Modern Pendant Lighting

In designing the home interior design, there would be a lot of parts of the design that you should consider, such as color, furniture, windows and doors styles, and also lighting design. Now, let’s specifically talk about the lighting of the home design. Lighting is very important since it would complete the look of the design. Beside that, it would determine the mood of people who stay in that room. So, it can be said it is very important thing.  Because of that thing, let’s see some design of modern pendant lighting that would be suitable for your home design.

Modern Pendant Living Room designModern Pendant Living Room design

Having nice and elegance look of modern pendant lighting in the living room is very important since the living room is the place for welcoming the guests and it would become the first impression of your guest for your personality represented from the lighting design. In designing the lighting in the living room, you should choose the lamp that could represent the all side of the living room interior design. In this case, you could choose the ceiling lighting design that might be matched with your personality. This kind of lighting would give you fascinating look in your design. So, taking care of lighting matter is very important as important as the color design or furniture.

Modern Lighting design in BedroomModern Lighting design in Bedroom

If we talk about lighting design for bedroom, it would be great if you have calm design of lighting for bedroom since it would help you in maintaining the mood of you. Beside that, by having calm lighting, it would make you have a good rest. As you could see from the previous picture, this bedroom design has a lighting placed under the bed so that the light of the lamp is sparkling to all side of the bedroom.

Bathroom lighting DesignBathroom lighting Design

Then, what about the lighting for your bathroom design? Of course it is also important room that you should consider since it would be your favourite place there. Beside that, it would be the first room that you would enter directly when you are waking up in the morning. Because of that reason, having good and right choice of pendant lighting is very important .

So, what do you think about those kinds of lighting design for your home interior? Are they matched with your style?

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  9. Stella River Jemma N.

    Is it a “thing” that the majority of the cabinets shown are Shaker style?I muted colors when I a environment (I had an avocado bedroom that was sooo soothing), but in a kitchen I a brighter look.

  10. Makenzie Paulina

    i bought this mirror and it in my aged apartment. spray painted it gold and had a mirror cleave for it. everyone loved it in my vintage powder room inspired bathroom. I salmon colored walls and i the same metallic spray paint on a lacey curtain which i as a shower curtain (over shower doors)… it looked nice.

  11. Zainab Tinsley S.

    Oh Tiffany! So cute! You would be our perfect client. We carry awesome vintage storage pieces. In fact, I this one for your bathroom or kitchen in your future… 🙂

  12. Peyton_Juliette_Yareli

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  13. Nicole.Barbara.Aranza

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  14. Hadlee.Elora.Kailee

    Leaving aside the issues of expense, environmental responsibility and resale value, I was of gobsmacked at the belief that this would be difficult to incorporate into a kitchen. If I was considering using this material, I would the room around it, picking colors and shapes that would emphasize it rather than trying to fit it into a pedestrian design.When you a statement fraction for a room, you build the rest of the room fit it, not the other arrangement around.

  15. Makenna-66

    yep these are tips. you can add corbels (i got some inexpensive ones from amazon, and i am in Australia) under shelves as well. as for the “yard stick trim” i had wanted to it with characterize frames. ut if you are handy, those chair rail/ trims can it beautifully.

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  18. JacksonJabariXzavier

    indeed!I acquire a about the Random light. I am thinking of getting it but am a hesitant. May be you can aid me out.1. Does it your eyes when you at it as the light bulb is exposed?2. Does it tend to alot of dust? I will be hanging it high up and may not be able to it regularly.3. Also, what size is the one shown in the picture?Thank you for sharing such room!

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  20. Sergio-Andre-Marc

    Hey, I was going to say that! It really does 10 dining rooms with essentially the same style. I would liked some examples with more aged or hand-me-down furniture, or maybe a more eclectic style.

  21. WyattCampbellDimitri

    @Imwithgreen I was thinking the same. Or paint the riser of the step something decorative & eye-catching.One last is this: you can now lots of battery powered fairy lights, LED fabric, & similar. Maybe you could something that lights up on the riser.

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