Fast Growing Evergreens for Privacy

Fast growing evergreens are those trees that do not shed all their leaves at once. This means they show the presence of leaves all through the year. These trees gradually replace their leaves throughout the year, with newer leaves replacing the older ones.  In addition to their permanent color, most evergreens provide plenty of shade and a pleasant woodsy scent. They grow wide and thick and can be the best means of enhancing privacy for your outdoor living.  Therefore, if you need privacy borders quickly, fast growing evergreens will fulfill your landscaping requirements.

privacy fast growing evergreensPrivacy Fast Growing Evergreens

Beautiful Fast Growing Evergreens for Privacy

There are ample species of trees that prove worth when planted for providing privacy to a house. Here are some of the best species for privacy. First choice is Thuja Green Giant. This one of the fast growing evergreens and is highly in demand owing to the following characteristics. The plants are capable of growing under any type of weather conditions since they are tolerant to drought and are adaptable to different types of soils. You need not endow too much care on the plants and occasional pruning is enough for maintaining their shape. The French Renaissance appeal of the plants make them appear luxurious in spacious landscapes. An additional advantage is that the plants are disease and pest resistant. Then, Douglas Fir. The Douglas fir is actually not a fir at all but rather a member of a small genus of fir like trees. It is has a very characteristic shape and maintains a symmetrical shape from the bottom to the top. They grow extremely thick and are a very good choice if you want to keep sounds out. They stay lushly all through the winter are suitable in areas with a lot of winds. The Douglas fir does however grow extremely large and can reach 330 feet (100 meters). It does however withstand extensive pruning.

thuja green giant fast growing evergreensThuja Green Giant Fast Growing Evergreens

Carolina Cherry Laurel, this is one of the cutest species of fast growing evergreen trees that you can grow for privacy. Cherry Laurel is actually a native of North America although it flourishes well in almost every parts of the U.S. It’s a wonderful landscaping tree since maintenance cost is minimum and it adaptable to a wide range of soil and climatic condition. You can propagate the trees by cutting, through root suckers or by sowing seeds. The dark color of the foliage and dense leaves provide shade and the cherries blossoming makes the trees more attractive. On the other hand, the leyland cypress reaches heights up to 40 feet and spreads up to 20 feet, making this feathery evergreen a good choice for privacy screens and garden. Leyland cypress grows up to 18 inches per year. The tree is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 6 through 10 and grows fastest in full sun and well-drained soil. Cultivars include ‘Castlewellian Gold,’ which features golden foliage, and ‘Naylor’s Blue,’ which has blue needles.

great fast growing evergreensGreat Fast Growing Evergreens

If you are eager to add a tint to your natural fence, then autumn blaze maple is the perfect choice. The bright red leaves add life to the surroundings of your house. They are amazingly attractive rendering heavenly beauty to your house. The average height of the tree is 3-5 feet and it looks great when planted in rows across the side walkaways and edges of gardens. The plants are actually hybrids of silver and red maple trees and they absolutely drought resistant. These were some fast growing evergreens for privacy. There are still other species that great for landscaping and privacy you require. After all, fast growing evergreens are perfect and will  beautify your yard! Since these trees are fast-growing, you wouldn’t have to wait for ages to enjoy their scenic beauty! Some on the other hand are more suitable for tree-plantation projects and landscaping.

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