Marvelous Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

The living room in your house hosts a range of activities. Adding the right ceiling lighting to your living room can serve as a great conversation piece when entertaining guests, and can make the area much more attractive or relaxing. Also, it’s important to choosing ceiling lighting for a living room according the room’s different needs. If you’ve just moved into a new home, or want to spruce up your living room or looking for the living room needs, some marvelous living room ceiling lighting ideas are available. Here are some living room ceiling lighting ideas are only mentioned for you.

Pendant Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Excellent Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Track and recessed lighting are great living room ceiling lighting ideas. Track lighting can provide an elegant touch to any living room. Track lighting is an overhead lighting system with bulbs of various sizes and wattage arranged in a track setting. The track is typically linear in design. Track lighting can be movable too, allowing you to reposition the source of your lighting to suit specific needs. On the other hand, recessed lighting is a decorative lighting technique that is more for looks than functionality. Lighting used in a recessed setting can give your living room a modern feel. The lighting is typically low wattage and soft yellow. This type of lighting can provide a warm, relaxing environment but it is generally not suitable for reading.

track living room ceiling lighting ideas

Track Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Another living room ceiling lighting ideas are chandeliers and pendants. Defined as hanging lights with many extending “arms,” chandeliers are a classic ceiling light fixture choice. They cast a wide circle of light from one central point or from multiple points arranged around the edge of the chandelier. A chandelier lowers a ceiling that appears too high and adds a traditional decorative touch to the room. Install a dimmer switch to control the intensity of the light.Unlike chandeliers, pendant lights typically consist of a single light source (a fabric or glass covering over the bulb(s). They are more contemporary and less formal than chandeliers, and gaining popularity in the living room, and countless other areas throughout the home.

Then, flush mount living room ceiling lighting can also be another choice for you. These ceiling light fixtures install flush to the ceiling, making them an ideal option for living rooms with low ceilings, or tight areas with doors that would bump into a lower hanging light. Besides being among the simplest to install (especially if the space is already wired), they’re among the most versatile lights. They aren’t ideal for larger spaces, however; be sure to find one with plenty of wattage and supplement with sconces or lamps.

recessed living room ceiling lighting ideas

Recessed Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

chandeliers living room ceiling lighting ideas

Chandeliers Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

These above are some living room ceiling lighting ideas for your living room. If you have a specific color theme for your living room, it’s a good idea to include lighting in the area that matches the furniture and room decor. Also, before you purchase any kind of ceiling lighting or lighting fixtures make sure you take time to consider the kind of function that that you want these lighting fixtures to perform. In addition, you need to take into consideration the size of any room where you are going to install the ceiling light.  After all, you can find several kinds of living room ceiling lighting fixtures that you may wish to choose. Be sure to shop wisely and buy only what will best fit the needs of your living room.

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