Cool Modern Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom design is slowly becoming the focus of many interior design makeovers. While once the bathroom was seen as purely functional, the space is being transformed into a sanctuary of function and style. Modern designs are becoming more frequent in homes. Accordingly, tile manufacturers are embracing these designs and producing a new array of products. These modern bathroom tiles include textures, sizes and colors that have never been seen in bathroom design before. And the result is modern bathroom tiles with both innovation and style.

   good modern bathroom tilesGood Modern Bathroom Tiles

Stylish Modern Bathroom Tiles

In modern bathroom tiles, you can use of a new tile shape. Extremely long, thin rectangles called stix are perfect for use on the walls of a modern bathroom. Mount them vertically in low ceilinged rooms to draw the eye upward, elongated the space. Circle tiles, penny tiles or bubble tiles are being produced in every material for use in bathrooms as well. Look for glass tiles with iridescent surfaces, ceramic penny tiles in sizes 1/2-inch up to 3-inches in size and stone circular tiles mixed with squares and rectangles in borders for a whimsical look.

awesome modern bathroom tilesAwesome Modern Bathroom Tiles

Then, tiles that mimic the look of fabric, metal and leather are the perfect complement to the modern bathroom. Use dark-colored textured tiles on the floors and a lighter shade of the same tile on the walls. Change the pattern of the two for additional contrast. Try using a brown “leather” tile on the floor in a 6 by 24-inch plank while the walls are tiled in cream colored “leather” tiles in a larger size. Accent the walls by running a band of the dark tile in two or three places.

elegant modern bathroom tilesElegant Modern Bathroom Tiles

pretty modern bathroom tilesPretty Modern Bathroom Tiles

For small bathroom, use modern bathroom tiles that can accommodate artistic floor patterns. You might use multiple small tiles in bright colors on a powder room floor. The tiles will give a jewel-like appearance if you use a mixture of red, purple, dark green and white tiles, for example. Marble tiles in hunter green and white arranged in a checkered pattern might be bold for a large bathroom. But, in a smaller bathroom, these colors and pattern will provide nice visual appeal. Finally, modern bathroom is a great design for today’s bathroom. Complement with modern bathroom tiles to achieve the perfect style bathroom that melds form and function.

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  2. Wesley Gaven O.

    The bed is amazing. We bought the bed and mattress in February when Ikea had a sale going on. We also bought the headboard with storage. The whole was a lot of work to assemble. The only downside is the drawer handles on the sides are deadly when accidentally walking into. bruising and bleeding.

  3. Jake Eli Randy Z.

    A home inside and out! the windows, the gorgeous, dramatic, romantic wood craftmanship! A 10! Would bear loved to the ceiling that the friends commented on. Hope that when you the time you will * the paint off all that custom wood framework. (ohh, ahh)Thank you for sharing your home!

  4. Isabella-Whitney-Sandra

    For space-saving in an urban dwelling, yes, this is a idea, but I personally would assume a different finish. The designate is also too for me. I bet you could a similar item for less. Or hire a master cabinet maker to one.

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  15. Kenny Q.

    One I had was to craft a mantle/architectural detail. a skinny console table that starts OUTSIDE the hearth on the left, rises over the fire box, crosses the fireplace, and is asymetrical — goes further past the of the hearth on the right. Maybe even ends up on something an IKEA Expedit, but only on the one end. Paint it all white or crimson or something NOT the color of the rocks or carpet or wall. This could both convert the rustic fireplace to something more seeming, and provide an mantle to abet a painting or candlesticks or something else to visually up the rock wall.

  16. Casey Q.

    We had exposed brick too! Our was to match our walls to flecks of color in the bricks or the mortar. We brought a bunch of paint sample squares in greyish blue (to match the mortar / tone down the redness in our bedroom), mustard yellow and burgundy (to match the bricks themselves, and play up their animated colors in our living and kitchen). Worked devour a charm.

  17. Journee

    ditto the reccs to china in the china cabinet and to “wallpaper” the of the china cabinet to lighten it up. Also I agree with the posters who say to ditch the chairs if at all possible. The chairs are more fussy looking than the cabinet.

  18. Brian Erik X.

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  25. Hailey

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