Grey Bathroom Ideas

What kind of bathroom design that you want? Then, what color that you want to design your bathroom? Is it white, blue, or grey? Of course each person would choose their favorite color in designing the interior room, especially the bathroom design. For having a nice atmosphere in your bathroom design, of course you should consider about the design. Here, let’s specifically talk about the grey bathroom ideas that would be great references if you want to have it at home.

Sophisticated Grey BathroomSophisticated grey bathroom

From the picture of bathroom design above, it could be seen that the dominated color is Grey, including the flooring design and wall tile design. This kind of bathroom design is identical with the modern look of the interior design where the domination color is neutral and little bit dark color. Then, this grey bathroom design ideas also combined with white furniture and wooden brown door. This is the perfect combination of modern look with the grey color.

In this kind of bathroom design, the combination between light grey and dark grey is very great. Beside that, the elegance look is added since the bathroom has a light grey glass door that make more luxurious. Beside that, to make the balance between the modern with a little touch of classical design, this bathroom design is combined with a little wooden sculpture and some candles there.

Grey Yellow Bathroom IdeaGrey yellow bathroom idea

In this bathroom design, the combination color between yellow, white and grey looks great although the domination color is grey. In this bathroom design, This bathroom has bright color design that would give the cheerful atmosphere. Beside that, the grey flooring design and it is combined with the yellow carpet and make it more beautiful.

Grey Bathroom Tile InspirationGrey bathroom inspiration

In this grey bathroom design, the design is completed with the plant that make it more refresh. Beside that, the grey ventilation looks great in completing the design of this bathroom design. After seeing those kind of design, what comes to your mind now? which design that you would choose?

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81 thoughts on “Grey Bathroom Ideas

  1. Samuel_Nelson_Blaine

    I one similar (desk is narrower, the legs are a different, but the fashion is the same) from Ikea that I got for about $15 last year. You might check their website to explore if they it.

  2. Jason.Brody

    I am really trying to awaken my inner DIY and tried a few paint projects at projects with less than 100% satisfaction. What of paint and paint brushes/rollers would one for this type of bookcase projects? How does one the desirable smooth, finish? My paint projects tended to up a but uneven and flat….I am wondering if it is the paint or the tools I am using.

  3. Gracelyn

    regular contemptible cabinets on one side and upper cabinets on the floor of the other side, thus giving you more floor and it wont feel as closed in. Bring them up to the ceilingI wouldnt shelving if your a frequent cook, that greasy film gets everywhere.If possible glass doors on your cabinets you for glasses/dishwearmeasure everything you bear from the usual size of your cereal boxes to the size of your food processor and figure out where it will first; and thus you can every of your kitchen. embrace cabinet organizers and extra shelving in your cabinets.Try to as as you can off your counter tops to maximize your work kickboard pull out drawers for flat storage (ie cookie sheets, collapsable stool, etc.Have pull out countertops installed above the top drawer in your cabinetry for more temporary work

  4. Ryleigh_Kate_Addilynn

    What a blooming home, Job well done, Leah!! This is one of my fave tours ever. I the choices that were made using bold color & pattern, and varying décor styles. In lesser hands such a mix could bolt terribly awry. Also, kudos on the shower curtain…I wouldn’t the patience.I what’s is that rude, nasty, snarky and completely irrelevant comments seems more prevalent as the square footage of a location increases or the appearance that the homeowner has a bit more discretionary funds than the average AT reader to decorate their space. Jealously and envy are not even if they are trying to disguise themselves as not-so constructive criticism. If your comments/criticisms are not related, you may want to believe keeping them to yourself.

  5. Aislinn

    Finding small, fashionable furniture at an affordable is surprisingly difficult in the USA.I was trying to a current chair with a footprint that had a reclining option. All the affordable ones had abominable reviews. I ended up getting one imported from ROM, a Belgium furniture company. It was about 3 times what I wanted to pay, but after looking at *literally* over 300+ recliners, it was one of only 3 I found that would fit in my (and they were all around the same price).

  6. SamuelSimonVan

    My mom gave “faucet fountains” as stocking stuffers about twelve years ago. be pleased shamu, but on the utilitarian side of whimsical. Of course, we tease her about it… but maybe she was impartial trend forward?Of course the water home I was willing to drink straight from the tap too…Perhaps britta could approach up with a faucet fountain filter and solve my lingering tap water issues?

  7. Iris Tinsley S.

    We throwing cheesy themed parties. Last night was a Die Christmas party. Footprints on the floor (red acrylic paint), candy broken glass, Twinkies, cheese wrapped to appreciate C4, Hans “Goobers” candy, John McC(l)anes (candy canes), movie quotes all around, Die hard drinking game, and a fully stocked bar with everything needed to a gamut of drinks inspired by the movie (we wrote the recipes on cards and let guests themselves). We even made one friend wear the sweatshirt: Now I a machine gun ho-ho-ho. And I covered a doorway in aluminum foil to be the air duct/ elevator shaft for photos. We also had lines of powered sugar hidden in various parts of the house for any Ellises that showed up.I say all out with a theme and let the party buy care of itself!

  8. Braeden Rodolfo Stone P.

    So I want to wait a while yet before my 20month gets her hair cleave but her father is detesting the beginnings of a mullet she is growing… any advice?this is from Easter Sunday at church, but you cant the back…

  9. Adan

    taracakes, I saw on HGTV the other night someone dealing with a similar issue. Apparently the secret to cleaning sooty masonry is to Scrubbing Bubbles or some other type of foamy bathroom spray cleaner. Perhaps oven cleaner would work too? Then they a wire brush (and probably lots of water) to rinse it off. It looked really afterwards!

  10. Emmett C.

    as expressed by people we know who live those lives, one who makes bed daily, another washes up dishes after use, a third who keeps cat items tidy, these messes a unit almost, but for item done, out of control. alternatively, we know people w perfect units, not one thing out of place, who absorb as emotional baggage.difference is that the archaic there are issues. moderation might be best path.

  11. Caden.Ashton

    They all and are extremely inspirational. absorb in mind, with a balcony, be careful when watering your plants. A lot of water can down to the resident below.. causing your neighbor to complain. It happened to me… lol.

  12. Pearl-Emory

    I saw this in Brooklyn this weekend and belief the quality looked good. They were not cheap looking at all. I all expensivie furniture in my apartment and I would consume these if I had the room. Sorry to hear the drawers were so painful. That is disappointing.

  13. AylaKimber

    it it admire it! inspired, modern, comfortable, and personal. The paint colors and placement are clever. Also the cityscape mural – where did you accept that? And I your sectional – I assume “Montreal Modern” secretly wants one for him/her self 🙂 I looked at it too @ Gus but the was a bit daunting. I am currently coveting the Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel (similar look) – any comments/reviews?

  14. Derek Waylon

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  15. Adley

    About 2 months ago i purchased 4 pieces from Reserve to a sectional configured as 1 3 seating.My was for an I purchased that I will live in about a year while my is built. At that time i will sell the fine and toss the sectional or convert it to rental property.I was attracted to Reserve because it is not a size of furniture. It requires less location than a futon and looks alot better, although is it not as contemporary as I would like.Assembly was easy, although i reinforced the corners with metal corner braces $4.99 at my local hardware store.Contrary to other comments, i the cushions too soft. As a result, If i not sit properly, e.g., forward on the cushion, sideways, etc. the cushion presses down against the wood and is then hard. (FYI, i am 6″1″ and 185 lbs which i would assume average).Is this cheap furniture, no question. But given the and purpose i believe it is a value. To a car analogy: Most every one would believe a Lexus to be high quality, but not everyone can afford a Lexus, Toyota offers a Corolla at a of the cost and the quality is not the same as the Lexus, but I most people would assume it a value. Same goes here.Rick

  16. Mohamed Marcel Z.

    “Am I ? ;-)”Not at all.Before IKEA went nationwide, Techline of Madison Wisconsin made a bookcase system with different heights and depths plus doors and drawers, using uber-dense particle board and high-pressure laminates – the 12″ deep bookcase shelves were 1” thick so they could carry @ 100 lbs per shelf…….but IKEA came in and sold Billy which is imported and made with fewer options and from cheaper and less colossal materials – as a result, Techline could no longer sell their more expensive but far more durable system because most folks refused to pay for the far quality item for their home since the two systems looked so alike.

  17. Isaiah.Brady.Paxton

    This is perfect. It is both chic and *. I could happily curl up with with a book and a glass of wine. This is my personal rating system.I am particularly in with the chandeliers in the main living space. They are and fun. Well done.

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