Simple Modular Kitchen Designs

There are a lot of kitchen design that could be your choice for your home kitchen design. Of course, the design is based on your own preference. Then, actually what kind of kitchen design that you want to have? One example of the kitchen designs is simple modular kitchen design. Modular kitchen should make the harmonious result that would combine aesthetics and functional look for you.  If you are interested in this kind of kitchen design, just take a look at some simple modular kitchen designs, below!

Classical kitchenClassical kitchen

In the previous kitchen design, how the modern and traditional look combined each other become one unity that has elegance and classical look. This kitchen design has modern lighting design but it has wooden flooring design. Beside that, the choose of the calm color makes it more convenient in this kitchen design. Beside that, this kitchen design also combination between kitchen design and  dining room design that is suitable for you who have small space of the room. this kitchen design has island cook top, sinks, or pull-out drawer refrigerators. As I said before that this kitchen design could also be used to welcome the guests as living room.

Wooden KitchenWooden Kitchen

In the previous kitchen design, it could be seen that the kitchen design is dominated with the wooden materials, including the kitchen cabinet, storage room, also flooring kitchen design. Beside that, it also has marble to cover the table in the center of the kitchen design. Beside that, it has more modern look because of the usage of the oven.

Kitchen Island designKitchen Island design

In this kitchen design, The wooden material is painted in some calm color that make this kitchen design looks beautiful. Beside that, the beautiful side of this kitchen design is the lighting design of the kitchen. The kitchen lamp’s design has very nice lighting that spread out the light throughout the room. it makes the kitchen looks elegant.

After seeing some of the kitchens design above, what is your opinion about those design ideas? By having those kinds of kitchen, you would get the modern and classical look of the kitchen, beside that, you would not need a lot of space for having this kitchen design. So, Consider it well and and have a nice choice for this kitchen!

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  8. Donte.1998

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  9. Gabriel.2002

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  11. DamianTyrese

    I am calling “foul” on this post. It is unfair to post a fuzzy, dim and messy before photo, then artificially brightening the after shot. I am extremely weary of this posting tactic. Where did all the stuff from the countertop go? It has to be stored somewhere!In the after photo, it appears the cabinet under the sink is next to an exterior door. Removing the cabinet doors here is dirt and gunk into a storage dwelling where things need to be clean! I agree with others posting that the cabinet needs some doors and shelves.I acquire owned a rental house for about 20 years. I must not be the average landlord. During the time I owned the property, I replaced the floor furnace with central heat, installed a electrical entrance, refinished the floors and replaced the kitchen flooring twice, repainted and/or hung fresh wallpaper several times, removed and replaced the kitchen cabinets, replaced the kitchen sink, faucet and countertops twice and replaced everything in the bathroom except the bathtub. I bear also stripped several walls to the studs and installed fresh insulation, wiring and drywall. I also replaced a complete window and added three storm windows. I attempted to replace two bedroom doors; however, the tenants literally tore them apart. I also replaced the hot water heater twice and repaired some water lines. My next project is to bewitch the existing bathtub, which can only be accomplished by breaking it up with a sledgehammer. I that I will replace the bathtub with a shower, as the bathroom is small.When my last tenant moved in, I asked her to the color for a bedroom that needed repainting. And yes, I paid for the paint!Many times, those who never owned a not realize the expenses of maintaining and updating a property. Please realize that there are landlords and tenants, and also some stinkers out there. I am that this renter was allowed to some changes to this kitchen. But, others, I this is a start. creative and improving your space!

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  17. Alvaro_Seamus

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  18. Kristian.Garrison.Nash

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  26. Amelia Vivian Marissa O.

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  27. Alianna

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  29. Calvin.2016

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