Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

Wall cladding, or siding, is a building material used to cover the exterior walls of a home or business. Many exterior wall cladding ideas exist, and each has its own benefits and downsides. Cost, durability, environmental impact and maintenance requirements can vary significantly from one type of cladding to another. The wall cladding also provides aesthetic and architectural appeal to the building’s exterior. Here are some wall cladding ideas for exterior that can provide esthetic and architectural appeal to the building’s exterior.

awesome wall cladding ideas

Awesome Wall Cladding Ideas

Wall Cladding Ideas for Exterior

Here the first exterior wall cladding ideas; Vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is inexpensive, requires very little maintenance over its lifespan, and is available in a wide range of colors. Over time and with exposure to the sun, vinyl may fade or yellow. It usually needs replacement after a decade or two, and while it can be recycled, most old vinyl siding still ends up in landfills. Vinyl requires petroleum for production and produces some pollution, but is one of the more readily available types of cladding.

copper wall cladding ideas

Copper Wall Cladding Ideas

Metal siding is usually made from either aluminum or steel, and is somewhat more durable than vinyl. It is also less prone to fading or deterioration in the sun, but the layer of paint over the metal may scratch. Metal siding also dents relatively easily. This type of siding is generally long-lasting and requires little maintenance. It can be repainted, unlike vinyl, but the process is more difficult than painting wood. Discarded metal siding can also be recycled.

If you want to use metal but are afraid of the environmental impact of your choice for your home, consider copper. Buy copper cladding because this metal is not in a significant shortage compared to some other natural metals. According to the Copper Development Association, copper panels can be combined to create flat siding for the outside of your walls. You can also research the impact of copper cladding on your green heating and cooling strategies for the entire home.

Brick, cement masonry and stone are all fairly durable, weather-tight materials which require very little maintenance. They provide a relatively low level of insulation and tend to be expensive to install. However, these surfaces also rarely need replacement or repair, making them an economical choice over the years. According to REcampus, these fairly heavy types of cladding are capable of carrying loads and can be used for structural purposes.

Usually made from cement, stucco is a thin coating applied over another surface, usually wood. It provides little insulation unless other materials, such as cellulose or fiberglass, are included in the mix, and has fairly low maintenance requirements. However, stucco is vulnerable to cracking and other damage if water becomes trapped between it and the wall. Stucco is also prone to cracking at joints and usually needs replacement after 15 to 20 years

If you like concrete, precast concrete may be an option for the sides of your home. Precast panels don’t just work for the exteriors of commercial buildings. You can order a concrete home to be clad with precast panels and later transform the outside of the building with spray-on concrete coatings. These coatings, often used to surface decks and patios, can simulate effects of natural stone, brick, tile and other building materials.

vinyl wall cladding ideas

Vinyl Wall Cladding Ideas

great wall cladding ideasGreat Wall Cladding Ideas

These were some exterior wall cladding ideas for the home. For maintenance, do the proper maintenance and regular cleaning will prolong the life of your wall cladding. A good cleaning solution for any type of wall cladding can be made by adding 2 cups of regular dish washing liquid to a bucket of water and mixing it up with a mop. After soaking the mop in the solution, wring it out so that it is still slightly damp and sudsy. Start to wash the sides of your cladding. This is done similarly to how you would mop a floor, except you are working vertically rather than horizontally. Mop a section of the cladding at a time. When you find yourself running out of suds, stop cleaning and rinse the section with a hose before starting on the next area. If you use a biodegradable detergent, you can rinse it off without worrying about harming the environment. Well, hopefully these article will useful and help you to decide, which is wall cladding that best for your home.

awesome wall cladding ideas , Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas In  Category
copper wall cladding ideas , Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas In  Category
vinyl wall cladding ideas , Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas In  Category
great wall cladding ideas , Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas In  Category

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