Small Attic Bedroom

Attic room is a room that is used for storage room that had never been touched by the owner since it is like a warehouse for a house. Then, it is also used to save the old furniture, ineffective home appliances and other old components of your house. But, then this kind of useless room could be great bedroom for you if you have decorated it well. Then, don’t you want to know about some ideas to make this attic become the small attic bedroom. Take a look at some of these designs!

Attic Bedroom With Soft Orange Carpet and FurnitureAttic Bedroom With Soft Orange Carpet and Furniture

The first thing that you should consider is that about the usage of space is about the air flow. If you have an ideal ventilation in your attic bedroom, it would help you in maintaining the decoration of your attic bedroom design. There are many ways in decorating the room by the windows, such as using wooden windows or glass windows designs. This would allow you to have a nice sun light and would come to your interior room. Beside that, you could also have fresh air from that window.

Small spaces attic space bedroom ideasSmall spaces attic space bedroom ideas

Modern Style Attic Space BedroomModern Style Attic Space Bedroom

White clean attic bedroom with small dormer windowsWhite clean attic bedroom with small dormer windows

In the previous picture, it could be seen the design of small attic bedroom where the color combination is very great and it has calm color there. Then, this bedroom also has nice combination window design that is wooden and glass combination. By adding calm carpet in this room, it adds the beautiful side of this room.

attic bedroom designattic bedroom design

From the previous picture, it could be seen that the design looks so natural since the wooden material including the flooring design. Beside that, there is additional plant in this kind of bedroom design that would make the room to be more natural. Beside that, by having calm combination color, it looks so classical and it is suitable for you to have this room since you could release your stress in this room. It also has glass window that would allow you to see the beautiful look of the outside room.

So, what do you think of this bedroom design? By having this kind of room, you had made the warehouse become the beautiful room that would be great place to relax and you could enjoy the beautiful view from the outside garden. So, Are you interested in this Attic bedroom design ? Just consider it and have a good choice for this design!

Attic Bedroom With Soft Orange Carpet and Furniture , Small Attic Bedroom In  Category
Modern Style Attic Space Bedroom , Small Attic Bedroom In  Category
Small spaces attic space bedroom ideas , Small Attic Bedroom In  Category
White clean attic bedroom with small dormer windows , Small Attic Bedroom In  Category
attic bedroom design , Small Attic Bedroom In  Category

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21 thoughts on “Small Attic Bedroom

  1. Ty Arturo Billy P.

    Well, this post is specifically about creating a “70s-style Indoor Jungle,” so I guess they were successful with their photo selection! Anyway, there are some really simple strap plant hangers available at home Depot in our town in a wide variety of colors. I these are nice, and don?t that 70s feel to them:

  2. Allan

    This has to also be my area tour of all time! I that this house is clearly loved and LIVED in. Not every finishing touch is high (thank *), and it makes me feel if I walked in the door I would be instantly comfortable! Rooms are beautifully and thoughtfully decorated, and I am jealous of the green thumb and all the plants everywhere. Well done!! I want to in!!

  3. Adrian Wayne Ryland

    @valsj you probably had some older wool carpet, which if your okay with oxiclean that works the best on it. Baking soda can bleach the wool so be careful but vinegar and water is the best. Learned that at age 10 from a extremely angery mom.

  4. Willie Isaak

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  5. River_Kylee_Alanna

    Funny, we both the Breville Oven and a couple of the Miss K FLOS lamps. The oven is astonishing — it manages temperature accurately enough that I consume it for cooking of the time. The Miss K lamps are extremely cool, but in practice I abominate them. Probably my issue, though: I snaking my hand down a lamp cord in to the switch. If I customary them where they were on a wall switch, I might feel differently.

  6. Lukas_Omarion_Tomas

    I believe the pegboard belief is great. You can earn a really sheet for a decent price, paint it what ever colour/pattern you want and add a frame around it. You can hang a combination of art and laundry supplies off of itI would also reinforce the tape… *shudder*

  7. Marquise@1998

    I guess I a proper/full kitchen because it has a sink, some storage, a sized fridge and a bit of bench space. Not a complete kitchen but better than a lot of cramped homes where you are lucky to accumulate a bar fridge, 1/4 sized sink and a microwave. It would certainly cooking a bit more of a challenge:-)

  8. Allie.Kinslee.Analia

    Wangari Maathai this in Kenya with the Green Belt Movement to reforest the country. Plastic soda type bottles can also be used, or even metal cans, with a hole in the bottom and something to (the cans) top.

  9. TiffanyAubriellaMaxine

    The Perfect Palette is an astonishing color resource! The inspiration goes on for days! I could on that website for hours. And admittedly, I :)Definitely a blog. It has helped inspire my wedding colors and even my bedroom color choices!

  10. Tessa_Gwen_Nola

    my list:put away all clothes properlyclean out hallway closetclean out office closetclean out bedroom closetclean out bedroom drawersclean out hallway bureau drawers out kitchen drawers out desk drawers out both medicine cabinetsclean out bathroom drawersthrow away make-uphang two light fixtures (electrician will absorb to come)install a dimmer switch for bedroom ceiling fan so it can be controlled more preciselybuy a indoor tree for bare sunlit corner of living room

  11. Keira Leslie Briana

    tips… and yes, Motherbear, the fridge! Both the inside and the outside surprisingly dirty… mine is stainless, and the side/handle of the door gets yukky fast. I the shelves/bins inside through the dishwasher every so often, then spray down/wipe the inside surfaces. Also, above the fridge (below the microwave in my kitchen) gets cute dusty/grimy, too…

  12. Emiliano

    casiep above, I bought a fiberglass chair from Inside current on Gough. The folks there are super-nice. I I got the chair within a week of ordering it (delivered directly to me at no extra charge, if I correctly).

  13. Damarion.911

    Thanks Jonathan ! is welcome now. I wish it would already be done ! But, as my dependable kitchen really is annoying, and not practical at all, i want / to move through it now. After that, my appartment will be as i want it to be ( apart from some minor things to change, but not urgent).

  14. Braden

    I all the patterns throughout, and the windows in your bedroom are AMAZING. I corner windows. If I saw the same feature while house hunting that would be a astronomical selling point for me.

  15. FrancesEmoryAliana

    Wow! this came at the fair time for me – I am honest about to begin a project similar to your library shelving. I had been considering whether to mix wall and top of the wall you where your sofa is. Thank you for confirming that it does indeed great.

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