Colorful Rooms Decoration

There are many kinds of rooms in your home design including dining room, living room, family room, kitchen, also dining room. Then, how do you design those rooms? Of course there are many ways in designing the rooms, you could choose the home interior style, such as you could have Victorian, Italian, or other design. Then, If we talk about color in the decoration matter, it would have great influence there. So, here we specifically would let you know about how to decorate the rooms in your house with many kinds of colors combined into one design of home room. So, Let’s take a look at colorful Rooms decoration, below!

Green Ideas of Colorful Living RoomGreen Ideas of Colorful Living Room

The first room that we are going to talk is about the living room since this would be an important room that is used by your guests to assess your personality and preference. There are many kinds of color combinations that would be your choice. One example here is about the combination between green, light blue, and white colors that has been combined into one great living room. This living room is dominated with soft green color including the sofa, wall paint, also some of many furniture including the lighting and book shelf. Beside that, this living room design is completed with blue sofa pillow and carpet that unite into one great combination. White color also take a part in the color of table.

Colorful Bedroom for BabyColorful Bedroom for Baby

In the previous picture, it could be seen that the room is very suitable for your baby or kids since there are some aplliances for your kids. In this room, there are many kinds of colors combined into one nice bedroom. In this room the color combination is in the same portion since the wall paint is green and the curtain is dominated with yellow color. Beside that, the seating of this room are various and has bright color that would add the cheerfulness of the room.

Soft Beachy Green Blue Color Family RoomSoft Beachy Green Blue Color Family Room

In this room, the combination color looks very calm and soft. The domination color is white followed by soft green and soft blue. Beside that, the adding of white and glass window design is adding the bright color of this room. Then, Soft grey carpet also added in this room. So, what do you think about this color combination for this family room? By having this room, you would feel closer to your family since it is very suitable place for relax in your leisure time.

Colorful Bedroom for Baby , Colorful Rooms Decoration In  Category
Green Ideas of Colorful Living Room , Colorful Rooms Decoration In  Category
Soft Beachy Green Blue Color Family Room , Colorful Rooms Decoration In  Category

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  1. Liberty

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  2. Amani Deborah

    and Austin, my comments might approach a bit as I discovered this website…The palette of shades you is subtle and soothing, as well as discretely elegant. I the amount of objects and details that all seem to a story. Your apartment has a soul, which is a rare and difficult achievement.I bear often read comments on this forum about people making too agreeable choices, or not being enough when it comes to innovation and design. I can understand their point, but I would to your apartment and underline it as the perfect example of soul and originality using neutrals and classical fashion furniture.Congratulations on a lovely, lovable and inspired home. You that and elegance can with fuss-free, lifestyle.

  3. Chase-911

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  7. Maliyah Alma

    Shoes off! In my living room i and white carpet, and no one is going to over it in dirty shoes. I always my shoes off in somebody elses home. My mom concept me that and it is a thing to do. Dont someone to dapper after you. I also various slippers for guests so nobody has to barefoot. Plus, all the people complaining about holes in the socks, non pedicured nails… you know you are visiting somebodys home, dont you will be able to dawdle in your shoes.

  8. Joseph-Kaden

    Ikea hack. I was impartial at Ikea yesterday, darn it! I could gape getting a allotment of plywood carve to size, and mounting these on it. But I would maybe pop out the mirrors too, and stick in a of fabric glued to a board to size, or something. to about this before my next Ikea trip….

  9. Camille Esmeralda Karla

    Tim in Idaho, your considerate words are really appreciated. The lampshades and the entertainment thing are among my favorites as well, mostly because of all the fun I had while working on them. Silliness is blueprint underrated.Waxing philosophical for a moment…while anyone living in a exiguous is forced to pose as a designer more often than most—-and the AT crowd certainly seems to as saavy an as you’ll ever find—-there’s nothing that gives you quite the same regard for what the more classics accomplished than the process of making something functional yourself. It also helps to the of to affirm who you really are from whom you wish you were or you should be—-something that is harder to when purchasing furnishings. It’s a process, and I’m really to the number of entries where this has been done. I hope everyone who reads AT gives it a try at least once!Anyway, cheers to those of us who “don’t it”. 😉

  10. LeonelJerome

    I believe those tin ceiling tiles are probably a bit higher than a renter might want to pay. By the way, I saw a metallic looking extremely light plastic (I believe it was) version on “I Want That” a while back, which might be searchable on the HGTV website.The couple of guys they showed on there basically took only about a day installing theirs, though, so it might only been the easy of installation that they were about; it might not been the point.

  11. Jovani U.

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  12. Eva.Lizbeth

    gack! What a mammoth tour! I admire your dining room table, as well as your of textiles & rugs! There are so many touches, too many to list, that give your a welcoming feeling. High fives! I myself live in a big-ish house, with kids, dogs, and various people and houseguests in and out all the time, with a mix of and vintage decor, and the best compliment, in my opinion, is when people say they feel comfortable and welcome in my home. Oh, on the wall color, btw. I been wanting a “white” room, and been going nutty trying to buy a shade.

  13. RubyBriella

    The biggest thing is know your neighbors. When I somewhere or someone moves in next to me, I meet them with a plate of cookies, say welcome to the neighborhood and here is my phone number. That they can contact me if I am playing music too loud, or they someone looking in my windows. When I to work nights they were more of their noise during the day. If I had never welcomed them to the neighborhood and talked about what we did for work, they would absorb not known I worked nights.

  14. Manuel-Yosef-Stefan

    the colors, the divider bookshelf and the book racks by the bed, but the army men are a too out there for me. From a distance, in the first few photos, it looks garbage (gum wrappers or something) stuck to a wall.

  15. Kian@1992

    the Kitchen, tho I agree that the rest of the is a work in progress.I might suggest some more bookcases and spreading out the contents so that they arent stuffed so chubby – and an rug & armchair in the sitting would be extremely nice…

  16. Arya J.

    My first was a Saarinen table with flowers on it.My second was something could be done with another rug – to delineate the space.My third was a kitchen island and two chairs with their backs to the kitchen.

  17. Ryland

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  22. Benjamin.Kasey

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  23. Aria_Raelynn_Cherish

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  24. JeremyWadeRory

    How about getting a thinner rug that is the same size and putting it apt over this rug? a sisal, which is neutral enough to with any of decor, from to traditional. That way, you your soundproof rug cake and can eat it too. 🙂

  25. Kamila 1988

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