Personal Office Design Ideas

Each part of the home interior design would be taken care since it would be the place for you to live and stay in that place for a long time. In your home, there would be a lot room that are important for you, including your personal office design. So, what kind of personal office design that would be suitable for you? Let’s see some personal office design ideas, below!

Personal home office design ideas in corner traditional stylePersonal home office design ideas in corner traditional style

Luxury Personal Office DesignLuxury Personal Office design

The modern and contemporary office furniture with stylish design and ergonomic construction is vital for a modern office. There are so many materials for contemporary furniture to select from such as stone, glass, metal and wood. The wood home office furniture pieces available at Strictly Wood Furniture include desks, credenzas, filing cabinets, and bookcases. Installing modular home office furniture could foster a creative and very personal atmosphere promoting efficiency and productivity. Beside that, you could also have the modular office furniture that might represent the minimalist design in your personal office. Then, you could also add the computer furniture as the additional that make your office design look trendy and stylish.Beside that, you should also maintain the color of the office design if you want to have a modern look of the office. Modular office design includes desk, office chair, and some storage room. In this modern  personal office idea, the material being used is in the modern look so that the sense of luxurious design would be felt.

Stunning Modern Home OfficeStunning Modern Home Office

Blue Natural Theme Personal OfficeBlue Natural Theme Personal Office

simple modern home officesimple modern home office

Then, another idea of having personal office decoration is that by having a big picture of the natural view so that it could help you in releasing the tired and boredom after your long work. Beside that, you could also add the window with the glass panel that would allow you to look the outside view to vanish your stress. In designing this kind of personal office, beside having a modern look of the office, you could also make your office become more natural by having wooden flooring design combined with white ceiling and wall design so that the combination color look great. There, you could add the interesting long chair for you if you feel to tired for work.

After seeing and reading those description, what comes to your mind now? Don’t you want to have this kind of office  in your home design? By having good decoration of your personal office, it would help you to build the mood in finishing the work of you. So, do not wait too long for having it

Personal home office design ideas in corner traditional style , Personal Office Design Ideas In  Category
Stunning Modern Home Office , Personal Office Design Ideas In  Category
Blue Natural Theme Personal Office , Personal Office Design Ideas In  Category
Luxury Personal Office Design , Personal Office Design Ideas In  Category
simple modern home office , Personal Office Design Ideas In  Category

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  1. Kason Ulysses S.

    I a dress dorm in my bathroom, as a complement to the 80 or so vintage pulp fiction book covers (you know the kind, with titles “Office Sinner!” and “Shalemless Woman!” etc.) So, the dress is currently dressed in a frilly nightie, and topped with a ludicrous over-the-top Dolly Parton fashion long, curly wig… as if she were one of the people on the book covers.Now, all I need to is a vintage motel about loose women and sailors, or a neon that blinks “Open!” or the like.

  2. Blakely-Allie-Alisha

    I admire the wood valences with the brightly colored curtains. And the vintage schoolroom wall clocks. The sock monkeys…..hey we all our thing LOL.

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  4. Mason.Jordy

    Thanks all of you! i decided its going to be BM, but which white is the problem- i am checking on all your suggestions now!for some more pictures of the room check this link:

  5. Lauryn.Cara.Maxine

    Monika — I of the earlier collection is aloof available at Garnet Hill, fair not as prominently displayed as the current stuff. You can also check out the Eileen Fisher website, which carries bed linens as well. luck.

  6. Henley Hana D.

    First law of thermodynamics – “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.”I you meant electricity. Nitpicking, I know but still…

  7. Braeden_Noe_Dimitri

    with warm white walls (instead of a cold shade). Try a fluffy, thick comforter with a white duvet. If you can change out your bedside tables to two chests of drawers to camouflage all of the clutter so you can be selective with your tablescape. Once your table tops are clear, you can add a candle holder and even a diminutive realistic silk flower in a glass vase. Vary the shade of your white accessories. lamps in different areas of your room on dimmers, or at least coarse wattage bulbs. Try an absorbing long branch blueprint with warm white fairy lights attached. If possible, white curtains be taller and longer so there is some fabric on the floor. area decor sites, looking for that romantic to you and out the features you really like. luck!

  8. Solomon Ibrahim Dwayne H.

    Adrienne, I a few questions for you is this to Canadians? How is compensation structured? Can I shoot my house for the purpose of the application and time frame?Thanks in advance,Ashley

  9. Allen Roland B.

    Fireslate kitchen and bath counters as well as a hearth. Installed 3 years ago. The company is to work with – owner with advice. Read their web home thoroughly. Best installed by those with experience working with stone or tile and the equipment.

  10. Iris Karina Kaiya

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  13. Juliet_Emelia

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  14. Nevaeh

    $150 for a Howard Johnsons on US 1 in Jersey. Specifically Princeton, NJ during Reunions weekend. Overpriced? Totally. Worth it to a hotel on the shuttle route? Abso-fricking-lutely.

  15. Steven_Tyree_Howard

    I also saw the Trafficmaster Allure flooring at Depot. It immediately caught my attention due to resonable cost, easy installation and no need for additional products (glues, underlays etc). After researching Allure on the internet for the last week I purchased 23 boxes of the cherry color which we are installing tomorrow in the living den area. The info I found on the internet has been all comments, including someone that had done their “durability” test. The test included stomping on it in high heals, sanding on it with sand paper (50 passes) and trying to jab a hole in it with a lobster pick. The floor stood up to all the tests. So, I am extremely surprised at pmsued comment that Allure “scratches easily”. When I accumulate location tonight I will a test or two of my absorb and check the numbers. Hopefully they will check out so I can preceed with the installation.

  16. JeremyXzavier

    @citygirlsf Hey, thank you for taking a look! Did you happen to the post about when I stripped that couch? Found a snakeskin, several live brown recluses, and more goodies. It was a harrowing experience! Post is here:

  17. Camille-Lilliana-Maisie

    The model one is mono. Model Two has the same simple lines and – but it is stereo. You can add the model sub-woofer to it — and it is a fledged music system! We the Model Two – and it is not honest a kitchen radio for us — but with the i-pod, that is our only music system! The sound is great. They it in furniture grade wood – and different kinds of wood to from to with your decor. I absorb it in the black/silver combo and the it looks sitting in my dim cubitec shelf (dwr).

  18. Emerson_Saoirse

    I was in search of reasonably priced large-scale pendants for my kitchen table. I would bear loved 1, 2 or 4. I ended up with the woven lamp from west elm (which I wish was 10% larger):

  19. Stephen

    @bibliotequetress I totally agree on the commence kitchen problem. We are renting and I doubt we ever buy. I NOT want an kitchen unless the is enough so we can a separate TV room. On Sunday afternoon, I to prep my meals while singing to the radio and my bf usually enjoys watching the nerdy tv shows without me. This would impartial not work even though I loooove the feel and of the new, apartments. Kinda sucks but you need to know what works for YOU

  20. Ricky Jovanni J.

    Check weekly until they on sale. Accessories at places Pottery Barn almost always up on clearance or on sale at some point in the year so that they can room for the merchandise. I ended up with some Pottery Barn baskets at half by waiting patiently until they went on clearance. Frequently checking the website is but – once they disappear on sale, you will probably a extremely short window of time (perhaps as exiguous as 48 hours) before they are sold out. Once a clearance item is gone, its gone for and you will to accumulate a first choice basket and the whole waiting process starts all over again.In the meantime, an out for a basket you better for a lower cost. TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls are all hunting grounds, although the selection will be hit and miss and will change radically from week to week.

  21. Adrian

    I gray! We recently painted our entire downstairs in shades of pale gray, similar to the Domino living room photo. For those who are alive to (since we had such a hard time finding a shade) we a lot of south facing light and BM Aura Nightingale. On the walls with less light we BM Aura Wish (which is lighter and more greige).

  22. Terry Gilberto I.

    From experience I strongly recommend Farrow & Ball paints. I for the first time on my master bedroom and it is beautiful……The colours more depth and I seen colours made to match Farrow & Ball but they lack depth and are not quite the same. It took less than 2 gallons to paint my master bedroom which is quite and had we been more careful in applying the first coat could done it in one gallon but we are to using about 3-4 gallons on that room with regular paint. I also their choices of colour are more Sincerely, Sheila

  23. Shayne

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  24. Riya@911

    absolutely that the person you hire to the refinishing has done Heywood-Wakefield pieces before, and that they fully understand the process of restoring them.HW furniture has an opaque stain that is notoriously difficult to restore. You can read more about it here:

  25. Ellison

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  26. Ximena

    I by Dirigent shelves! I bought them because we had a slanted ceiling in my studio and I could adjust the height of the shelves. Everyone who visited us commented on them- they looked amazing! It did some AutoCAD drafting to figure out how many I needed to up my triangular wall. By the way, we took them off, moved them from LA to NYC and assembled them again- they are doing and all my desirable heavy art books.

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