How to Decorate Twin Girls Room

If you are having twin girls, you would consider many things for them, including same clothes, same shoes, same dolls, and others. Beside that, you should also consider about the decoration of the twin girls room. In designing their rooms, you should make it beautiful and attractive look, especially when you are having girly twins. in that room, you could have two mattresses which has the same color and same models. Beside that, you could have the same beds and storage also. Beside that, you could consider about the color of the twin room. Since you have twin girls, it is often that girls are loving to have pink color for their rooms. This is the one way n decorating the twin room. Then, what about another way? So, let’s see some ways about how to decorate twin girls room here!

Barby Twin Bedroom

Barby Twin Bedroom

In the previous picture, it could be seen that the room design consist of the exact same of beds. This room for twin girls is dominated with pink color along from the room’s wall, bed cover and pillows. Beside that, this room become more beautiful by additional pink ribbon on the top of the bed. Beside that, by having this twin bedroom, it would be great if you place the BarbieĀ  picture since this room is coming fro the Barbie room design. Then, there is also combination color here, the light pink color is combined with black color that make it looks elegance.

White Twin Girls BedroomWhite Twin Girls Bedroom

Beside that, This twin room for your twin girls look very elegant with white color domination. Beside that, this room looks so simple but elegance and it is very suitable for you if you have small space for your twin girl. The bed design is designed with simple way by combining two beds into one bed separated with the bookshelf . Then, the wooden material used for this bed make more natural and the classical atmosphere looks great. Beside that, by having wooden flooring design make sit more classic. For the storage ares, it is places under the beds formulated into small drawer for the storage room.

Beautiful Pink & Green Nursery for Twin Baby GirlsBeautiful Pink & Green Nursery for Twin Baby Girls

Twin Bed for Twin Girls BedroomTwin Bed for Twin Girls Bedroom

In the bedroom decoration in the previous picture, you see the great combination between pink, black, grey and white twin girl combination. Beside that, the decoration that is designed for this room looks so simple and it is suitable for teenage girls. Beside that, by adding the other ornaments, such as big photos, also nice carpet, this room looks great. So, after seeing those pictures, what comes to your mind now?

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