Coastal Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas

Nautical themed bedroom can bring an ocean feel to even a desert room. This themed for bedroom using the right accessories to turn a bedroom space into a nautical wonderland. Nautical themed bedroom can give your bedroom the feel of the open sea. Also, there are never short of decor ideas and sources as many shops offer decors, furniture and artwork in the nautical nautical themed bedroom. For those of you who loves the sea, get a beachy feel, and fresh in your bedrooms, nautical themed bedroom can be a good try for you.


awesome nautical themed bedroomAwesome Nautical Themed Bedroom

Decorating Your Bedroom with Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas

To achieve nautical themed bedroom, here are several decorating ideas for you. Firstly, paint your walls a color that fits with your idea of what a nautical theme should be. Simple white walls with dark blue trim evokes a simpler nautical theme, while painting the walls a darker blue and trimming with white makes a bedroom more dramatic. Once you are done with the color scheme, then you need to work for the most complimentary thing for the colors which is the furniture of your dwelling. Use wood furniture in darker stains to evoke the feeling of being on an old yacht or ship. Or, the simplest way can be to paint all the furniture in plain bright white color, that will bring out the artistry you have performed on the walls. Also, make sure you lay hardwood flooring for the perfect nautical feel of the room.


pretty nautical themed bedroom Pretty Nautical Themed Bedroom

Then, another ideas on nautical themed bedroom is create a border around the room with stencils or wallpaper borders. Find or cut out stencils that suit your nautical theme, such as sailboats, ship wheels, a compass or a lighthouse. Hold or tape the stencils in place with painter’s tape and use latex or acrylic paints to fill in the stencil images. When the stencil is removed, the shape will remain. Continue around the room to create a border. A wallpaper border sticks to the wall with paste or by peeling and sticking the border to the wall.


stunning nautical themed bedroomStunning Nautical Themed Bedroom

lovely nautical themed bedroom

Lovely Nautical Themed Bedroom

Purchase sheets and a blanket or quilt with ships, ship wheels or navigational equipment on them and place them on your bed. Hang light fixtures that look like the types found on older ships. Brass or silver lantern-like fixtures contribute to the nautical theme. Frame maps of coastal regions and hang them on the walls, along with other accessories like ship wheels, mounted fish, fishing poles, cargo netting or shelves with model ships. Bait shops, outdoor outfitters, home decor stores, and sporting goods stores have real maps and other fishing and boating gear ideal for decorating. Place area rugs made out of dried grasses, like raffia or sisal, around the bedroom to add to the nautical themed. Done.

awesome nautical themed bedroom , Coastal Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category
lovely nautical themed bedroom , Coastal Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category
pretty nautical themed bedroom , Coastal Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category
stunning nautical themed bedroom , Coastal Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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48 thoughts on “Coastal Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas

  1. Charles.Owen

    Absolutely stunning! I everything about it and the ceilings and mahogany paneling the area feel so cozy. I at all the wood and I honest relax. I added wood paneling to my fresh location so I could a taste of what MCM homes :)There are a few minor things that could be updated (I white VCT tile would in the lower level instead of the purpleish pink) but over all I really commend you for respecting the architecture and slowly updating based on how the house functions.I only wish you had a blog so I could follow your 🙂

  2. Kevin-Marcus

    The last two slipcovers, although not my personal aesthetic, are elegantly appealing. I because parts of the covers are tailored so you the of the piece. The rest of the slipcovers someone haphazardly threw a bed sheet on a of furniture to either bad/torn/* upholstery or to protect the furniture from pets.

  3. Nevaeh_Guadalupe_Leanna

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  4. Rylan

    everyone. I am working on my second outbox, now looking at clothes and other items that are around the house. I bought two “proteins” from R&B a dining room table and a dresser. I am gradual but committed to finish. I must say the kitchen week was the easiest for me and thinning out my books. I am having tackling the bathroom. I also decided to re-do my landing * which looks now, but since my proteins took my budget, I am thinking of using my landing table as computer desk and using an gifted wood bookcase in the landing *. I would be pleased to paint it but am having visualizing the colors. Leah, thanks, the fashion tray helps. I I wanted to accomplish white, black, grey with accents but all my pictures are cooler, yellows, greys and browns. A stuck thinking about all the items I had accumulated. Also, I an floor plan, kitchen, LR, DR, so does that mean the same color (cool vs. warm) should apply to the entire area?Good luck everyone!

  5. WillaYamileth

    I second the Warm Windows recommendation.The head of my bed is against newish double paned windows. Before making & installing Warm Windows roman shades, I had to sleep with a hat on. Such a draft! With the roman shade, the draft s gone and I sleep more comfortably.Lined curtains also work well, but nothing beats my insulated roman shades.

  6. Lillian Brooklynn T.

    I lived in a 330 sq ft apartment for over 6 years and am now in a 484 sq ft place. I I live in a palace. it is so with lots of closets making for storage. this apartment is nice.

  7. Chloe

    Slipcovers are definitely a less expensive to when trying to approach a for your arm chair or sofa. Also believe purchasing a store bought slipcover and then starting a DIY project to fit it snug to your piece.As for fabrics, many can be expensive. looking online for discount upholstery fabrics. You can many name fabrics for less. clear the upholsterer you accepts fabrics purchased by the client.Good luck to all the DIYers!

  8. Rodolfo

    Totally in affection with IKEA as me mad..but I call in their so often that the staff are sick of the As-Is section..but you to be careful what you buy..made a boo boo by buying a squishy Ekeskog couch only to when I brought it a of the supporting front beam had a split in it…now it is propped up by books!!

  9. Demarion

    it.when i first saw the over the sofa, i conception it was a skyline. photo.i also the fabric camouflage and am considering something similar for a dog crate cover. did you it sewn or effect it yourself?

  10. Xzavier

    Although I did not complete every assignment, I did progress. The “Current Science” newsletters from 1971 are no longer taking up in my closet. The outbox continues to be one of the best things I ever learned from “The Cure.”

  11. Vera

    many of us are by the painting of wood furniture so this year on a/t. above link shows matching hutch to this credenza, other pieces with wood restored–for practice, yet!–and it all is respectful. this work yields nicer results than the idle painted & the drawer pulls on, too. good.

  12. Gwen

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  13. Fidel

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  14. Cory_Brycen

    As the revival is about to hit Broadway, I the scenic of the production of LA BETE some years (a period comedy about language). The entire set, including walls and chairs, was covered in cursive script. If I remember it was all black on white. Lovely.

  15. Tessa Virginia Cassandra G.

    Thanks for providing photos of the interior of this house! I drive by this location twice each day on my to and from work, and always loved it. This dwelling is a visual change from the ridiculously frightful construction homes popping up along the street.In this particular case (along san vicente blvd), I would absolutely live on a corner lot. Most of the homes in the (this ehrlich home included) seem to sufficient privacy. Then again, I would also a shack in the middle of the street if I meant that I was finally allowed my space… Ah, apartment life in Los Angeles.

  16. Dayton.Bronson

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  17. Jesus.Tristin.Luka

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  18. Kade.Keagan.Davian

    I would not try to match your art prints with another print rug, it will earn tired extremely soon. I assume a neutral with texture for something classic grasscloth, sisal, or bulky jute this one from PB-

  19. JamalKieranJaheim

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  20. JosephMichealCamren

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  21. Natalia-1962

    Exhibition A is such a scam – you better production quality prints from IKEA and better service. evil that the artist they work with would acquire such embarassingly quality product. Appear to be mass-produced… You are not buying Art – be under no illusion about that. Also sent me the detestable prints and certificates. The print edition # appear only on the so-called COA and not on the print itself. Thoroughly to deal with. Beware.Never again.

  22. Adolfo@1999

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  23. Maci-Christina-Beatrice

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  24. Annabella

    I looked at their too, S_Walker79. Definitely the possibility for the tool free assembly but melamine coated MDF seems somehow cheap. if I pay prices I can accumulate something thats melamine coated MDF at Target or Ikea but to deal with the hassle of assembly. And if it is really stronger than solid wood I would affection to a comparison in terms of how many pounds per square SmartFurniture can compared to woods of the same width and length.

  25. JohanJovanni

    from the website:Can I converse outside of Australia?We only ship to Australian postcodes and carry out not currently offer International Shipping. You can however assure via the website for delivery to Australia from another country.

  26. Hayden_Mikayla_Frances

    We painted our white baseboards to match the wall color; instant modern. Try it on one wall. Ikea light fixtures costing about $70 apiece made a dramatic difference, too. The only expense I is the staircase. I also the ideas from Parnassus regarding the railing. Oh, we “painted out” a door to match the deep wall color, and you only the art now.

  27. Tyson

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  28. Giovanna.Carolyn

    This is easily one of my favourite posts! The is so airy and light yet so and comfortable. And I admire your descriptions – you are well spoken. I also vote for a house tour!!!

  29. Lauryn L.

    Thank you all for the comments. I wanted to let you all know that yes the boxes were acquired from Apple by purchase. I Worked for Cazenovia College in Cazenovia NY, in the Macintosh graphic lab. When the college got computers, I got more boxes. As for the nano box, I plans for some animals, after building a rhino and Giraffe a Swordfish is in construction now, so no matter the size of the box I will be able to create something. I also made canvas cushions for the furniture; they are not in the photos, as I wanted to off the work.Thanks for the commentsAndrew

  30. Nikhil

    Not to challenge you crazard, but I am in accurate Estate in NYC and seen hundreds of conversions both rental and condo. That being said, I know for a fact the dept of buildings here in NYC would not release the c of o if this were to be addressed. Possibly not even a temporary one at that. This will fail inspection due to the door. this…and from experience would someone with this capital convert and gut a building of this size to leave a door out creating a liability for them? Unlikely. In the event the developer finds a loop hole to accumulate the c of o, again this is not NYC and no offense but things are grand different here and you are renting from an investor absorb that individual hang a louvered door. Inexpensive. If you bought this yourself well da!! Once you choose the inevitable door saga. I say with the a non flamable fabric (bright gold perhaps) across the wall to camouflage everything. I am confident this does not pose a risk. Check to if there are vents throughout the loft? From the photos looks bask in there clearly are, Unlikely that the HVAC “breathes” through fair that opening. Regarding the gold fabric, the result would be contrasting the stone grey floors. Please not the rolling bookshelf. Every amature dope here in NYC uses rolling bookshelves to something up. making it worse. Then you that bookshelf with literally s**t and before you know it your drawing more attention to the wall. All else seems fine. The floors are blooming and pose no hazard to the resident. That of the unfinished “look” is purly asthetic. Definitely a cold feature…

  31. Dana

    One of my friends asked me to post this…I feel your pain. I had issues this summer with soundproofing in my bedroom.
    My neighbors had a screaming newborn which made sleeping in my bedroom
    impossible. I talked to them, but they did not seem to care. I combed through numerous websites and educated myself on soundproofing. My ended up being
    flanking noise coming across my window. Ultimately I had to up my window 7” and reduced the noise by about 95%. I also created an air pocket in between my wall and wall, sound evidence putty to all the outlets and any other metal junction boxes etc. I mass loaded vinyl, and soundproofing drywall.The other posts are in that you need to bear the gaps. They build a soundproofing putty which might be something to in the gaps.
    Did you an airpocket in between your walls prior to adding the drywall?
    The airpocket is key. It does sound you absorb flanking noise coming from the metal
    by the timbers. I had a contractor and we worked through the issues together.
    Your is as you cannot drywall over your timbers. Caulking
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  32. Jerome Gilbert H.

    This is better than any video game for a color * me!
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    Mary Nolte

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