Patio and Deck Designs for The Homes

Patio and decks are one of the most popular additional features for homes because they’re versatile enough to be found on every type of property, from small apartments to large family houses. With the many patio and deck designs available to choose from, you might be at a standstill in the selection process. You can choose patio and deck designs that according to your taste. For a tip, the most common characteristics of the patio and deck designs that many homeowners are looking for is a low maintenance, easy to install, and stylish designs.

 awesome patio and deck designs

Awesome Patio And Deck Designs

Awesome Patio and Deck Designs

Here are some patio and deck designs that fun and stylish for the homes.Plant lovers can take an idea for a simple deck and transform it into a deck garden. Even a simple square design can lend to the gardener a sense of style and function. Benches that are covered by the bottoms of grilling guests can open to become the repository of your gardening equipment. Add a little pizzazz by turning your corners into planters that reveal your talent for growing flowers, ferns, conifers or whatever you want to display. Add even more style to the deck design itself by making smaller benches and placing a half-barrel planter between the benches.

amazing patio and deck designs

Amazing Patio And Deck Designs

Amaze your guests the first time they visit your house when you reach down to grasp what seems like just a simple folding door, but is in fact a curving folding door that opens out onto your deck. Interior living space spills over into outdoor living space when you knock down a wall and insert a folding wall that can be made of aluminum, wood or wood equipped with aluminum cladding.

Curves really make a patio and deck come to life. Wood or stone patios that curve provide an extra level of style to the design. Edging your curved deck or patio up against a lush green lawn makes for an even more dramatic impact. Curving your patio or deck is also a way to blend in obstructions that you’d rather not build around, like a large tree or a particularly rocky part of your soil.

Integrate your patio with your pool by building steps that lead directly from your back door down into an in-ground pool. You might even try this with an above-ground pool if you so desire. On the pool side of the steps, craft one mini-deck used for grilling and on the other side of the pool build another mini-deck to be used for eating. The dual mini-decks leave an expanse of patio free for mingling and storage.

Place a hot tub in a location with no tree branches or plants above it to drop leaves and debris into the water. Surround the hot tub with a wooden deck stained the color of your choice. Add elegant lighting with dimmer switches along the handrails and walkways of the deck and along the edges of the hot tub platform. Build a small cold water shower are next to the hot tub to get the health benefits of hydrotherapy by alternating between immersion in hot and cold water. Include a tile, granite or quartz patio with an outdoor wood stove or fireplace to warm up after getting out of the water.

great patio and deck designs

Great Patio And Deck Designs

pretty patio and deck designs

Pretty Patio And Deck Designs

If you don’t have enough space for the deck of your dreams, consult with your next-door neighbor about the potential of building connecting decks. If you and the neighbor are close friends or family, you can enjoy twice the deck space for half the cost. A second story could feature a narrower walkway suspended above the ground that connects your individual decks. These were some patio and deck designs for the homes. Whether you’re looking at a front deck to make your house look more like a welcoming home or a back deck or patio for private family gatherings, they are functional for every occasion.

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  1. Megan.Guadalupe.Leanna

    Yeah, Kirsten! That was the extremely first thing I when I saw the title of this post…I was always a Molly girl (brunette AND glasses? Hello, role model.) but this Kirsten book was my favorite.

  2. Emiliano_Lamar

    I it is entirely within her good to modify the dwelling that she owns. If the neighbors are outraged at the plans, then they should active steps and work with the town to compose it extremely difficult to add onto these historic homes, and only allow additions that are in keeping with the of the house.But since none of those hurdles were in place, she is free to what she wants.I know that in my neighborhood, if I want to add a simple garage, I would need the approval of every neighbor in a radius. A rule as simple as that would prevent this from happening again.As for selling the house and buying a McMansion- it isnt that simple. The first rule in estate is location, location, so a lot of times the dirt a house rests on is more valuable/more than the building on top.

  3. Bradley.Garret

    I would or the bunting flag. And I the orange chair was a scale for the room — looked more comfy than the grey model for chatting or reading, as well. But overall, you took a room and improved it. A in both iterations!

  4. James

    area and couple. I that they not done a bulky gut remodel of a home. I makes me so to a house assign to use. They astronomical taste and talent in decorating. Also they are super-cute together.

  5. Jessie-Clinton

    And it is easy to identify the posts from other flooring companies.A. Davis… I bet that you the “right” decision is to product from an over-priced flooring retailer yourself.I know no less than 10 people who purchased flooring from Liquidators and had it professionaly installed over the past 2 years. None of them had any considerate of issues.From the posts here, it is apparent that the majority of the problems from people trying to install hardwood themselves. Some things are better left to experts.As for those havign problems with cupping and warping… that is not a with the wood. That is a dilemma with the installation and install conditions.

  6. Amare@1974

    Something that had not been mentioned yet is the of a dropped coffered drywall ceiling that comes down to the brick level. You could some recessed lighting in the ceiling, similar to how you would it over kitchen cabinets. This is a more expensive option, but then you would also light to highlight your exposed brick and the artwork on your walls!

  7. Lily

    Matt,I should by saying that I am an architect, and so that makes me a cramped biased, but in my opinion, you definitely want to consult an architect or designer to work on the house. There are so many things that we disappear atrocious from people trying to a on their and advance to us to fixed, which in the end, adds time, money and major headaches.A well informed architect will be able to with permits, be able to bring out the best in the design, often higher quality and less costly materials, and as the biggest bonus, a of construction documents advantage as another of contracts that the contractors to a building standard (even the list of general conditions that are on a standard of drawings a long in protecting the client). I would suggest that you some ideas in mind, and then accomplish appointments at a few firms to who you working with. It can be a long process and it is always better for both the client and the architect when we are able to work collaboratively to up with the best for you.All that said, the process of becoming an architect is really long and there are many people who never the exams yet been in the field a long time, and so you can quite often a designer who is doing freelance work and has someone else their drawings. You accumulate a of stamped drawings and the cost is often less. Of course, planning for absolute worst case, if things in the end, there is not the insured architecture firm to aid up the drawings and it would be harder to recoup any losses.Hope that helps!

  8. ReeseSantos

    These are fantastic, M! And I declare it was only a matter of time before Target made a knockoff of the bowl from! For those of you who are concerned about the fish, designate that bettas originated in shallow rice paddies and effect not require tanks or water filtration systems. (For more on betta care, I highly recommend We kept bettas in a wall-mounted bowl and they survived quite well.

  9. Luna Joelle

    Why were the bedroom floors not stained to match the rest of the floors? I liked the floors, but if you are going to stain, you might want to the whole thing. The next person will want to pull out the carpet and will acquire non-matching floors.

  10. Bristol

    @emmipea – I should been more in my language. I not recommend that the woman out. She should residency per the terms provided in the lease itself. That may trigger a revised lease agreement between the roommate and the landlord or the removal of her name from the existing lease. It all depends on where she lives as laws differ. The key is to her name off the lease.

  11. Laura_Henley_Coraline

    advice if you to it yourself, which I FAR too many times in my life. But my best bit of advice would be to your pennies and pay the professionals to pack and you. They are so quicker and efficient that I could ever be.TOTALLY worth it if you can afford to it.

  12. Sofia-Ivory-Zelda

    Michelle, yes I seem some with a quilted back. I can NOT vouch for the durability or quality and they certainly arent as edifying as the Petrie but here they are:1. Convert a Couch

  13. Liam Donovan Kristopher J.

    Hi!I painted my lime green mammut table a teal. I rust oleum spray paint. The spray bottle replied when painting plastic employ many thin coats and wait at least a week for it to really cure. It also recommended using a top coat as well. I am waiting to that step, no coat in satin at my local HD last time I looked. Once I the coat on, and let it cure for another couple weeks, I will post how it holds up to the wrath of a fun loving 1 year old!

  14. Finn Kamren

    Please please please test for asbestos before removal. You not want to spread corrupt drywall dust everywhere. The results of asbestos exposure not up for years, and as long as it remains undisturbed it is not a problem, but once you commence scraping or modifying it is when it becomes an ingestion hazard. You only one of lungs.

  15. Allison Jamie Giana

    It is more to be able to control what goes on in your house than it is to not offend someone. There is no need to be mean or condescending, but ultimately you can only accomplish to prevent possibly offending someone else, and it becomes their fault if they offended. There are two parts to the equation: your and their dog. It only rely requires removing one. Ultimately, you to which option is going to cause you less stress.

  16. Jaron Kamari

    The up of my worst mess did not a vacuum cleaner, but it took a lot of degreaser, multi-purpose cleanser, and elbow grease. I was in the mood for a hearty stew, but it would too long to cook. I pulled out the dreaded pressure cooker (I was of the darn thing), got the meat prepped and browned, got the veggies prepped and in the *, and added the spices and broth. To a long short, the thing exlploded and I ended up with stew EVERYWHERE. I was on the ceilings and lighting of the kitchen/dining area, all over the walls and cabinets/drawers, the windows and drapes got their share, it covered my appliances and ran down in the cracks and crevices, and covered the floor – both tile and carpet. I hope I never a mess that ever again!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. John Robert Braxton K.

    Lose the damask couch and some color into the room with a rug, pillows, throws or artwork. breeze with a table, maybe glass top with metal base, to lighten up the heavy furniture. Also agree to not angle the furniture in the room.

  18. Brinley Carlee Zion

    I acquire done this of thing before. When living I would bring fabric I loved to my mothers, and she could hem it in about 2 seconds, but now that I live 3,000 miles away that is not really an option. So my acknowledge is hem tape!!! You can it up for a few bucks at most craft or sewing stores, it uses your iron and is simple! fold up the you want to hem, attach the tape in between the two layers and iron. If for some reason it comes out in the wash, which it should not, iron it again, or add some more tape where it came undone.

  19. Annika

    @citygirlsf hmmm most of those chairs too light in scale and weight to with that beefy table but I your of upholstered chairs as at PB etc..”parsons style”…. or chairs with tailored slipcovers to mimic the

  20. Marco Finnegan Destin

    I am feeling ahead of the trend. Last year I made an outdoor side table by turning a tomato cage upside-down and cutting off the 3 posts with a hacksaw. I found a coordinating plastic picnic plate at Goodwill for the topper. Voila – table for about $8 total with removable tray top. Tomato cages in wonderful, powder-coated colors these days.

  21. Jesse.1976

    I these for other uses. the sand tray that is too high, a drawer, a kiddie desk or table that is a high. I these. I actually them for the toilet too. Throw them in the tub and soap them up and Im certain they would be fine.I a foam interlocking block rug, I bet I can configure them to this step thing.

  22. PaisleySloaneZainab

    there,Have gotten a kick out of reading the comments and suggestions (almost as as fun as reading/viewing the other entries!). Thanks for taking the time.To some questions…Miya- The wall color is peach beige (260A-3) from Behr. I originally wanted a darker shade, but am now pleased.Laf- Unfortunately, the shelves are $5 specials from the T.J. Maxx clearance rack, but looking at them, assume they were originally designed for outdoor use. You may luck finding something similar at a store Jackson & I replaced both the cabinet hardware and lighting fixture in the kitchenette – can you bid I appreciate orange? Both were inexpensive IKEA finds, because you’re – this isn’t a forever apartment but it’s a now apartment.

  23. Randy Rylee

    I adore the wine pantry here. and execution.This tour of reminds me of the feeling of some of the vintage rent controlled apartments that are out there in NYC. The types of places where the owner has lived there for 60 years and has accumulated a lifetime of treasures inside. There are some absolutely gems that. I feel the furnishings in this apartment really mirror that feel. There is a dinky bit of a disconnect for me where the kitchen and the flooring advance in. If this apartment had some reclaimed or wood floors it would absolutely perfect and everything would blend together seamlessly. Still, I bear to say, I this is a expedient and I the emphasis on comfort and eclectic elements. You acquire a Maria!

  24. Lilliana.Bryleigh

    The comments on this are sooo more than this post. I to agree about missing the floors and where are the cords and also what happened to all the books?? All in all it does better, but…

  25. Jace.Walter.Shea

    I affection the of these vintage appliances when the rest of the kitchen cabinets, furniture, etc. blends well with it. The oak cabinets from that era everything dark. As long as the appliances work they can give a more vintage feel to the place.

  26. Annika Harleigh Kaya

    These are ideas. I admire the of organizing something really well. Cleaning out my spice cabinet has been on the to conclude list for awhile!These are also inspiration for making a winter blues prevention list! I started at this time of the year, while I am and about the seasons changing, to a list of things to for those winter months when the blues in (I am looking at you February and March).

  27. Melissa Sloan Kenya

    In my mind the biggest difference between the two is the chair. The “expensive” room has a char with intricate and legs while the “cheap” room has a wicker chair.

  28. Valentina_Marley

    Quite an charming house tour. This is one I will achieve in my favorites. Craig-Can you give me any information about your armoire in the living room? I a extremely similar antique armoir. Thank you.

  29. Paul

    That white floor will probably less dirt than the black. I acquire a white kitchen floor that has the of painted brick and it is easier to care for than the previous darker version.I would adore to replace my harvest gold backsplash with those white tiles. They so fresh.

  30. Carson Aditya M.

    I usually consume brown craft paper along with lots and lots of ribbon. The simplicity of the paper provides a for the ribbon which i weave, tie in account for bows, knot, etc. etc. And the money saved on the paper which is cheap goes towards more ribbon!

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