Easy Ways to Installing Vinyl Foor Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are a tough floor blanket that might be followed in various capacities. Many homeowners choose vinyl floor tiles for its durability and price. Also, installing vinyl floor tiles can be an easy way to update an otherwise outdated home. The majority of today’s vinyl flooring is designed for fairly easy installation and no longer requires the use of a professional.  Once you manage to complete installing vinyl floor tiles in one room, soon you would gain the confidence to install it in the rest of the rooms of our house.

simple way to installing vinyl floor tiles  Simple Way To Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles

How to Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles


Here is the easy way to installing vinyl floor tiles in your home. First of all, vinyl floor materials need to be kept in a warm place. Before being install they need to be as warm as possible. Say it is cold outside, then you must choose a warm room to keep it in for at least 2 days. It is important for the vinyl to get heated up that would make it more pliable. Having completed this heating up process, you could just spread the vinyl and check how well it accommodates on the floor.

installing vinyl floor tiles for the homeInstalling Vinyl Floor Tiles For The Home

Begin with measure the room in which you are installing vinyl floor tiles to determine how much material is needed. Multiply the length of the space by its width, and add an extra 10% to this figure to compensate for material lost to cutting. Be sure to place the material in the room for at least 48 hours before you begin installation so that it can get acclimated to the space, and set aside any extra material for future use after the installation is complete.

Thoroughly clean the old floor or subfloor before installing the vinyl floor tiles. Make sure to eliminate all dirt and debris. Begin by laying the first row of vinyl material along the longest wall of the room. Leaving a 1/8-inch gap at the base of the wall for potential expansion, attach the ends of each plank using the GripStrips by placing the strips on top of one another and then pressing them together firmly. Hold the second row of flooring at a 45-degree angle to the first one, and then align the GripStrips and press them together so that the rows are joined tightly. If you happen to make a mistake, be sure to lift the planks quickly to avoid the GripStrips from fully bonding, and then realign the planks until they are even.

installing vinyl floor tiles houseInstalling Vinyl Floor Tiles House

To cut the vinyl material, use a sharp utility knife and a straight edge such as a ruler. Stagger the joints along each row to make the finish of your flooring as stable and attractive as possible. Begin every row with either a full or partial plank, and then alternative as you move across the floor. Continue until you install your final row of flooring, and make sure to leave another 1/8-inch gap along the base of the wall. Add floor molding or trim to fill the expansion joints. Then just be sure to give the floor enough time to dry out thoroughly before opening it up for regular traffic. If you use these suggestions for installing vinyl floor tiles, it should be a simple and easy task to complete. Enjoy your new vinyl flooring!

simple way to installing vinyl floor tiles , Easy Ways to Installing Vinyl Foor Tiles In  Category
installing vinyl floor tiles for the home , Easy Ways to Installing Vinyl Foor Tiles In  Category
installing vinyl floor tiles house , Easy Ways to Installing Vinyl Foor Tiles In  Category

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