Bedroom Ideas In Purple Colors

Combine equal parts of red and blue paint or dye to create the color purple. In interior design, purple is a versatile color because it goes well with most colors. If your favorite color is purple, you may want to decorate your bedroom with a lot of it. Using purple accents or different shades of purple can showcase the color in a tasteful way. There are several decorating bedroom ideas in purple colors that you can incorporate. Use these decorating bedroom ideas in purple colors to enhance you bedroom.

  beautiful bedroom ideas in purple

Beautiful Bedroom Ideas In Purple

Decorating Bedroom Ideas in Purple Colors

Here are some decorating bedroom ideas in purple colors. If you already have a painted bedroom in purple color, then accent your purple bedroom with white. Paint the trim and ceiling white to lighten a room whose walls are a deep, dark purple. Place vases of white flowers such as dogwood blossoms around the room, and choose white lace curtains to flutter gently in the breeze. Select a white duvet and pillows and a dust ruffle made out of white eyelet. Place fuzzy white throw rugs on the floor for a clean, crisp look.

combination bedroom ideas in purpleCombination Bedroom Ideas In Purple

Another bedroom ideas in purple colors is combining it with yellow touches. Select a painting of a field full of daffodils and hang it over the mantel of your bedroom fireplace. Choose buttery yellow throw pillows for the settee in your room. Sew a skirt for your dressing table from a floral-patterned fabric that incorporates purple and lemon yellow. Create an interesting array of candles on the top of your dresser in one or more shades of maize.

Or you can also intersperse items in a variety of green shades into your purple room. Place a border with an ivy pattern around the top of the room. Place live plants in purple planters on your nightstand, dressing table and dresser. Choose forest green runners to place along either side of your bed. Choose mint green curtains to accent your windows in a fresh and pretty way.

stunning bedroom ideas in purpleStunning Bedroom Ideas In Purple

simple bedroom ideas in purple

Simple Bedroom Ideas In Purple

Create a bold, contrasting look by using red in your purple boudoir. Situate a vase of blood red roses on top of your bookcase. Hang a red hat on the wall, select a painting of a lady in a red dress to decorate an empty wall and choose a bedspread that has a red and purple pattern. Then, if not, select contrasting shades of purple for your bedroom. Situate several small terracotta pots filled with violets on your windowsill. Choose an armchair made from eggplant-colored leather for a room with lilac walls. Lighten the mood of aubergine walls with amethyst trim. Throw deep purple pillows onto a floral lilac bedspread. These were some decorating bedroom ideas in purple colors. The color purple has been known to have a deeply relaxing effect, and placing lavender plants around your room can add to the calming and sleep-inducing. Purple is a sophisticated choice for teenage girls as well.

simple bedroom ideas in purple , Bedroom Ideas In Purple Colors In  Category
combination bedroom ideas in purple , Bedroom Ideas In Purple Colors In  Category
beautiful bedroom ideas in purple , Bedroom Ideas In Purple Colors In  Category
stunning bedroom ideas in purple , Bedroom Ideas In Purple Colors In  Category

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