Green Sage Walls Bedroom

Sage green is the color most sought after for bedrooms, since it promotes a feeling of calm and represents tranquility. These emotions are perfect for relaxing and getting rid of stress, so it is no surprise that they are often chosen for bedrooms. If you already have green sage walls bedroom, but have no idea how to decorating it, then you will need some ideas to decorate. Below are some ideas to decorating green sage walls bedroom for you. Take a look!

adorable sage walls bedroom

Adorable Sage Walls Bedroom

Decorating Green Sage Walls Bedroom

Green sage walls bedroom works well for a shabby chic-themed bedroom. Hang white or whitewashed wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls, leaving the top of the walls sage. Hang pictures framed with wood or wrought iron on the walls. Cover the floor with a braided rug that complements the sage green, such as deep blue or cream. Then, cover the bed with a patchwork quilt. If you’re looking to bring in new furniture, a brass bed and a wicker dresser work for a bedroom.

Adorable Cute Sage Walls Bedroom

Another ideas for decorating sage green walls bedroom is country cottage style. A classic color for a country cottage look, sage green pairs well with a white-painted wrought iron bed frame and exposed wooden beams. Keep the look tonal by looking for quilted bedlinen that picks up on the sage green in the walls, and use freestanding furniture also painted white. Homemade or vintage pillows in applique or cross-stitch would work well for accessories for the bed. Lightweight linen curtains or a cotton gingham add to the country feel.

pretty green sage walls bedroomPretty Green Sage Walls Bedroom

lovely green sage walls bedroomLovely Green Sage Walls Bedroom

If you love the beach, turn your green sage walls bedroom into a relaxing space that evokes a beach feeling. Hang white sheers over the windows. In a bedroom, cover the bed with a white cotton comforter. Display images of lighthouses and the ocean on the walls and on shelves. These were some ideas to decorating your green sage walls bedroom. These ideas will make you green sage walls bedroom more bright, fresh and bold.

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65 thoughts on “Green Sage Walls Bedroom

  1. Elliott

    I agree that a soft grayish blue or green could be nice. I would also suggest getting some floor lamps or putting a dimmer on the ceiling lights, they seem rather harsh. And perhaps a larger plant to soften the home a bit, or a less symmetrical of pictures. One other comment – having the 4 pictures spaced that makes the room long and flat. Why not group them together – two next to each other and the other two below so that they a square. I that would them more cohesive and a focal point. A rug would also unite the area and give it a cozier look. luck!

  2. Marcos.Johan

    the lack of negative comments? thats because they are deleting them. i commented last week and now its gone. Drew even referenced it but now its gone. lets be honest, this apartment is not great. its a * cluttered mess with no theme and lighting. seems they rigged this one to witch is totally unfair to all the people who a lot of heart and work into their homes. i checked this almost every day for the last 3 years but this might be it for me. wonder how long this one will last.

  3. Eden.Alessandra

    This is exactly what my workspace looks be pleased in my grad student lab.My undergraduate university raised a deal of money a few years ago by selling all their vintage furniture online. They freed up alot of storage space, pieces got to the people who wanted them, and profits were made.

  4. Karla Alaia G.

    Wood is a porous “media” and you will probably never be able to bewitch the cat * smell. That being said, you can attempt to and seal it. I would suggest to apply a heavy application of Natures Miracle “Just for Cats” or a cleaning product that is specially formulated for cat *. Once you cleaned the surface with that a sealer should camouflage any smells. Luck!

  5. Rhea1970

    I absorb lived with wood paneling for over 5 years in my house that I bought. Ceiling and walls, even the bathroom! What I did was paint the wood paneling a white color and decorated the rooms delight in a country cottage. It made the feel really cozy and works for both summer and winter. In the summer I attach up sheer white curtains and in the winter went for deeper colors. Makes the definitely bearable to live in.

  6. Tessa Karen

    you mention peonies because i saw a tetsubin (for 600!!!) decorated with peonies at the asian art museum and ever since i been oppressed with desire for something in a peony pattern. peony stencil! peony lampshades! peony painting! peony everything! i went to pearl river mart but nothing grabbed me.what is a capable (besides the strand) for art books, i was thinking of trying to some peonyesque pictures and making a collage.

  7. Rowan

    I either of the two options suggested would ok, if a bit under-scale. In my you need something with a bit more heft, if not the Platner Chairs perhaps the Knoll Brno Chair:

  8. Joe

    awesome!glad to someone taking a and trying to something unexpected.those colors are extremely sophisticated, you can incorporate them in the room in so many ways. lots of people that palettes are but, if done correctly, they can build a room, nay, a house feel intimate and cozy…BTW, that orange is divine!good luck!

  9. Peter

    my parents did some renovations about two years ago. when my mom and I went to at flooring options for the bathrooms we were surprised by how relatively inexpensive marble was (or at least it was competitive with other tile).she ended up going with 12 square marble tiles in all three of the bathrooms. it looks and cost about the same as the other options. it was, of course, a trickier to work with, but not prohibitively.(and I know that the combination of renovations, bathroomS, and not too expensive might give the impression, but it really was cheap–if I remember correctly she got the marble for all the three bathrooms for under $200. the installation would been more expensive then other kinds of tile, but their contractor had a guy who could it without a problem).

  10. Bristol C.

    heavy drapes are a perfect solution- temporary, good-looking, easy to make. many recording studios employ blanket s as soundproofing or drapes, with grommets to them up- these are cheap, lightweight, effective, and attractive. or for something fancier, velveteen drapes stenciled with gold paint. you can add soundboard or carpet underlayment felt them if you need extra insulation. a drape might a “headboard” as well.

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