water aerator, water heater and ultraviolet sterilizer.

Modern Minimalist House Exterior DesignModern Minimalist House Exterior Design

Home’s fence also having great influence in beautifying your home exterior design. Before you decide to bring the fences in the home, the first thing you should consider in addition to the model / style of fencing is the materials used, whether to use a wood fence, metal, concrete, or stone. Of course, the type of materials used must be compatible with the design you have.

Iron is strong and sturdy; it is also able to provide protection and security for both home owners. Besides, iron material classified types are durable material not easily dull and can in shape as you wish. However, the iron fence material has a high price. The thicker steel and more complicated patterns or themes fence the longer time course of the work so the price is more expensive. To keep the iron fence, you should apply a special paint for wood and metal paint. Then, if you are prefer to have wood, it would give a natural appearance and warm impression. Its characteristic is easy and can be made in the form of various models.
Natural stone also could be good choice for the fence. It is giving a more natural and unique. But regular maintenance is required so that the rock was covered with mildew or fungus.

So, those are some parts of the exterior home design that might help you in maintaining nice exterior home design. So, making your exterior home design pretty is not difficult thing to do.

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    ADesign, amateurly, and Portlandrules, I to agree with you all. The makeover totally ignored the placement of the vertical handle faces in the same plane as the middle drawer surfaces. This destroyed the interplay of vert/horizontal lines and advancing/receding surfaces.The assembly is actually the sought after FEMINIZING element, which should acquire been respected and at the least, integrated into the predominant color scheme. As for the color scheme, the stain looked mottled and done, and such a green reads as juvenile, except when it is on extremely minimalist, well designed pieces.The “before” photo looked potentially epic, but the “after” photo made me hungry for Thin Mints. What could been a refurbishment left me feeling sad.

  5. Marissa-Nalani

    I always to my work separated from sleep, so if you a mess you can impartial leave it without feeling your sleeping in it.I would turn that desk system around and face the towards your bed to divide the room in some way, some wallpaper on that and beget a dinky separate room to sleep then a fun craft room on the other side.

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    I wonder if replacing the mirror with cork board would be more practical than having a chalkboard. If the chalkboard is frequently, a lot of dust will be created when the board is erased. I the desk is visually appealing!

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    The Chrono Shredder reminds me of the feeling I accumulate every day that I up at the giant LED clock in Union Sq (NY) and time racing by. It makes my heart every time (“No! down!”).

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  10. Quincy.Raphael.Blaze

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  11. Samuel-99

    Is that a futon for a couch? I agree with the person who suggested having a couch the fireplace—it seems a college-student considerate of a seating solution. Also, that is one crowded mantel.Nice to absorb the table by the windows, though.

  12. Chloe_Mckenna_Patricia

    I agree with @fcresenc, definitely reminds me of an erector set. i the industrial but that table is a leg waiting to happen…-Lindsay, indigo-meets-violet.blogspot.com

  13. Cadence

    Wow! This tour reminds me of “Interior Alchemy” by Rebecca Purcell. Both of you appear so sleek and stylish that your apartment reads as an “other” personality or, as an earlier poster, perfidia, it: “performance art.”I adore AT House Tours and feel privileged each time that the owner lets me their home. Thank you for sharing your space! I bet you two would be fun to with antique or junktique shopping.

  14. Aviana Joyce S.

    @quiltlover I there are alot of feelings that in to play on the topic and for most it is personal. Comments seem to be in two main groups those who been burned by friends or family greed, and those planning a wedding and trying not be crude but really not wanting other peoples ideas of decorative items. I feel comfortable in assuming that no one here would pull the that I seen pulled in the last year, mainly because they never even questioned their behavior. “My dad took out a second mortgage for the reception” might sum it up.

  15. Nathaly

    My experience has always been that the customers at the SoHo store bear too time and money on their hands. The fact that you are taking the time to write such petty comments about such a matter basically proves my point about what type of clientele these MoMA staffers to deal with every day. Perhaps the reason that the “help” does, at times, avoid the customers speaks to what type of bratty, self-centered customers they are dealing with.

  16. Oliver-Atticus

    So. The before is warm and personal. The after is and impersonal. With feng shui. So. BRING THE RUG! The colors will great. The feng shui can be improved by captivating the desk so that it faces the room, i.e. bookshelves, then chair (lose the ghost, bring advantage one of the “antiques.”), then desk, the other “antique chair on the other side. YOU NEVER WANT TO WORK WITH YOUR TO THE ROOM! And seriously, bookshelves are for books. With some styling. Some. relegate storage to the bottom shelf and load up the rest with books. on the bookshelf. and finally that landscape seems possibly charming. Especially with the color on the of the shelves. I fair assume the owner went too far with the dapper sweep idea.

  17. Ariel_Gracie_Maylee

    @SomersetHouse I am so sorry to hear of your experience. I the Fisher & Paykel double dishdrawers and they are absolutely wonderful. I many times they were not installed correctly, leading to problems. When shopping for appliances, my is to the SERVICE after the sale. My preference is to from someone with their service department in the business.

  18. Lacey

    @Classof65 – that sounds a idea. I tried on Ballards website for a kitchen cabinet did not any. can you post a of what you did? I am trying to figure out how to solve a similar for our home. thanks!

  19. Sloan Dorothy C.

    I cannot these incredibly negative comments! This is fantastic. Why not your scathing opinions for some of the truly homes posted by the readers (most of which are essentially craft projects gone horribly wrong) instead of bashing this one.

  20. Nancy Riya

    This is how far I bear gotten using what I already own. I there needs to be something on either side of the mirror. Is the basket on the top of the left shelves too much? It def takes your eyes from the tv. We are currently saving up for a allotment of art to over the side chair – so thats why we a mirror over the mantle. I feel I to clarify myself so my does not attacked ;)here goes….

  21. Carla

    @Dianne07712 Any time one of my kids has a stomach bug or conjunctivitis or any of contagious thing, I always through the house and all towels and pillowcases and wash and replace, then I throw out sponges and counterwipes and replace with ones, then I disinfect every light switch, doorknob, faucet handle, remote control, and (ipads). And bid the process once daily until they are better. I it goes a long arrangement toward preventing my other kids (and the parents) from getting it.

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