Oriental Garden Design

Nowadays, designing home interior design only is not enough. Home exterior design is also very important to be considered since the exterior design would be the first thing seeing by the guests and they will see your personality through your exterior design. Then, what kind of personality that you have? And what kind of home exterior design that you prefer to have? Is it nice swimming pool, water fountain, garden, or amazing entry gate? Whatever you choose it would be your right since it is related to your own taste and preference. Here, let’s just specifically talk about garden, that is oriental garden design. Actually, what the first thing that come to your mind when we are talking about oriental garden design? some people said that oriental garden is created from the combination between landscape and paintings with the additional poems in it and it is also famous to be called as poetic garden.

Oriental Garden DesignOriental Garden Design

From the simple explanation about Oriental garden design above, it could be seen that actually oriental garden is closely related to the moral value or the culture that is brought by the garden design. Of course there would be a lot of example of it. Now, let’s come to one example of it that is the famous Japanese oriental garden design. In the Japanese design, whether it is about home interior design or garden design, each part of it become the symbol of its culture.For example in the Japanese garden there would be a wooden bridge in the garden. Beside that, there would be also Buddha sculpture in the center of the pool, it also has a tower of contemplation in the corner and zen garden in another corner, also red oriental bridge over the water channel. Beside that, in this Japanese oriental garden design, there would be some stone ornaments that representing the value of Japanese people.

Oriental Garden Stone Sculpture ArtOriental Garden Stone Sculpture Art

Oriental Japanese gardens With Red BridgeOriental Japanese gardens With Red Bridge

After having some explanation about Japanese oriental garden design, what are thinking now? are you satisfied with this kind of garden design. This garden design would allow you to have a nice time since you could feel refresh and enjoy the nature of this garden. in having garden design, it would not only provide you with the nice exterior design, but also it is related with the calm sense that you would get if you are in the bad condition. Of course there are some other examples of oriental garden design that would be your choice, and it is juts one example that would be great reference for you.

Oriental Garden Stone Sculpture Art , Oriental Garden Design In  Category
Oriental Japanese gardens With Red Bridge , Oriental Garden Design In  Category
Oriental Garden Design , Oriental Garden Design In  Category

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