Sophisticated Black and White Kitchen Designs

Looking for sophisticated designs for you kitchen? then use black and white kitchen designs. Using black and white kitchen designs, it will allow you to create a variety of diverse looks by updating a few accessories to change the look of the room. Using black and white kitchen designs also can create a formal or informal kitchen. Black and white kitchen designs can be elegant and sophisticated or casual and quirky for your kitchen.

awesome black and white kitchen designsAwesome Black and White Kitchen Design

Stylish Black and White Kitchen Designs

In black and white kitchen designs traditional white cabinets contrast well with black appliances. Choose easy-care cabinets with detailing such as wine racks, crown molding and varying heights. Black trim can be added to highlight your cabinets. Try adding shiny black hardware to make your white cabinetry pop. Don’t like white cabinets? Consider painting cabinets a glossy black for a sophisticated, elegant look. Paint older cabinets with black paint to hide flaws for an easy fix. Pair your newly painted black cabinets with stainless steel appliances for a sleek look. Basic white appliances are also an option and are classic. Depending on your needs, choose a dark countertop to balance white cabinets, or a lighter countertop to balance black cabinets. A black and white tile backsplash will tie the cabinets into the countertops beautifully.

modern black and white kitchen designs

Modern Black and White Kitchen Designs

For the plumbing and lighting fixtures in black and white kitchen designs, choose lighting that will highlight your black and white kitchen. Recessed fixtures are a good choice. Install wall sconces in strategic areas to light up darker spaces. Hang some black and white glass pendant lights over the island in the kitchen to provide a focal point. Choose black, heavy iron faucets, or try a copper faucet for a surprise and the introduction of another color. Copper can also be added with accessories like pots and pans, teakettles, copper finishes on cabinet hardware and copper backsplash tiles.

cool black and white kitchen designs

Cool Black and White Kitchen Designs

pretty black and white kitchen designsPretty Black and White Kitchen Designs

Then, black and white tile floors are a classic choice for the black and white kitchen design. Or, if the black/white combination is becoming too overwhelming, choose wood floors or a neutral tile color. Accessorize your black and white kitchen by choosing your favorite accent color and spreading it around the room. Add a small accent rug, towels and other linens in red for an elegant look. Hang some of your favorite paintings or prints on the wall. Place green plants around the tops of the cabinets to bring life into your black and white kitchen. All of these accessories and accents can be changed as your tastes change, making a black and white kitchen designs adaptable for years to come. After all, creating a black and white kitchen can be a great way to decorate your kitchen and it give it a unique style.

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