Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary work is actually something that is present in the present means always acceptable from time to time. In the interior, the emphasis in the room generally focused on a few key color sections, while the other colors blend into the background. Indentations softer contemporary interior design of modern minimalist room and create a warm and inviting feeling. The concept of the design is very different from the classic design or Victoria. Model looks clean contemporary furniture with soft curves. Clad with wood or metal and mixed with glass as one that is perfect. Usually wood furniture design is lighter and almost no accent or detail. Based neutral contemporary color scheme, with a soft beige, brown, gray, white and black serves as the background color. The primary key for the contemporary interior design is the perfect accent color. The spirit and feeling warm is raised when trying to choose an accent color. Use the color varies from the color of the walls, carpet, furniture upholstery and curtains. Choose several ways to create accents stand out and attract attention. Here, let’s take a look at the contemporary kitchen design here!

Cool Contemporary Kitchen DesignCool Contemporary Kitchen Design

The contemporary design of this kitchen accommodates extra activities in which the kitchen is not only a place to cook, but also a “storefront” lifestyle interacts. The concept of interaction is manifested in contemporary kitchen design with kitchen shape games are no longer just playing with the elements of the box. Elements of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal part of the kitchen design. Line elements seen in aluminum frames encircling kitchen cabinet sandblast glass. Elements of this line suggest functional kitchen amplifier that also facilitate routine activities such as cooking and cleaning utensils and cookware. Green and white colors dominate the room. Green is comfortable to the eye, because it strengthens the atmosphere of interactivity in the living room is the kitchen and dining room. Wood flooring accents also appear to make elegant display kitchen. The design is inspiring, right? Besides, you could also have other bright color for the design.

Green Contemporary Kitchen DesignGreen Contemporary Kitchen Design

Ultra Contemporary Kitchen DesignUltra Contemporary Kitchen Design

Since contemporary kitchen design become more famous today, there are some designer that are very interested in this design. One of the designers is Italian designer Simone Micheli. This modern kitchen is a contemporary kitchen distinguishing bright creativity kitchen. The kitchen is 100% made ​​in Italy project renovate the aesthetic features of the contemporary kitchen.

Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen DesignMinimalist Contemporary Kitchen Design

Italian Contemporary Kitchen DesignItalian Contemporary Kitchen Design

Modern contemporary kitchen has new drawers and drawers in its lacquer or stainless steel cable. This is a modern kitchen kitchen stylist who will give an unforgettable cooking experience. Interior colors used are black and white, the color combination is perfect. This kitchen uses bright colors to furniture to get a clean look and black atmosphere is meant to cool the interior design. The kitchen is separated by a sliding glass door from the living room. All service areas, in addition to a kitchen designed with modern contemporary accent too.

Elegant Contemporary Kitchen DesignElegant Contemporary Kitchen Design

What comes to your mind after knowing those information about contemporary kitchen design? This kind of kitchen offers you with many simplicity and elegant look.

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  9. Lucia1964

    As a child, we lived in a japanese architurally inspired in Seattle, designed by my uncle. The challenge was to catch window coverings for the long skinny windows that went from floor to ceiling. The solution: install a bamboo venetian blind at the bottom of the window, a cord up to a pulley at the top of the window, and the cord down within reaching distance. (Note: not a conception around cramped children, of entanglement and strangulation). This resulted in a shade that could be pulled up to the height you wanted, allow a and sunlight to flood the room. It was a beautifully simple solution.

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    arrgh, typed a response and it disappeared….this is some advice, thank you. And I agree with everything you said; all of your commentary I had been abstractly thinking for awhile, but you bear confirmed some stuff for me. I agree that most granite looks dead, though I could never assign my finger on it. and yes its hard, and Im honest tired of granite in general, its everywhere apt now. The stone you looks soft, and smacks of taste. And since I just inherited a house–a time capsule from 1940—the kitchen will be the first thing I update. I was location on quartz, but now I I will be a copycat and spring for some marble with a matte finish. (In addition, I confess it will some relatives pea green. bwaha!!) Also, killing time at work the other day, I was looking at knobs/pulls on restoration hardware, and I was thinking how the brushed nickel (and the oil rubbed bronze too) looked so considerable better than the stainless steel. So yess, now I know I will with one of those softer metals…..those deep floors always do dusty, but * theyre worth it. and hey, floor dusters made strides in the past decade. laff(yeah I those wood floors–tacky).good advice here, advice….. =)

  12. Georgia_Susan

    Yes! I got so thinking this was a house tour, and then realized it was only 5 photos. Someone a photographer over there, quick! admire the colors and built ins and architectural character.

  13. Sam.Jabari

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  15. Heavenly.Casey

    @saacnmama Some Spanish Colonial homes or other styles bear texturing. There was also a product called “jazz plaster” that could be swirled or tinted with color. But you are apt that most art deco era places had plaster. And the popcorn was 70s.

  16. Tristin.Carlo

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