Natural Log Home Plans

Log houses are constructed of logs which have not been milled into lumber. This economical and ecological rustic style of building originated in northern Europe and Russia centuries ago, and was a popular building style in frontier America. Now, that you are ready to build your own log home. Then you will need some information about log house plans. Log house plans are currently being sought out by more and more people day by day, as this type of house has many desirable features and benefits. But in order to build one sturdily from the ground up, you need to have the proper plans to work with. Below are some information about log house plans that might helpful.

 log home plans for you

 Log Home Plans For You

Information About Log House Plans

Now, log house plans can be found for free, or they can be purchased quite inexpensively. Either route you take, and especially if you opt to grab a free set of plans, see to it that you have a professional look them over and give you an expert opinion on them before you begin building from them. You need to be certain that no shortcuts have been made, that all aspects of them have been well thought through, and that the finished product upon following the plans will be perfectly up to local building codes. The last thing you need when you finish building your log cabin is to have papers served to you mandating that everything must come down.

proper log home plans

Proper Log Home Plans

One of the most important things that log house plans should take into account is the foundation. After all, it isn’t like building with a set of Lincoln Logs (remember that cool toy?), where you start out with a set of flat-bottomed length-split logs to build up from. Now, you might opt to do things traditionally, and go for a foundation put together from stones… but concrete or cinderblock foundations work just as well. Remember to use flashing between the foundation and the logs which will be placed upon it. Copper or aluminum are good choices for this. The best plans should include plans for the foundation, and a cellar or basement within it as well. Places for pluming, sewage and drainage should be clearly marked and in the correct places. This again is why it’s best to have a professional either make the plans, or look over plans you’ve acquired on your own.

The most common style of log house plans are D-logs, in which they are uniformly milled down their length with one flattened side, which leaves the cross-section in a D-shape. The flat side is turned towards the interior of the home, which creates a flat surface for the interior walls. Another common style of affordable log home plans employ round-on-round, or double-D logs, in which both sides are left rounded. This style is often used for Swedish Cope-type stacked logs, and for the double tongue-and-groove stack. Another popular choice is square logs, such as are found in New England-style with their square logs chinked between each other. Nowadays square ones don’t have to have a weather-beaten look, as their predecessors did; square ones can be treated with high-quality sealants which sustain their original color. Handcrafted log homes are also very popular, with the handcrafted logs ranging between 12″ and 15″ in diameter. The varying widths and rounded profiles give these homes uniqueness and character, with rustic features such as knots and scarring which linger from the time when it was still a living tree. Hand-hewn log homes, or Appalachian-style square beam homes, are another type of handcrafted home. One defining feature of handcrafted homes is the absence of machine cuts. Instead, all of the logs are shaped by hand. They can be squared with ban saws, and antique tools – such as mattocks – can be used to leave ridges uneven. There are free log cabin house plans available which highlight this style, which commonly use dovetail corners and chinking to seal the house.

houses log home plansHouses Log Home Plans

rustic log home plansRustic Log Home Plans

good log home plansGood Log Home Plans

If you are searching for affordable log home plans or even free log cabin house plans, be aware of the many options available in materials and design. Log house plans create a natural, organic living space which reflects a simple and sustainable lifestyle. These just some information about log house plans. Hope you get a new insight to have the proper plans. After all, having log house is a dream for many homeowners, for happy past life, for more natural rustic ecological. Because log houses have an earthy, natural feel to them, and are often designed to fit into the environment by taking advantage of scenic vistas, sunsets, and existing topographic site features such as slopes, large trees, and boulders.

houses log home plans , Natural Log Home Plans In  Category
rustic log home plans , Natural Log Home Plans In  Category
proper log home plans , Natural Log Home Plans In  Category
log home plans for you , Natural Log Home Plans In  Category
good log home plans , Natural Log Home Plans In  Category

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  4. Brylee Jaycee C.

    the looks awesome, especially the kitchen. i how is to it and classy. on the other hand the couch looks to sit in. its too flat. i live in orange county, ca and as of now im a student but i hope that when i graduate the same thing happens to me when i try to for a bachelor pad. so far this high rise is my dream pad. Skyline at McArthur Place, its probably the closest thing i can on having here in the OC similar to a york loft.

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  6. CruzReaganTristian

    I liked all the “befores” best but I the vintage look. If you want to up your kitchen or any other room on a budget, try shopping at thrift stores, stores and clearance sales. I got some vintage vinyl green & white ivy wallpaper for a total of fifty cents at a local thrift store and found some matching green paint to with it for a really clearance at a hardware store. I already had the wallpaper paste left over from another project so my kitchen re-do was done on the cheap. Yes, my whole kitchen looks vintage, but guess what, so do I! We now match.

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  15. Hattie.Hallie

    So to an apartment in Moscow! One of my things about this blog is seeing how people live all over the world, and this home looks be pleased a 700 square feet. Thanks for sharing!

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  19. Sean_Angelo_Seamus

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  23. JulieWendyDesiree

    OCGIRL, I from your pix that this room is off the kitchen and opens to the outside. Is this a finished “breezeway”. If it is treat it a porch and fade ahead and paint the panelling if it is too dark.

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