Fabric Covered Headboard for Beds

If you want the look of an expensive headboard without breaking the bank, this is a relatively simple way to make a fabric covered headboard. This project will give a finished look to any bedroom, and the fabric in the headboards can be changed over the years to go with any decor. It is easier than you might think. And what more? with a fabric covered headboard is that you can customize it to fit your specific taste and style.

pretty fabric covered headboardPretty Fabric Covered Headboard

Steps To Make Fabric Covered Headboard for Beds

First of all, you will need some things to prepare. It such Measuring tape, Plywood, 3/4 inch, Batting, High density foam, Cloth, Staple gun, and 2 D rings or heavy duty wood hangers. Well, if these things are prepared, let us start to read some easy instructions below to make a fabric covered headboard for beds.

cute fabric covered headboardCute Fabric Covered Headboard

For the first step is measure the width of the bed with a tape measure. Add 4 inches to the measurement and write this total on the shopping list. Decide on the height you want the headboard for the bedroom to be. The average height is 28 to 36 inches, according to House and Home Designs. Write down this figure too. This is the measurement needed for the piece of select-grade plywood for the back of the headboard. A backer board for a large queen size headboard may be 64 inches by 36 inches, for example. Then, go to a lumber supply or home improvement store and have an employee cut the select-grade plywood to the size needed for the project. Select-grade plywood is smooth on one side. This is the surface that is set against the wall. The backer board can also be cut at home with a circular saw.

Purchase batting and 3-inch thick high density foam at a cloth store. Request that the foam be cut 4 inches longer and wider than the measurement of the plywood panel piece. The batting must be 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the piece of plywood. Also, don’t forget to buy a piece of upholstery cloth that is 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the plywood backer board. Lay the foam on a large smooth surface. Place the rough side of the plywood backer on top of the foam leaving an even 4-inch overage around the entire panel.

Pull the excess foam up and over the edge of the foam and staple it to the smooth side of the wood along all four sides leaving the corners open. Staples should be secured into the foam at 1- to 2-inch intervals. Fold the corners neatly as if wrapping a gift. Staple the corner pieces of foam in place. Spread the upholstery cloth out, wrong side up, on a smooth, clean surface. Spread the batting over the cloth.

Place the foam padded plywood board on top of the cloth. The 8-inch excess will show around the entire wood panel. Then, pull the batting and cloth tightly up over the 4 sides of the foam covered wood and staple it in place about 4 inches from each corner. Secure the cloth and batting by stapling it down at 1-inch intervals. Keep the work as neat as possible. Fold and staple the corners. Trim excess cloth if needed.

lovely fabric covered headboardLovely Fabric Covered Headboard

floral fabric covered headboardFloral Fabric Covered Headboard

Lastly, attach the D rings or another heavy duty wood hanger to each side of the headboard according to manufacturers directions. Done. For notes, Use a solid colored upholstery cloth to complement print or flowered bedding. Add decorative tacks or buttons for a tailored appearance. (If using decorative tacks, pound them in carefully with a hammer. If using buttons, sew them onto the fabric.) For a tufted look, drill holes through the headboard and affix buttons by sewing them on with an upholstery needle, securing the thread through the holes and knotting it at the back of the panel. After all, decorating your bedroom doesn’t mean to be so expensive, spending lots of money. With a fabric covered headboard, not juts cheaper but also it is fun project to make! so, what are you waiting for? go grab some fabrics and tools, start to play with your creativity!

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  1. Isiah-Jadon-Bruno

    I the simplicity of it. I am a renter who cannot paint the walls, and so this is a option to infuse my color scheme. Sometimes I acquire myself getting bogged down with creating something to the color happen, so this is a alternative. Art/decorating does not always acquire to be complex.

  2. Simon-Karl-Brad

    This reminds me…does anyone remember the name of the that you can upload a to and then it through their software so it will print out 100 or so sheets of paper that when together puzzle-like will be that current picture? Man, I am QUEEN of the run-on sentence today. I want to a & white mural on one of my walls. Thanks!

  3. Kaydence.Raquel

    i saw a Bentley Prince Street presentation at Greenbuild last year about their sustainable building (LEED certified) and manufacturing processes. i was really impressed that they an in-house sustainability expert and they been ahead of the curve when it comes to green/sustainable business practices.

  4. MarcKeven

    I am only reading this two years after the intial post but I am jumping up and down!!!I DID THIS in my bathroom! I salvaged the vintage turquoise bath, toilet and sink. Paired with white walls, a white subway tile shower surround and a vintage inspired hex tile floor, it really looks with a nod to retro! And the scale of everything fits the dimensions of my house. Not to mentioned saved me money and labor!

  5. Houston

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  6. Isabelle.Brylee.Adrienne

    attractive home, but I completely agree with LSAB on wanting to more apartments on here that cant be customized an owned can. Otherwise, you guys might want to about changing the name of this 🙂

  7. Nehemiah

    Ours was more expensive. An off-season January wedding in downtown Chicago, we payed around $25000, with venue, catering, and alcohol being the largest expenses. We rented a City of Chicago property for $4000, licensed catering and a bartender ran around $10,000 for 120 people, and liqour (which we purchased, another $3000). The biggest expenses beyond that were his suit, a bespoke Brooks Brothers for $2500, photography for $1800, flowers and decor for $1500, and dress with alterations for $1200. The remaining was for clergy donations, tips, dj, invitations and transportation. We had a large party and several years later, I it wss worth it. I should we savings rather than going into debt, and it took about 18 months to recoup our savings.

  8. Anne A.

    Who makes the string lights you hung over top? I am looking at something similar but the only I can acquire that sells them in long enough lengths are commercial lighting websites.

  9. Alfonso Oswaldo

    @ninja_neer Thank you for your extremely considerate words. If it makes you feel any better, I got REALLY lucky with that couch, and I was also tenacious. I never hounded a CL seller, but after this woman told me that the couch was already spoken for, I emailed her again a few days later. Lucky for me she had a few people before me flake out on her *And* she was moving. She was desperate to sell it. I scored. :)PS: What I saved in money I likely spent in time. I probably couch shopped on CL for 3 weeks. It was considerate of awful. and draining.

  10. Aubrielle 777

    Hmm, you know, if you turned the tables in that describe so that the wood grain in the flowers ran the same as the wood grain on the hardwood floor underneath, it would almost as if the flowers were out and you were looking straight through to the floor!

  11. Brody Sawyer Roger

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  13. Felix

    job! I this of vintage kitchen. I would to agree with @devyn (above comment) about painting over the glass windows….But being a renter myself I admire your creativity and working with what you have.

  14. PresleyMadelynnAadhya

    these actually are tips, but “unnecessary” does not mean “without joy” as commenters about estimable pens noted.easier to function when storing items in designated spots of use: toiletries, tools, cleaning products, etc. in one bin & one area; not always possible, but should be an aim.

  15. Ember

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  16. Tyree Giovani Q.

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  17. Alexandria_Anne_Kailey

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