Installing Floating Wooden Floors

The floating wooden floors are generally made of composite materials, and then designed with images to look like real wood. It is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly because you are not actually clearing an entire forest of trees to get beautiful hard wood floors. These floors are also efficient and easy to install, as most of them come with a tongue and groove installation style, which essentially is like snapping together the flooring as you put it into place. If you want to know how to installing floating wooden floors, then mentioned below are some informations for you. Keep reading…


awesome floating wooden floors Awesome Floating Wooden Floors

Floating Wooden Floors Installation

Before you start to read floating wooden floors installation, then you must to know some things that should be prepared. It such floating wood flooring planks, nails (if necessary), circular saw, measuring tape and foam underlayment. Then for the first step to install, remove all flooring necessary from the floor you wish to place the floating wood floor on, which includes removing carpeting, padding, nails or staples that would cause the floor to be uneven. While you do not have to remove the floor modeling in the room, doing so will give you a tighter, more professional fit.


floating wooden floors tileFloating Wooden Floors Tile

Lay the foam underlayment, which is a plastic like paper that is simply rolled over the top of the existing flooring. Simply unroll the plastic onto the wood floor board, remove the sticky tape on the underlayment and press into place. This gives the floor a more comfortable feel as you walk on it. Install the first row by laying the initial floating wood floor planks in place, against a wall. Fit them snugly up against the wall or under the modeling if not removed. Work on one full row across the room at a time, positioning each piece on the right or left of the current piece snuggling and tapping into place.

Interlock each piece in place as you go for interlocking types of floating wood floors. If nailing into place, nail the pieces down once a full row has been put into place. Measure and cut the last piece as needed to fit into the remaining room. Since most boxes of floating wood flooring comes with various sized pieces, you may find one that fits correctly. If not, measure the right size (from the wall to the end of the row) and use a circular saw to cut the piece being as precise as possible. Begin the next row after the first row has been put into place by going back to the initial piece and interlocking the next piece of floating wood flooring into place. Be sure to leave a two to three inch difference from row to row where each plank stops. In other words, the end spot of the plank in the previous row should never match up to the end of the next row’s plank.


home floating wooden floorsHome Floating Wooden Floors

Continue to work row by row at connecting and nailing the floating wood flooring into place until the entire room has been laid into place. When you come to a corner or doorway in the room, carefully take measurements of this space and cut the flooring to match the cut of the doorway. Finish the project by installing a fishing trim along the wall base where it meets the floor. This is just a decorative piece that is cut to the size of the wall and nailed into place, if you would like to add it. As you can see, installation of floating wooden floors are easy and inexpensive that it still remains the most popular method of installing a floor. Hopefully this article has taught you a few things concerning this method and has helped you determine if it is right for you.

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