Pink Girls Room

Pink color could always be associated to the girl since many people says that pink is a symbol of tenderness and youth. Because of that, almost all girls are fond of this color. Girls are always liking pink dress, pink accessories, pink shoes and other pink utensils. This pink color is always being related to the fairy tale story, such as Barbie and some of the princess in the fairy tale stories. So that almost all girls are dreaming and want to have Pink Girls Room also for becoming the bedroom design.Pink color color could be matched to the many kinds of bedroom design, for example, the pink color could perfectly matched as traditional bedroom with classical furniture. Beside that, by having oink contemporary bedroom design is also great idea, especially when you have a color combination between pink and other colors. For example, you could combine white and pink color in beautifying your bedroom. For having clearer description of this pink girls room, you could see some examples, below!

Cool Pink and Green Girls Bedroom Colors CombinationCool Pink and Green Girls Bedroom Colors Combination

Stylish Light Pink Bedding and Curtains for Girls Room

Stylish Light Pink Bedding and Curtains for Girls Room

In the previous pink girls room, it could be seen that the color combination looks very great between pink and white color. This kind of bedroom design represent the modern bedroom design since the design is simpler. Then, the domination color color being used for the appliances is in pink color while the flooring design is in the white color. This bedroom design looks very great since the additional ornament, that is the window design with glass panel that allow you to look at the view outside your room. Beside that, the sunlight that come through the window make this pink girls room look very bright and spacious.

comfortable pink bedroom decorating for girls bedroom ideas

comfortable pink bedroom decorating for girls bedroom ideas

In this pink colors room, the combination colors look very great since many colors combined into one room design, but still the domination color is pink color. This bedroom consists of simple and minimalist furniture consisting of bed combined with cupboard and bookshelf and make it save the space in this room design. Beside that, the glass window makes this room become more beautiful and brighter, The carpet that is designed in the center of this room adds the beautiful look in this room and this kind of design is very suitable for room that has small space.

Fancy Modern Pink Girls Room DecorFancy Modern Pink Girls Room Decor

Charming and Opulent Pink Girls RoomCharming and Opulent Pink Girls Room

After seeing and reading those description, what comes to your mind now? Don’t you want to have it as your bedroom design? If you like pink color, it is a good chance fro having it.

Cool Pink and Green Girls Bedroom Colors Combination , Pink Girls Room In  Category
Charming and Opulent Pink Girls Room , Pink Girls Room In  Category
comfortable pink bedroom decorating for girls bedroom ideas , Pink Girls Room In  Category
Fancy Modern Pink Girls Room Decor , Pink Girls Room In  Category
Stylish Light Pink Bedding and Curtains for Girls Room , Pink Girls Room In  Category

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