How to Separate a Room Without a Wall

Maybe some of you would think for having an unique room design. For example if you want to separate a room without a wall. Don’t you know that you could do it by having an imagination first. Having this kind of idea would make you save your budget for decorating your home interior. Then, it is continued with the realization with some of these ideas.Foe example, you could use stained glass windows, or you could also use add some furniture to separate the room, such as book shelves, television, or others.Then, let’s see some ideas about how to separate a room without a wall below!

Book Shelf Separator for BedroomBook Shelf Separator for Bedroom

The first idea for make it is that by hanging stained glass window or you could use nice window panel that would separate the room without having a wall. Beside that, you could have simple screen for dividing the big room without having a wall between it. There would be some kinds of screen divider’s size. If you have a very big room, you could combine some screen divider in that room. Beside that, for making it more beautiful, you could add some decoration, such as photos, paintings, or other art works. Then, if you want to paint the ceiling of the screen divider, it would be nice idea since it would make your room more beautiful.

Curtain Separator for RoomCurtain separator for room

Beside that, you could also have a bamboo divider that is designed with some artistic model. By having this kind of divider, it would really save your budget for decorating the room. Then, adding the curtain in the room where you want to separate it would make you feel comfort if you have a classical model of the curtain. beside that, you could have a calm color of the curtain that would matched to the room.

Chalkboard Room SeparatorChalkboard Room Separator

Then, if you want to separate the room of your children, you could use very big blackboard. This kind of separator would give many kinds of advantages. Beside having function as the separator, this blackboard would give your kids a chance to study by their own will, such as drawing some pictures, or others.

Those are some ideas about how to separate a room without a wall in your big room. So, what do you think about those ideas? Having this kinds of ideas would really help you in maintaining big room in your house. So, do not think too much for it and have a nice room design!

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20 thoughts on “How to Separate a Room Without a Wall

  1. Darnell

    Mirrors! Mirrors that you can contemplate your reflection in, mirrors on top of high cabinets that nothing but light, mirrors plants or lamps so you barely register them as mirrors, mirrors perpendicular to windows to double the size of the window, mirrors that something and give a sense of depth.That and never leave the house with a measuring tape, so you never acquire anything too for your space.

  2. Quinn_Kaeden_Finnegan

    I had an early 20th century board that. I was fond of it and tried to repurpose it, but it was too unstable to be use. They are sentimental and sweet, but functional? Not so much. If I had had a laundry room, it would absorb been a decoration, nothing more. cute pics though.

  3. Nikolas@999

    I spent years living in The Hollywood Tower, the apartment building that inspired the Disneyland and movie “The Hollywood Tower of Terror”. Yes, it was absolutely haunted. I had many instances of sleep paralysis, dreams of a fire that killed some children decades earlier, and my younger brother refused to there after something made his phone a moaning noise and light up green at 3am when it had no battery in it.

  4. Cyrus-Darrius

    ChiTownMarie – could you stick a foldout shoe cabinet (like the smallest Trones from Ikea) over the radiator or the toilet tank? It should fill your hair dryer and other supplies, if you dinky stuff hair ribbons in bags? I stuck one in the powder room to spare toilet rolls, cleaning and kitty litter supplies, the white plastic hides well among white subway tile, it cleans up well and is cheap.

  5. StanleyCortez

    Oh yeah…and the bedroom above is cute. Focusing on fashion is always but comfort, which this room exhibits in spades, is the ultimate goal for a quint bedroom. my opinion.

  6. Alan Wesley Kieran F.

    @Khat At first I belief the walls needed some light blue to add a bit of interest and complement the floor tile, but since this is a half bath, it would be the PERFECT for some great, subtle but fun wallpaper (maybe this one:

  7. Maliah

    Here in Oz in the house I grew up in – my parents even the door to people selling us phone packages, my dad answers to neighbours in his pjs (underpants, not a look).
    When we lived in the US, admitedly in a area, Dr Heliotrope & I came location one evening to a young man we didnt know on the porch. We were a bit worried, but approached, given we were in a divided house & it was light. When we got there, he asked if could borrow our iron! He lived next door, was going to a wedding & our house looked it was lived in by the sort of people who ironed (o dear) – he returned it a few days later.
    We tried harder not to stereotype after that.

  8. Michael Matthew Alec

    AT, this is getting really ridiculous!Perfectly comments deleted because they’re a and their authors don’t feel the need to approve of everything that is posted on the and yet people patrick (the other one) are free to be as and annoying as they want and to attack everyone who doesn’t agree with them! Don’t me there isn’t a double standard.At this point, you might as well suppress the comment function (or whatever it’s called) and decree that all the posts perfect houses or projects that can’t be criticized at all.

  9. Jolene Chanel

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  10. Isaiah Erik Keyon E.

    Ridiculous. People who dress up their pets for any reason either too money and/or time on their hands. Seeing all these “decorated” dogs makes me I cats. Of all these pictures, there is only one cat. That should declare you something. Most cats are perfect the they are for any day or holiday including Halloween. Our familiars need to adornment to be purrfect.

  11. Heaven Harlow B.

    @ Rural and rueful: LOL! Your MIL sounds a friend I ancient to have. She drove me nuts because she ALWAYS left the tags on EVERYTHING she bought- whether a chatchki from the Goodwill (with the yellow sticker that replied “$2”) or a lamp from IKEA. If if came with a augury affixed she left it on. If the was originally attached to the bottom or of something she would it & it to the front or top so that one had no choice but to it. Why would someone that?! I guess I should asked her. But I eventually got too weirded out by her habit & let the friendship dissolve. Then I had to away. I wonder how she would bear reacted if I had the guts to ask. Does anyone else know someone that & you asked them why?

  12. Gael

    There is definitely a lot of information to sort through when it comes to this topic. We are delighted with this line of furniture that we carry at our showroom. Our clients also given feedback regarding quality, comfort durability. They offer a version called Inside Green which has no flame retardants, the cushions are made up of natural latex wrapped in wool. (Although we had a few people mention they bear latex allergies). Made in L.A.Hope you this useful in your research.

  13. Jolene

    This post clearly was not researched at all. No need to on IKEA, what is the with furniture being affordable?And the origin of each item is clearly labeled. I absolutely no guilt in buying from IKEA.

  14. Zoie-Tinsley

    LovieDovie, you took the words out of my mouth- the photos of the crumbling ballroom and the one with the trashed piano made me want to cry! What a for such spaces…

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