Decorative Ceiling Lighting for Kids Rooms

If you’re in the process of decorating or remodeling your child’s room, you may want to add decorative ceiling lighting for kids room. Today, there are several options of decorative ceiling lighting for kids room that available in the market. These decorative ceiling lighting for kids room will make your kid’s space more attractive. And also, ceiling lighting in your child’s bedroom should allow your child to see clearly in the space, but can also showcase some of his favorite items.

diy ceiling lighting for kids rooms

DIY Ceiling Lighting For Kids Rooms

Marvelous Decorative Ceiling Lighting for Kids Rooms

Globes and lanterns are a bit more modern ceiling lighting for kids rooms and could work for both a boy and girl. These styles come in glass or paper and can be found in just about any color and size imaginable. Both types are diverse in their styles and neither is restricted to the center of the ceiling. They come in both hanging and table top designs, and some are also free-standing so can be arranged at the back or either side of the room. The multi-toned rice paper, silk or glass can make for interesting colors and patterns when the pieces or lit. The light emitted from these styles often reflects the color of the shade.

mini chandelier ceiling lighting for kids rooms

Mini Chandelier Ceiling Lighting For Kids Rooms

Another options of ceiling lighting for kids rooms is mini chandeliers. Normal-size ceiling chandeliers, like the ones that often hang in dining rooms, could overwhelm a child’s bedroom. Consider a smaller, more whimsically designed one. LandofNod carries two little chandeliers that would be perfect for a girl’s room. One is decorated with a string of glittering rhinestones, while the other sprouts a bunch of ceramic daisies. Pottery Barn Kids also has a line of kids’ chandeliers. While some could be considered too fussy for a child’s room, the ones that use mini lampshades are functional and elegant, yet fun

Bedside lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps can be combined to flexibly light your child’s entire bedroom. In addition to providing strong sources of illumination, lamps also can aesthetically enhance your child’s bedroom. Children can paint lamp shades with their favorite motifs, or recover them in fantastical fabrics. Photos can be clipped onto lamp shades with paperclips, or favorite photos could be printed onto lamp shades directly. Ribbons or pompoms can be sewn onto lamp shade rims, or patterns could be stenciled onto both lamp bases and shades.

Strings of Christmas lights make for warm, dim indirect lighting. Use these to supplement overhead lighting or lamp lighting. These can also be left on to act as nightlights. Use Christmas lights to outline objects in your child’s bedroom, such as his or her headboard or bookcase, or string them over window valances. This will give your child’s bedroom a fanciful, cozy atmosphere. Then, if you want to turn your children’s bedroom lighting into a family art project, buy a ceramic light fixture and decorate it with your kids. Ceramic fixtures usually come in an off-white bisque finish, and can be painted with water-based paint.

lanterns ceiling lighting for kids roomsLanterns Ceiling Lighting For Kids Rooms

globe ceiling lighting for kids rooms

Globe Ceiling Lighting For Kids Rooms

There are various shapes on the market, from cylinders to squares to domes. Find them at hardware stores like Lowe’s. You can also buy handmade ceramic fixtures from; it offers star-shaped paintable fixtures with tiny stars cut out of the ceramic so the light will shine through. These were some options of decorative ceiling lighting for kids rooms. Lighting is one place where this creativity can be put to good use. Select colorful, cutesy designs, a mature, vibrant globe style or something that reflects the child’s interest. Whatever the choice, it will pull the look together for the room’s owner.

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