Beautiful House Courtyard Designs

Courtyards are wonderful areas to create intimate settings for dining and relaxation. These inner courtyards provide complete privacy, while bringing the outdoors inside. The earliest known courtyard homes were built in Iran and China some 5,000 years ago. Courtyards and atrium are commonly used in the design of hotels, since this allows architects to bring calming, outside elements, such as trees and fountains, to interiors. If you have a courtyard in your house, there are some house courtyard designs that can create beautiful and useful places. But today, in this article, we only give you two house courtyard designs. Its Spanish house courtyard and modern house courtyard designs. Find out in the following paragraphs!

stunning house courtyard designsStunning House Courtyard Designs

Information About Spanish and Modern House Courtyard Designs

Begin with the Spanish house courtyard designs, go for simple, earthy construction materials. High stucco walls under a clay-tile roof or window awning mimic authentic Spanish courtyards. Wrought-iron fencing, gates, plant hangers and furniture are used in Mediterranean design. Choose large terracotta urns, planters and other accent pieces. Spanish courtyards are founded on four basic colors: blue, red, white and yellow. Purchase handmade clay tiles with strong, geometric designs to construct the flooring, line the walls and decorate a central fountain to bring Spanish flair to your outdoor room. Doors, windows and furniture crafted from weathered wood will add to the atmosphere. Optimal choices for flooring a Spanish courtyard are cobblestone and gravel. Then, in original Spanish courtyards, rejas — intricate, wrought-iron grills — were built to keep intruders out and add textural beauty to the home. High stucco or adobe walls create a secret hiding place where homeowners can lounge and enjoy a private moment. Pergolas placed over seating areas lend shade to the landscape, especially when covered in vines with bright flowers such as bougainvillea. An adobe fireplace, chiminea — freestanding, front-loading fireplace — or just a clay firepit create key, natural elements to Spanish design. Shady, arched and columned arcades along the home’s exteriors walls make the perfect backdrop for a Spanish courtyard.

pretty spanish house courtyard designsPretty Spanish House Courtyard Designs

Many areas of Spain are desert-like. Originally, a Spanish home’s only water source may have been the city water it received in the courtyard fountain. The sound of running water and the humidity it adds to the courtyard is a desirable element for your Spanish courtyard design. A wall fountain with a spouting lion’s head or fish fills a basin mounted beneath it that spills into a surrounding trough that feeds into a narrow channel and runs the length of your outdoor room. Central fountains trimmed in ornate tiles and recessed, shell niches with small fountains add a cooling element to your courtyard. Install a large urn fitted with a fountain pump and placed on a river rock basin to allow water from the urn to spill over its sides and splash down on the rock base.In Spanish house courtyard designs, don’t forget to characterizing it with palm trees, small citrus trees, brightly-hued geraniums and olive trees. An abundance of colorful blooms planted in earthen, terracotta pots line the edges and separate small rooms within your outdoor room. Instead of stucco walls, plant a screen of cypress or bamboo to wall off a dining area or surround your private retreat.

Well, that was about Spanish house courtyard designs. Next, modern house courtyard designs could be your another choice. A modern courtyard will likely be quite minimal in design, which can create a feeling of openness, space and light which is very relaxing for sitting in. At the same time a great minimal design will also be easier to clean as their will be fewer items to get behind and to clean underneath. This means that you can maintain it easily and keep it looking as fresh and slick as it did when you got it installed. For the ground you will likely choose some kind of tiles which can be a range of materials from marble to concrete. Either way, you should try to use a light colour so that you again create more feeling of space and cleanliness in your space and whites, light greys and beige are always good options as darker or brighter colours can end up feeling more oppressive. You might also want to get your concrete or tiles printed or stained in order to add another element to them, this way you can create marble like patterns which will not only hide dirt and dust, but also make space more attractive and more expensive looking. Shapes stamped onto the tiles, or the use of different shades can be what helps to create interest in your modern courtyard design ideas and this is something you should talk through with a designer.

spanish house courtyard designsSpanish House Courtyard Designs

awesome spanish house courtyard designsAwesome Spanish House Courtyard Designs

Modern House Courtyard DesignsModern House Courtyard Designs

great house courtyard designsGreat House Courtyard Designs

adorable house courtyard designsAdorable House Courtyard Designs

You will also want some form of seating in your courtyard, and you should have somewhere nice to sit while you read your book outside as well as somewhere social for people to gather when you have guests (courtyards are perfect for parties). Try and choose a seat that continues the modern minimalist look but that also offers comfort while being suited to an outdoors location. Modern house courtyard designs also need some kind of feature and there are a range of features you can use here – from a pond to a fountain to a statue or plants and trees. This will make your courtyard more than just an open space and will give something to look at. With a fountain or pond you also get the sense of purity that comes with water as well as the trickling noise and the constant movement which can add a lot to a courtyard. The correct mood lighting, in conjunction with this water, can cast patterns around the whole area. Have sliding glass doors leading onto your courtyard to ensure that you can appreciate it while indoors too. These were two house courtyard designs information for you. After all, having a courtyard is very useful for your house. Courtyard provides a green living space in houses on small lots and provides light for houses.

adorable house courtyard designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category
Modern House Courtyard Designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category
great house courtyard designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category
stunning house courtyard designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category
awesome spanish house courtyard designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category
pretty spanish house courtyard designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category
spanish house courtyard designs , Beautiful House Courtyard Designs In  Category

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    I was thinking that the netting you can from garden centres for growing vines up the side of your house would work. You could enclose your whole balcony from floor to ceiling and not obstruct the view, or the air flow. Im clear they it fairly tough, as vines can grow to be fairly heavy and thick over the years.

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    Based on function? Or aesthetics? Function: the sofa pushed up against the wall, facing the windows. But, my preference would be to the sofa in front of the windows, slightly away from the wall. It makes the room airier, more modern.

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    @Loveley of Me too! I saw it on an AT house tour in England. The homeowner had decorated her dwelling to her earlier life as a party girl so everything was and over-the-top. given for the lamp was over £600 so I knew it was out of my range. But making one may be in my future!

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    I the tile/wood combo marvelous. How inventive and unexpected.We often our spaces a bit too serious, I (reinforced by some of the comments. Is it a moon?)Thanks, AT, for some attractive examples.

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    I can how practical this can be–eliminating the need to wall mount a TV, the portability, etc, but it feels weird. From being an active participant in the creation or viewing of art on an easel, to being the passive blank slate onto which the TV projects its images is just…weird.

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    fair about to carry out building on a mother-in-law unit with loft-bedroom. Had totally expected to railings till I saw #8 & realized how considerable the solid half-wall lends a feeling of security & enclosure. Beautiful!

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    This has to be one of the happiest and most delighted abodes on AT! the multi-culti art and knickknacks. So expressive of the East Bay. (I live in the East Bay, too. adore it here.)

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    This is one of my concerns about to NYC, the of finding decent housing and housing without rodents. Anyone want to weigh in on how colossal of a dilemma these things are? I live in Boston, and bear lived in two buildings where I heard there were mice, but never saw them. I lived in one building where I saw one in my unit and had a heart attack. Im happily rodent free where I live now. Will I fair to examine some of intruders in a york apartment?

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    I would the sofa at an angle in front of the window, float the chair (& whatever the green thing is) next to it, & the TV on the wall where the chair currently is. This should give more clearance when bewitching between the living area & kitchen, & possibly acquire whoever is in the kitchen feel more of the party.

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    I eating breakfast in bed – or sharing a pint of Haagen Dahz with my sweetie in bed……I the Offi Overlap tray when I eat in bed – it makes a laptop stand too.

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    I this apartment should win. Its a of color and space. Its my and the only one I would want to into. I believe all the pieces are well out. Each fraction looks someone loves it and uses it- not delight in its been places there to “stage” the for this contest.

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    Looks if all you is flat sheets, placemats, runners and the like. If you fitted sheets, darts or other tailored items? The cuff they being ironed – oh, so easier than ironing with a hand held iron. How will I survive without it?Seriously, it looks less convenient than a iron – harder to use. More PITA all the around.

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