Elegant Old World Style Kitchens

The kitchen is the most important room in the home. Many people wish to have a kitchen with warmth, sophistication and luxury. All these things and more can be found in an Old World style kitchens. Old World style kitchens look solid and comfortable. Wood and wrought iron were used, as was extensive stonework. For those of you who wanted to enhance your kitchen into Old World style kitchens, then perhaps some ideas below can help you to achieve the perfect results. Take a look!

 amazing old world style kitchens

Amazing Old World Style Kitchens

Luxury Old World Style Kitchens

Commonly, Old World style kitchens originate from a variety of periods and regions such as medieval castles and French cottages. The basic perception of the Old World style includes contrasting brightness and darkness, natural colors and textures, and natural materials such as wood and stone. The scale should be grand and the attention to detail heavy. For the ceiling, the Old World style kitchens incorporated moldings from the ceiling in large stacked molding combinations, crown posts, large arches, or beamed ceilings.

great old world style kitchens

Great Old World Style Kitchens

Then, cabinetry used in this style of kitchen has many of the design features of furniture pieces. Cabinet doors are usually paneled, and cabinets may be painted and weathered-looking. Legs and bun feet are common, and you should consider a variety of cabinet styles, including open shelving. A center island can resemble a country table in a warm wood tone. Cabinet hardware should be metal, and wrought iron or oil-rubbed brass are especially suitable options.

For the flooring, backsplash and countertops in the Old World style kitchens, are usually stone. Choose rough, unpolished stone or mosaic tiles for floor and backsplash. Floor tiles laid in an unexpected pattern feel more natural and seem to belong amid the old-fashioned decor. Countertops in warm-colored stone are less stark than dark, gray-toned options. Butcher block counters also lend an authentic feel. Try using butcher block on the island and stone for the rest of the counters.

Stunning Old World Style KitchensStunning Old World Style Kitchens

cool old world style kitchens

Cool Old World Style Kitchens

Antique light fixtures are important additions to an Old World room. Nothing ruins the antiquated look more than a modern buzzing ceiling light. Sconces—especially dark, old-fashioned ones—work well. Tabletop lamps with period shades also give off an antique vibe. On the other hand, you may not feel the need to have an extremely authentic-looking Old World kitchen. Stainless steel appliances can create an interesting juxtaposition and add another texture to your design. Well, these were some ideas for your lovely kitchen to achieve the best Old World style kitchens. However, keep in mind that the Old World style kitchens were more suitable for big and large households and were not affordable styles for small homes. The original beauty of these kitchens can be still seen in some houses, which were built in the 1800s. They are often termed as dark ages kitchens because of the antique and ancient feel they provide to the entire house.

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  4. Jayde-Halle

    I fragrance free hand lotion (i.e. Aveeno or shea butter lotion) on all my leather goods and it always does the trick. Gently massage a dab into the leather with a clean cotton cloth and, voila it looks bask in new. (Just clear to fragrance free!)

  5. Ariana.Noa

    I appreciate the furniture of the before with the textiles (throw, pillows, rug, curtains) of the after.MDM furniture is not that comfortable to me, and count me among those people who are completely over Eames chairs.

  6. Elise Z.

    @anupamamrath 1. check with structural engineer. 2. check with roofer, etc. re waterproofing (esp. is roof is over living space) & drainage. 3. work on biceps and carrying bags of soil, etc. up ladder…

  7. Sage Kai Lizbeth E.

    Maybe you could these work for you! When I at these I they could either completely cheesey, OR totally cute. So it would depend on your space. At any rate, they are elegant cheap and waterproof (I they are made out of tarpy plastic stuff) . . . might be worth a try.

  8. Zara-Liv-Halle

    Dr. Zhivago was on TCM yesterday, uncut! Sigh, I that movie. And the scene, mentioned above, is one of my favorites!! I bow to its designer Dario Simoni.

  9. Gianni

    House tour please. Would to a floor as well.Nicely done! One of my diminutive studio.The only change I would make: I would separate the bed from the rest of the room with fluffy white curtains (like this

  10. Steve-Landyn

    estimable bones, kitchen, and I those oriental fashion glazed sliding doors. A bit too grand grey in the living room for me, I believe that one of the F&B off whites would brighter and warmer in there (just my opinion, it composed looks fab). Not a fan of the Mao picture, either.

  11. Dominic-Anderson-Fredy

    What a idea! Unfortunately, as many people already made impress – what a cleaning disaster! This defeats the purpose of the backsplash, though. A paint and sealant could inexpensively solved this problem.But kudos for an innovative idea!Hannah McCoyhannahmccoyinteriors.com

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  14. Luciana_Livia_Frankie

    Where was this website when I was helping my parents elegant out their house?? If only I had known to a camera handy, especially the day I cleaned out the canning collection that went abet 25 years… Or the “floral frogs”…Or the collection of decorative ceramic objects the pitcher we called “the barfing cow”…

  15. Raegan.Selena.Bethany

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  16. Cassidy

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  19. Aadhya

    i to agree with LoriSF on this one.. it seems extremely “Dorm” like. The first thing i would is acquire some bedding asthe colours of the walls is OK by me.. Maybe injecting some of the tones you want, warm reds to the outside patio wall and some greens to really give the some life and tie the spaces together making your bedroom seem more connected to the outside space.Is the outside broken-down for you and your partner or is it for guests to devour aswell?? If it is for you and your partner I would strongly suggest turning your bed so the head is under the smaller window (with the addition of a really heavy lush curtain) and using the two walls next to the bed to maximum advantage! earn a really bookshelf, in a light colour and achieve some personal treasures on .. so that before you creep to bed and when you wake the first things you are things that you happy.The other thing, is on the longest wall (without a window) is that your wardrobe ?? I would strongly using a covered or enclosed wardrobe to the room feel less cluttered as it is quite a space. (I am not of local suppliers as im halfway around the world.. but Ikea some really affordable cloth covered clothes storage units that shelves and hanging location to accomodate all ranges of spaces!(and I say as as the Picasso poster is…. its extremely muted and is bringing the tone down so update with something fresh, bright… or better yet canvas and bear some fun!)

  20. Kassandra

    Lots of ideas to in 5000 Sq feet. Some of it was too staged and hotel-ed for me. The master bedroom for example: sure, lovely, but there was no personality to it. Many of the rooms had architecture and the furniture supports that

  21. Chance_Simeon

    Note, these directions appear to yield information for a simple one-piece slipcover, i.e., one that merely drapes over the cushions, arms, and back. This of has to be continually smoothed and tucked around the furniture. A agreeable fitted would be achieved with individual custom cushion covers that zip around the cushions, with a separately constructed for the frame of the sofa (with a skirt pleated and styled to in the of the furniture). The latter is more expensive, but preferable, I think, if you are going to on this at all.

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