Traditional Home Design

Each person would has different styles in choosing and deciding the home design since it would represent the personality of the owner. Some people would prefer to have a minimalist, traditional, contemporary or modern house. If you are a person who follow the rule of modern style, having minimalist design  would be suitable for you. Then, if you are really loving a classical design, it would be better if you have a traditional home design. In the traditional home design, most of the colors would be dominated by calm color or natural color, such as wood color or light brown color.

Traditional Look Living Room Interior Design IdeasTraditional Look Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Traditional Living Room Home Interior DecorationsLuxury Traditional Living Room Home Interior Decorations

From the previous picture of traditional home design, it could be seen that the living room is painted with cream color that add the classical sense of the room. Then, the fireplace is made from the stone material and it makes the room more natural. Beside that, the choice of the patterns of the sofa also very classical. Beside that, the color combination between living room design and the white windows looks great and make it more beautiful.

Traditional Kitchen Buttermilk Prelude TraditionalTraditional Kitchen Buttermilk Prelude Traditional

Then, if we are looking to the kitchen design of the traditional home design, the material being used for the cabinets, tables, and chairs are made from the wooden material. Beside that, the color of the kitchen design is very calm and classical. Then, flooring design of this kitchen style is very nice, it is made from wooden material also. This is very nice combination of the traditional kitchen design.

Traditional Beautiful French KitchenTraditional Beautiful French Kitchen

This picture provides another look of Traditional living room design. From this picture, it could be seen that the room is dominated with white color of the room design. In this design, there is great combination between contemporary and traditional design.  It could be seen from the look of the glass cupboard that makes the room look elegant. Beside that, adding some flowers in this room is very great idea since the natural sense would very nice. Then, in this room design, the carpet pattern is representing the traditional look where there is a floral pattern of this home design.

If you want to decorate the traditional home design, you could add the traditional garden design since it would make the look become more natural in your exterior house. So, what do you think about those ideas? Don’t you think that it would make you feel comfort with it? So, do not think too much for having it!

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  1. Cael.666

    Agreed- few people do. Kevin himself had to round them up from Craigslist and local warehouses (see first paragraph in the post). But, even if you to them, the project remains cute affordable.

  2. Tessa-Mariana-Nylah

    You can achieve up photos of the kids and your family. It instantly makes a feel personal. a gallery wall with photos and framed kids artwork. Rotate the artwork to it fresh. You can a reading nook or a game nook in a of the room. Decorate it with colorful floor cushions and dhurries and/or a ottoman with storage.Add some soft lamps or pendant light fixtures around the room to update the lighting.Good luck! Let us know what you to do!!!

  3. Asher.Jaydin.Bernardo

    yes its by Europeans but please in mind our environment when shopping. Cheap does not translate into disposable products.Buy what you need- only what you really need.check free cycle and other sites for free bees before buying products.good luck.

  4. RileyHarrisonGonzalo

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  5. KeiraIrene

    Yes, yes, yes. You boys did a job with the space. My falls into the alot-of-shtuff (perhaps, “over-styled”) category, and I your to refreshing. Particularly: The green chair in the living, the bedside cactus and the brilliantly creative ceiling fixture (coming out of the wall) in the hallway. Thank you for the tour.

  6. Aisha-Micah

    @luluchinExactly why am not, and never will be, a landlord. My sister and brother in law several properties… I know from their experience that What a tenant thinks is a DIY project/upgrade can up costing the owner 10s of thousands of dollars. Contact paper can off cleanly, but often does not. And those fixtures and cabinets were upscale. Yikes, I would flip if I were the owner and came to fix something and saw this! The before was quite nice…

  7. Deborah X.

    Truthfully, in Manhattan I it will be difficult, best to search in some of the neighborhoods mentioned above if you want that. In Brooklyn, two of many dog excellent communities are Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, and you a decent shot of finding a apartment in that range that will assume you and the pup. (In Fort Greene, I felt out of the loop NOT having a dog!)Here are some sites you may accumulate helpful:

  8. Quinn-696

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  9. Isabel.Freya.Aiyana

    a Tuesday Morning store you. I snagged (pun intended) $250 sisal 5 x 8 foot rug for $17, it was on sale 50% off from $34. They also a variety of rugs in different sizes that are traditional, or modern, wool or other material…. I am addicted in honest one buying to my local Tuesday Morning.

  10. Hadley-Reign-Zaniyah

    I agree with you lisa when it comes to dinner parties. But the few parties a year doesnt warrant so considerable area to be allocated to that room. Im in an apartment where you to through the dining room to to the rest of the rooms. I up eating standing in the kitchen or in the living room. I wish I could that into something more inviting, while keeping a to feed at least 7 people available. impossible task?? maybe

  11. Bailey.Guadalupe

    @erinwdesign At the of sounding preachy, I wish people would be more appreciative of what they have. I can understand painting, decorating or making improvements, but the impulse to gut a functional bathroom or kitchen because it is “out of date” is an American sickness to me.People collected gut functional, rooms in Victorian/Craftsman houses, which are always going to be better-made and (IMO) stand the test of time aesthetically.

  12. Gia Sariah N.

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  13. Amayah

    Talk to her! Be but declare her about the fantasies you and your bf had about this house. accomplish not anything but her about your feelings and thoughts. Your parents obviously wish to be to you and by telling them your feelings they are able to be so. Perhaps both their, and your, fantasies need to change a bit.

  14. Luke Geoffrey

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  15. Phoenix

    Why are lots of these homes described as “curated”? – a curator is simply someone that has “responsibility for the acquisition and care of objects” (from Wikipedia) – surely that applies to EVERYONE!!

  16. Omar Maxwell S.

    @hotprof I lived in Belgium for many years and this is a strategy where you older spaces and rainy/chilly environments. Many restaurants will heavy (think velvet) on a circular rod at the entrance. This performs the same function as separate foyers did in Victorian home…a to enter, the exterior door and then enter the main space.In restaurants it was great, cause who wants to be seating in a cozy Belgian restaurant and come by gusts every time someone enters.I bear also seen this strategy in interior spaces (often pulled to one side) for capturing heat when your heating is attractive or the rest of the is drafty. Lots of potential there – fringes, vibrant colors. And, of course, the fabric softens the ambient noise a bit.

  17. Karina.Ariadne

    After attending my first offline meet-up at DWR, I remembered how those chairs are. And I that massive, whimsical photo of Charles and Ray lying down under those chair frames. So fun!

  18. Orlando 1999

    I loved sleeping on the floor! I to an LL Bean sleeping on top of an “egg crate” and it was awesome. I never had problems and I never had getting in and out of bed. Mornings when my circulation was terrible I rolled.However, with the lousy cushioning, my other was getting a cramped fed up. I would loved a futon in the photo. It would been frugal AND sexy, instead of impartial convenient.

  19. Kalani.Jazlynn

    This is a amazing house. I the floors, doors and windows. It comes off larger than 1200 sq ft in this tour.I hope there are no plans to replant a lawn in the backyard. It would demolish water and be pleased a golf course in identity crisis.And I that the homeowners went with butcher block on the counter rather than McMansion granite. Looks and suits the fashion of the home.Moxie is adorable.

  20. Luciano

    How insightful. Never heard that one before! Maybe the entire Apartment Therapy website should be overhauled and become a philanthropic website for the starving children in the third world.Or maybe you can bewitch your condescending judgment elsewhere.

  21. Raegan

    I found the whole article extremely sad. It seemed delight in a bunch of parents trying to sabotage each other and their relationships with their children.I admit, I lucked out. My spouse is with our raising our daughter (to be) in a Jewish household. We never famed Christmas in the house and to it that way. We will acquire one of grandparents giving Christmas gifts, I guess, and that does frighten me a bit.Any experiences out there??

  22. Davon 33

    that purple! I purchased an outdoor rug as well from Ballard Designs. Most of their outdoor rug collection are abit oldschool stodgy patterns, but the Capetown has a beneficial stripe pattern.

  23. Mira

    Caroline,The curtains are from IKEA and they are hung from the ceiling with a rod. Hides my floor to ceiling closet.Janeen,The nightstand, I to say it is also from IKEA. It is the NIVA sideboard. Its a and has worked out great! My shoes fit perfectly in the bottom drawer.

  24. Johnny Markell

    I seen a post in the past where someone organized their bookshelf by color but instead of using the exact spine, they a color coded paper wrap-around. Each color corresponded to each subject and the bibliographical info was written on the spine. I really loved that and I could fathom that more. At least I could accept the appropriate subject!

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