Hello Kitty Room Ideas

If you have a little daughter who loves Hello Kitty very much, you could have an idea for designing or decorating her bedroom with Hello Kitty room ideas. By having this room design with her favorite character, it would help her to fell comfort in her own room. Then, how to do that? You do not need to worry since it would not be complicated way in designing the Hello Kitty room design. So, Take a look at some tips in designing the Hello Kitty room below!

Hello Kitty Bedroom IdeaHello Kitty Bedroom Idea

The first thing that you should consider here is about the bed since it would become the center point of the Hello kitty room. In designing the bed, there would be many ways, such as having Hello Kitty bed cover, pillow cover, also some Hello Kitty dolls. By having this kind of stuffs, it would help you for having comfort sense in your room design since in this room, the pink color would be the domination color in this room. In this bed, you could also add some pink curtains that make it more elegant. Then, if there is window in your bedroom, you could also decorate it with the pink curtain or you could buy Hello Kitty fabric from fabric shop and make it into the curtain.

Hello Kitty Bedroom DecorationHello Kitty Bedroom Decoration

The next thing that you should consider is about the wallpaper of Hello Kitty. Stick this wallpaper into the wall and make it to cover the wall since it would not make you spend much budget in doing that. If you have color combination in your bedroom, you could make the color which is not suitable with Hello Kitty room. Just choose the Hello Kitty wallpaper would be great for your room.

Hello Kitty Nursery Room DesignHello Kitty Nursery Room Design

Then, you could also decorate the Hello kitty room by using stencil and you could make  your own design beside having Hello Kitty wallpaper and stick it around the room and even in the furniture. As I said before that the room would be dominated with pink color. After that, if you want to have additional accessories in your rood, you could make or purchase the hanging accessories in the front of your door.

What about the furniture in the Hello Kitty bedroom? You could choose the table or chairs with Hello Kitty theme, beside that, if there is make up table, you could add the sticker accessories for that.  So, what is your opinion about that idea? Those are some ideas in designing the Hello Kitty bedroom for your daughter.

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  13. Dorothy

    Absolutely fantastic. without being precious, comfortable without being sloppy, individual with being over the top.And thank you from the bottom of my heart AT for showing shots of the rooms. Would admire for every close up shot in the slideshow to be replaced by a shot, but this is progress.

  14. Mauricio.Ben.Roderick

    @clutterbuggy we lots of windows in our current place, and one giant one in the kitchen with a sill. i lined it with succulents and it looked so good…but then i had to a table there. there is no counter so i really need it, but i that it has to be in front of the best window! i am thinking about ditching it to my cacti collection again.

  15. Charlie Riya

    How about some antique looking ironwork, with scrolls or a pattern. You could hang it from the ceiling so it meets the top of the cabinets.You could paint it or let it a patina, tarnished brass. It would be a dust trap appreciate vases, glasses, etc.

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    Well I am a to the posting party here, but I had to my say. I found this tour to be and refreshing compared to many of the usual tours featured.I am a fan of millwork, beams, wood paneling, and wood floors so of course this was up my alley. I the wide plank floors in the bedroom are gorgeous, the width really highlights the grain of the wood. I the employ of a more ethereal curtain in most of the rooms softened the dwelling and helped bring in the light that people are all raving about. I the stone and wood features in the yard as well – that pergola is wonderful. The bench and closed cabinetry in the entryway is too.I that people bear a hard time with the combination of these two styles. A lot of posters commented that the house is lacking something or feels wrong. I that this is a reaction to the melding of these two styles. We are to seeing with simple lines but colors. We are to seeing more rustic or fashion with embellishment and a stronger theme to the decor. I that the combination in this case worked well, especially considering that the styles are so different.Lastly, I say that I the “sustainability/energy use/global warming” argument as an excuse for trashing this house is absolutely ridiculous. There is an abominable lot of assumption going on here. Unless I missed it, there was nothing posted in this tour about the heating, cooling, or energy usage of this house. For all you know, every window in this area could be argon filled triple pane glass, they might the best insulation, point of employ water heaters, LED bulbs, photovoltaic panels, passive solar water heating, rain barrels and every other energy efficient technology you could assume of! Honestly people, advance in to the century please – impartial because a house has some square footage to it does not mean it is single handedly contributing to the destruction of the planet. A house in the middle of nowhere with insulation, appliances, boilers, water heaters, and plumbing could as easily be a bane on the environment. Generalizing that all houses past a square footage are environmentally irresponsible is impartial short-sighted and silly.

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