Delightful Bay Window Valances

A bay window is an impressive and beautiful attraction for any room and adds a decorative element both to the inside and the outside of your home. Add more visual appeal to your bay window with decorations. There are many options when it comes to window treatment for bay windows. One of the most simple and lovely treatment is bay window valances. These bay window valances are also one way to accent the area without hiding the architectural features.

Good Bay Window ValancesGood Bay Window Valances

Ideas of Bay Window Valances

The bay window is such a large piece of the room that it demands to make a statement with valances. There are several ideas of bay window valances. The first idea is place a simple box valance over each window, covered with padding and fabric that matches the paint on your walls. If your walls are off-white or beige, choose a subtle floral print in two colors, with the background color matching the wall paint. This will dress up your window without drawing too much attention away from their structural beauty.

balloon bay window valancesBalloon Bay Window Valances

If you have modern decor, place a sculptured valance over each of your bay windows. A sculptured valance has a hem with a wide-wave edge. Create them in colors that contrast with the trim. Consider trimming the hem in a contrasting colored piping, or choose a metallic fabric trim for a touch of drama. Then, for a cottage-style decor, find some faded, antique toile fabric or another type of vintage floral fabric, and create a set of valances from the material. Make a single scalloped edge that drops to the center. Hang an antique tassel from the lowest point.

Another ideas of bay window valances is purchase ready-made lace valances, which are available in standard window sizes at department stores and discount stores. Choose sheer antique-style lace valances to give your bay windows a quaint, feminine look. Or try a pleated valance for a tailored finish for your bay window. Look around to see what suits your decor.

awesome bay window valancesAwesome Bay Window Valances

Then, create or purchase long panels of fabric, and attach them swag-style over your windows. Attach them as a single piece over all the bay windows, or create three different pieces to attach to each window frame. Choose a light floral fabric with a solid color piping, or sew the piping (available at fabric stores) on yourself. Attach each panel in three spots with an upholstery nail, allowing the unattached sections to drape attractively. These are some ideas of bay window valances.  Whatever the size, use and purpose of you bay windows, they offer a unique opportunity to decorate. Besides bay window valances, there are still others window treatments for bay window, such curtain, or shades.

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