Small Attic Bedroom

Attic room is a room that is used for storage room that had never been touched by the owner since it is like a warehouse for a house. Then, it is also used to save the old furniture, ineffective home appliances and other old components of your house. But, then this kind of useless room could be great bedroom for you if you have decorated it well. Then, don’t you want to know about some ideas to make this attic become the small attic bedroom. Take a look at some of these designs!

Attic Bedroom With Soft Orange Carpet and FurnitureAttic Bedroom With Soft Orange Carpet and Furniture

The first thing that you should consider is that about the usage of space is about the air flow. If you have an ideal ventilation in your attic bedroom, it would help you in maintaining the decoration of your attic bedroom design. There are many ways in decorating the room by the windows, such as using wooden windows or glass windows designs. This would allow you to have a nice sun light and would come to your interior room. Beside that, you could also have fresh air from that window.

Small spaces attic space bedroom ideasSmall spaces attic space bedroom ideas

Modern Style Attic Space BedroomModern Style Attic Space Bedroom

White clean attic bedroom with small dormer windowsWhite clean attic bedroom with small dormer windows

In the previous picture, it could be seen the design of small attic bedroom where the color combination is very great and it has calm color there. Then, this bedroom also has nice combination window design that is wooden and glass combination. By adding calm carpet in this room, it adds the beautiful side of this room.

attic bedroom designattic bedroom design

From the previous picture, it could be seen that the design looks so natural since the wooden material including the flooring design. Beside that, there is additional plant in this kind of bedroom design that would make the room to be more natural. Beside that, by having calm combination color, it looks so classical and it is suitable for you to have this room since you could release your stress in this room. It also has glass window that would allow you to see the beautiful look of the outside room.

So, what do you think of this bedroom design? By having this kind of room, you had made the warehouse become the beautiful room that would be great place to relax and you could enjoy the beautiful view from the outside garden. So, Are you interested in this Attic bedroom design ? Just consider it and have a good choice for this design!

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  8. Laura

    aesthetic home! The profiles of the mid-century and Scandinavian furniture really helps to maintain the feeling light, even with all that wood. The kitchen, however, seems extremely dark, maybe darker in the photos than in life, but perhaps a whitewash treatment on the wood would lighten it up, you could the wood grain and it goes with the Scandinavian style.

  9. Marc 1967

    I that the people who are calling it thievery something to hide, perhaps they themselves are thieves because it is absurd to behave in that particular towards this project. I to the visual displays at Marshall Fields and you would not what gets thrown away! So over it because we are on this to be inspired not to hear all of you whiners. The staircase project is amazing…so clever…so creative!!!

  10. Camila-Jenna

    depending on how sun it gets plants! You could outdoor lighting of some kind, lanterns, candles in hurricanes, string lights.Display items you in nature anyway (doesnt accept more waterproof, or cheap/free than that!), rocks, pinecones, dried plants, cuttings from your garden or nature.Hit up a thrift store and eye if you anything cool; bird houses, cheap glassware, other knicknacks that even if they arent waterproof if they are cheap enough for it.If you kids store their outdoor toys there.Find some outdoor tile remnants and them there.

  11. Allan

    This has to also be my area tour of all time! I that this house is clearly loved and LIVED in. Not every finishing touch is high (thank *), and it makes me feel if I walked in the door I would be instantly comfortable! Rooms are beautifully and thoughtfully decorated, and I am jealous of the green thumb and all the plants everywhere. Well done!! I want to in!!

  12. Quincy Keshawn B.

    Absolutely, I agree with Maryja. bag a patterned rug that you which incorporates the orange and your neutrals and if a rug is too of an investment, throw pillows will tie it all together. Here is a link to room and board, one of the many many places you can modern, pillows with orange and neutrals incorporated. luck..

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  17. Ernest.Demarion

    Thanks everyone! The apartment is in a 100+ year house, and as such has been renovated lots of time. The upstairs has been turned into two apartments, but we allotment a bathroom in the hallway. This was not included in the square feet, nor in a photos. The bed is the Hemnes four poster from ikea. It has been great. I only had to down the posts once, when I lived in a basement suite.Its how different the feel of home can be from the photos taken of it. I decided on the tighter perspectives in 4 and 5 as I it is a more representation of what your focuses on while in the space. Although I agree more broader perspectives would acquire been great!

  18. Ximena-Valerie-Alannah

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  19. Adeline.Lyla

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