Modern Pendant Lighting

In designing the home interior design, there would be a lot of parts of the design that you should consider, such as color, furniture, windows and doors styles, and also lighting design. Now, let’s specifically talk about the lighting of the home design. Lighting is very important since it would complete the look of the design. Beside that, it would determine the mood of people who stay in that room. So, it can be said it is very important thing.ย  Because of that thing, let’s see some design of modern pendant lighting that would be suitable for your home design.

Modern Pendant Living Room designModern Pendant Living Room design

Having nice and elegance look of modern pendant lighting in the living room is very important since the living room is the place for welcoming the guests and it would become the first impression of your guest for your personality represented from the lighting design. In designing the lighting in the living room, you should choose the lamp that could represent the all side of the living room interior design. In this case, you could choose the ceiling lighting design that might be matched with your personality. This kind of lighting would give you fascinating look in your design. So, taking care of lighting matter is very important as important as the color design or furniture.

Modern Lighting design in BedroomModern Lighting design in Bedroom

If we talk about lighting design for bedroom, it would be great if you have calm design of lighting for bedroom since it would help you in maintaining the mood of you. Beside that, by having calm lighting, it would make you have a good rest. As you could see from the previous picture, this bedroom design has a lighting placed under the bed so that the light of the lamp is sparkling to all side of the bedroom.

Bathroom lighting DesignBathroom lighting Design

Then, what about the lighting for your bathroom design? Of course it is also important room that you should consider since it would be your favourite place there. Beside that, it would be the first room that you would enter directly when you are waking up in the morning. Because of that reason, having good and right choice of pendant lighting is very important .

So, what do you think about those kinds of lighting design for your home interior? Are they matched with your style?

Bathroom lighting Design , Modern Pendant Lighting In  Category
Modern Lighting design in Bedroom , Modern Pendant Lighting In  Category
Modern Pendant Living Room design , Modern Pendant Lighting In  Category

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50 thoughts on “Modern Pendant Lighting

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  3. Jaelynn

    i am incredibly with my major renovation in boston (who ever says that?)great quality, attractive home, was – aloof a relationship with the contractor — he comes if there is a (he says up to a year after the project was finished…

  4. CatherineCassandraKalani

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  6. Stella River Jemma N.

    Is it a “thing” that the majority of the cabinets shown are Shaker style?I muted colors when I a environment (I had an avocado bedroom that was sooo soothing), but in a kitchen I a brighter look.

  7. Makenzie Paulina

    i bought this mirror and it in my aged apartment. spray painted it gold and had a mirror cleave for it. everyone loved it in my vintage powder room inspired bathroom. I salmon colored walls and i the same metallic spray paint on a lacey curtain which i as a shower curtain (over shower doors)… it looked nice.

  8. Zainab Tinsley S.

    Oh Tiffany! So cute! You would be our perfect client. We carry awesome vintage storage pieces. In fact, I this one for your bathroom or kitchen in your future… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Peyton_Juliette_Yareli

    “Adam Farlie, a british designer currently working in Amsterdam, has also designed a table, chair and lamp for narcoleptics…”This is also a bit misleading. His website says the is inspired by narcoleptics. I was particularly in it because I a narcoleptic student, but after seeing it, I know she could never function while sitting in a chair that encourages the user to sleep.

  10. Nicole.Barbara.Aranza

    i will prepeare an ikea shopping list. we need some stuff, nothing or fancy, but things i acquire to the measurements of everything first. i want – a curtain for the bedroom

  11. Hadlee.Elora.Kailee

    Leaving aside the issues of expense, environmental responsibility and resale value, I was of gobsmacked at the belief that this would be difficult to incorporate into a kitchen. If I was considering using this material, I would the room around it, picking colors and shapes that would emphasize it rather than trying to fit it into a pedestrian design.When you a statement fraction for a room, you build the rest of the room fit it, not the other arrangement around.

  12. Makenna-66

    yep these are tips. you can add corbels (i got some inexpensive ones from amazon, and i am in Australia) under shelves as well. as for the “yard stick trim” i had wanted to it with characterize frames. ut if you are handy, those chair rail/ trims can it beautifully.

  13. Maleah

    Usually the banging runs up the entire line of the building — the must bleed the pipes periodically.I had our bedroom radiator removed last year — had begged for years — finally slipped the $100 (they were threatening to fire him, so he stopped towing the line for the landlords . . . ) and voila.Still needed to the heating riser (exposed pipe to apts above me) cause the heat was excessive!

  14. Regina-Jaelyn

    I lived in Scotland for 6 months without a dryer. We lived in an apartment with high ceilings. We had a drying rack that was suspended from the ceiling and lowered by a rope. Even with a regular load of laundry, everything hung out of the way. With three of us, we never had a with drying or drying time. We all kept two sets of bedding so that we could change to a one while the other had time to dry. As convenient as dryers are, I never felt inconvenienced without one. The same goes for not having a microwave while living in Italy. Seems to me we felt more we had the time to cook meals plus we enjoyed the work more. Cooking stopped being a chore, but a pleasure.

  15. Sergio-Andre-Marc

    Hey, I was going to say that! It really does 10 dining rooms with essentially the same style. I would liked some examples with more aged or hand-me-down furniture, or maybe a more eclectic style.

  16. WyattCampbellDimitri

    @Imwithgreen I was thinking the same. Or paint the riser of the step something decorative & eye-catching.One last is this: you can now lots of battery powered fairy lights, LED fabric, & similar. Maybe you could something that lights up on the riser.

  17. Derrick-Marvin

    The impulse to a white sofa because you needed a change, would suggest you are going through a bit of a personal taste transition. Which is such a fun, if sometimes uncomfortable, to be. So fair relax into it. It sounds your more permanent pieces are now white and black. A high contrast, if neutral, base. you floor covering, what are the walls? you them? What is your approved color? that color. I can a white sofa and wood would with any type of palette. Pastels would be subtle and lovely. Primaries would be extremely and energetic. Or employ a wide variety shades of a single hue, it would give a ombre appearance to the room. Or just with shades of white to grey but lots of textures, for a current look. Dont so about techniques coordinating, matching etc. Those are only useful once you an of what mood you want, and a few items that you adore to compose on.

  18. Keon Y.

    A extremely space, and obviously many viewers it bright to people to live with so few possessions. extremely counter cultural. If it meets your needs, it is perfect. Well done.

  19. Roman.Hamza.Marcelo

    Nicely decorated for a 700 square feet apartment. I was expecting to more colors since it was described as colorful. Some textile this on the floor would tie everything together.

  20. Livia-Kaylin

    conclude promoting Anthropologie. company. Dysfuntional Vampire Sorority. Racist Dpmestically, and Exploitive Overseas. Their “creative” displays are ripped off from artist exhibitions.

  21. Alec-Alijah-Konnor

    Hurrah for south London! And yay, your flat is lush. The deep blue bathroom is delicious, and I that of colour throughout – not slavishly colour-schemey, varied, considered and joyous without being manic.

  22. Ava Danica

    There is a company called Tiles. They a line for bathrooms that are moisture/water friendly. easy to install as they are peel and stick. Hope this helps. I know how hard it is to in somewhere, and it not be yours to carry out with what you want. I acquire these in many of my places.Good luck!Kim

  23. Bradley_Jaylen

    I had a similar studio, and am not entirely why I ever moved out. The hen downstairs might acquire had something to with it…But, I would definitely with a neutral color on all the walls. A grey, or a subtle mustardy/earthy yellow (that can be a neutral, right?).And call on the Expedit. If you the 4×6 length, or something similarly sized, you can aloof eye over the top, and it does a job of dividing the room while not being too obtrusive. Mine worked so well in the space, the girl who moved in after me actually bought it to maintain in the space.Have fun! It looks delight in a place!

  24. Paulina-88

    A friend makes “blessing blankets” in which you absorb friends email her a blessing or a prayer for the baby, and then she sews them onto stars that up. You can wrap your baby in blessings every time you it. The proceeds all to a child sponsorship program in Kenya. cool.

  25. Nylah

    We were refered to Anthony and Ad Custom Interiors to achieve tile flooring. Anthony was personable, honest and professional in consulting with us about our needs, wants and concerns. We were extremely hesitant about doing the bathrooms because of building regulations, building codes etc. He hand walked us through the process, he refered us to quality suppliers of bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, tile and wood flooring. He and his men hands of gold. We were in of the quality of the bathroom work, from the plumbing to the “mud job” on the walls to the finished tile and oak doors. We the work they done for us and would highly, highly reccommend them. Anthony told us in the beginning if we trust him and listen to him the job will be better and faster. We did and he was so right. We cannot say enough about them.Ed and Liz

  26. Faith696

    must be another day at apartment therapy… seriously what the editors do? i am rallying for more and less fluff on this site!but yes, i always eye absolutely in my designer duds and heels. always ready for a party in my living room. and tess, good, solid relationships, let alone ones that lead to in with someone, are built on much, more than how “picante” you and your other half look, or how glitzy your wardrobes are. valuing oneself comes in myriad form.

  27. PiperLuciaOphelia

    For questions regarding the bonsai plants in the cement block I would to the artist—I did not the piece, I am only showing it. But I would be to ask him questions on your behalf, Latte!

  28. Janiyah2001

    i taking second hand things when you can is advice, you can always something different when you it later on. Im yet to a house all of my and from living with other people ive learnt that you can merge your individual styles, youll up something that doesnt blend and nobody will be happy. second time round ive found finding a you both is most and makes for a happier house.

  29. Kayden Caiden Jamison

    @netslaveone she did more cleaning in that bathroom than that has seen in years and made a bit of paint a long way. I she did a job with the tools available to her. Apartment Therapy also needs to more website estate on “real” rentals, not Parisan penthouses.

  30. Ryan Helena Roselyn

    potential buyers from the that the house can be delivered with the room repainted in their choice of color. That they know they at least one room freshly painted exactly the color they want, or they can maintain the mural if it suits their purposes.

  31. Ben

    @DList post, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, I did so far and researched the next version of the blender from the same company (want to preserve the accessories). The reviews told a of the “planned obsolescence”, though (thanks for the term). So, yes, examine you at the meeting next week. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At least I can stories of the piles and piles of magazines, papers and carefully filed articles I purged since the January Cure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. CalvinRex

    I the of making things for their sake. Feel dark for people who can only absorb functional things in their spaces. To each her own, but it seems a soulless to me. I affection living in a carefully curated space. However never of a tray vignette having the ability to stun… ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. ZachariahBranden

    conclude what you want to do. not listen to the Antiques Road explain cronies. Not everyone has George Washingtonโ€™s campaign dresser. Until that explain came a long, we had furniture, not investments. If painting keeps it out of the trash dump, then paint it.As for eveyone suggesting to absorb it appraised, the value is only if you who will pay that price. My Mom downsized her and many of her antiques were sold for a few hundred dollars and that was after listing them for almost a year.

  34. Heaven.Aisha

    My apartment is of but affordable art by local University students. Graduating Seniors acquire gallery shows towards the of the academic year, and most are more than to sell their works in to pay off their expenses.

  35. Efrain

    I it would in high gloss white. (Not to toot my horn, but) I painted a similarly ornate mirror high gloss yellow (I spray paint) last year and it looks awesome. You should chase for it.

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