New Classic Dining Room

Dining room is very important room in your home design since it is the room where you could gather with your family while eating as the symbol of the togetherness of the family. Beside that, dining room would also become family room for you and your family. Because of that reason, you should think and consider about how to design the dining room so that you would happy if you are there. You would not want to stay in that room if you do not have nice and interesting design of your dining room. Then, aside from that, of course you would consider about what kind of design that would you have since it would be your own place. beside the design would represent the your personality. Then, what kind of style that you want? Here we would provide you with the new classic dining room. if you are interested in this kind of design, take a look at this!

Classic Luxury Dining RoomClassic Luxury Dining Room

From the look of the previous picture, what do you think about that dining room design? In this kind of classic design, it has a grey color that representing the modern style that is identical with grey color. In this design, the dining room is completed with many kinds of furniture, such as sofa, mirror, standing lamp, also dishes cupboard. All of those appliances in the grey color that add the elgance look. Then, this design is completed with the elegance lamp on the top of table in the dining room. Beside that, the carpet makes it more beautiful.

Luxury Blue Classical Dining RoomLuxury Blue Classical dining room

Then, we comes to the great combination color of the dining room design. This kind of design is providing you with soft blue and grey color that make it more elegant with the touch of color. Then, the flooring design is designed with brighter design so that it make the room atmosphere seem to be brighter without vanishing the calm and elegance look.

Wooden Classical Dining RoomWooden Classical Dining Room

From the previous picture, it could be seen the classical look of wooden material that provide you with high quality of classic atmosphere and natural look of the interior. Beside, this design also having great combination between traditional and modern design combined to be one great design. Beside that, by adding a set of television, this dining room design would be  great family room also.

After seeing those kind of classical dining rooms, which one that would you choose?

Classic Luxury Dining Room , New Classic Dining Room In  Category
Luxury Blue Classical Dining Room , New Classic Dining Room In  Category
Wooden Classical Dining Room , New Classic Dining Room In  Category

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42 thoughts on “New Classic Dining Room

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  5. ScottMalakai

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  6. Landon

    we gutted our galley kitchen ( same size). I kept the lighting as a single ceiling light ( with a caravaggio) on a dimmer. compose that the cabinet doors can begin without hitting the light ( thats the fail we were replacing). track lighting felt dated to me and too depotish. The light is stunning. We also did under cabinet lights, which lit the room beautifully.

  7. Kiara-911

    Hmmm… I noticed the barn door separating the toilet from the dressing area. I that! But can you into the toilet from the bedroom area? I was looking at the first and you can eye the toilet thru the shower curtain.

  8. MiguelCullenBraulio

    I devour when dining room chairs not match the table. accept a table with elegant lines to contrast with the ornate chairs. Paint the room a color (something light, calming, but not white). Add some looking accessories candle sticks.

  9. Luis-Leo-Camren

    This is fantastic! To me, this exemplifies dinky cool, because you really worked with the area and came up with beautiful, amazingly functional solutions. Well done!

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  15. TysonMike

    first thing that wall color has to be changed! Gray or white. if you to absorb color i would with a and yellow rug and curtains in a pattern devour your chair cushions.

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  18. Joyce.Whitney

    I absolutely LOVED this cafe when I visited last March. So beautiful, even on a dreary, rainy day. I was actually disappointed to it up on AT because I want to it a secret all for myself. 🙂

  19. Gaven 2012

    @CatDreams I agree. With different colors and patterns, this would work well in those laundry/pantry/mudroom combos some houses (I wish mine did). It could be broken-down to store extra dishes, appliances, or can goods.

  20. Lilly.Emilie

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  21. Stella-Charley-Itzayana

    If possible I would for continue the counter along the assist wall under the window then the sink and dishwasher on the right, antonym the stove and refrigerator. Then, as @Home Body suggested I would install narrow floor to ceiling cabinets in what currently looks appreciate an unused exiting your kitchen. That may provide enough storage that you could away with lower cabinets under the window, allowing you to tuck stools under the counter so that you can fully of your view.

  22. Johnathan Abraham Kole U.

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  23. Raegan Mariam W.

    @Allyn Sims Absolutely, I totally agree.My ONLY rule is that art should be hung midway between the ceiling and whatever is below it. Be it the floor, a dresser, a couch or anything else.

  24. Emanuel

    This is great. The bright, white walls and natural wood accents really the feel larger. I also that you separated each with your furniture it too aids in making your feel larger.

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  29. Nicole-Londyn-Alessia

    What is the size of the room? The it looks now- screams of coffered celings, hang a of chandelier in the center coffer. 5″- 6″ high mouldings around. skip the panel mouldings. one accent color at the headboard and hang an oversized of art or a tapestry. The rest of the walls a different coordinating color.

  30. MartinYahirColt

    As Candice replied in her interview, they moved from a 3 bedroom 2 bath HOUSE to a 1,000 square foot apartment. And the beneficial looks appreciate that in 6 weeks?! I that is impressive. It is so and comfy. The dining table is on an angle, but makes the home different and refreshing. The bookcase is contemplate catching with color coded books and specific pictures/drawing/nicknacks. love. The bedroom looks airy, cozy, crisp and fresh. Makes me want to a nap. all of the plants, makes the beautiful. Over all, this is an job by Jason and Candice in honest 6 weeks! (Probably with time jobs! cleave them some slack!)

  31. Aditya A.

    Every time I explore this the dining room makes me happy. It has a feel to it, natural light, a built in and the doorways. I that the room is clearly but lets the architectural elements the shining.

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  33. BrooklynnSavanna

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