Metal Tile Backsplash for Kitchen

A tile backsplash is often the star of the kitchen. Often, a backsplash reflects the personality and style of the homeowner. Tile backsplashes are easy to clean, and can last for many years. If you want a backsplash design that is easy to clean, requires lesser maintenance, and looks sleek and shiny, then we would suggest that you get a stainless steel backsplash. However, because stainless steel is mainly limited to silver. So, if you want all these and are willing to pay a bit more for color and patterns, the metal tile backsplash is for you. Metal tile backsplash is squares of metals grouped together to cover a specific place.

  sparkly metal tile backsplash

Sparkly Metal Tile Backsplash

Flexible Metal Tile Backsplash for Kitchen

Metal tile backsplash provide more flexibility when it comes to design and colors than its stainless steel counterparts. Just the same as stainless steel, a metal backsplash using tiles is just as easy to clean and equally durable. You can use it on your counter top since it is generally resistant to heat so you can be sure that it will not react negatively to pots and pans fresh from the fire. As for maintenance, all you have to do is make sure that no acidic food items such as tomatoes, coffee, vinegar and such stays on the surface for too long or it will fade the colors of the metal. Like stainless steel, a tile backsplash of metal is also one of the most expensive and need a lot of detail during installation. Therefore, you would also need to hire the services of a professional to make sure that you get every little tile placed exactly where it should be.

awesome metal tile backsplash

Awesome Metal Tile Backsplash

Metal tile backsplash is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types of metal. They come plain or with intricate designs carved into the surface. No matter how you decide to use them in your kitchen, there are plenty of options to select from. Adding tile of any sort into your kitchen decor is fun and allows your creativity to come out. You can use them in any arrangement or combination, but working with metal adds more sophistication and luxury than ceramic and glass tile just cannot create. Another use for tile made from metal is as a focal point or mural. This is especially popular in kitchens. You can either select your own tile varieties and arrange them in an interesting pattern that catches the eye or purchase a mural pattern already arranged for you.

copper metal tile backsplash

Copper Metal Tile Backsplash

With metal tile backsplash when it done properly it can really set the mood in the kitchen and give the allure of luxury and sophistication. However you use these tiles in your kitchen, make sure to look around before making your final purchase. You should never just settle on a tile because you can’t find the color or pattern that you really want. Where you put this tile and how well it blends with the rest of your kitchen will determine whether the decor is a warm success or a strange blunder. After all, metal tile backsplash can make a very dramatic addition to your kitchen, as long as you take the time to shop wisely and work it into the overall design of the kitchen with great care.

awesome metal tile backsplash , Metal Tile Backsplash for Kitchen In  Category
copper metal tile backsplash , Metal Tile Backsplash for Kitchen In  Category
sparkly metal tile backsplash , Metal Tile Backsplash for Kitchen In  Category

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  3. Nia.Haylee.Kaylynn

    I would skip the adhesive product. I am also unsure about stainless looking 5 years from now. If you want stainless for the other appliances, perhaps you could painting your fridge with green or blackboard paint (search on AT for a post about that). Looks great, cheap, and adds some funky variety to your kitchen.

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  10. Timothy1983

    I am sorry to hear about the setback! Since I myself am in the middle of a kitchen reno I your frustration. I found out that the sink I ordered in fact comes without the whole sink strainer so I will to it separately.Or, I found out a of flooring was missing under one of the existing cabinets which meant another to a store to a to patch it up with and the appropriate screws. Hang in there!

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  12. Jacob66

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  36. Rohan L.

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