Different Types of Ornamental Cherry Trees

Ornamental cherry trees are known for their colorful white and pink blooms in the spring. These trees also produce a pleasant fragrance and are often planted for landscaping purposes. All cherry trees prefer lots of sun and well-draining soil. There are many different types of ornamental cherry trees that are available all across the country for planting. We will be looking at different types of these ornamental cherry trees and how to plant them correctly for maximum results.

 awesome ornamental cherry treesAwesome Ornamental Cherry Trees

Several Types of Ornamental Cherry Trees

The Amanogawa grows 20 feet with semi double light pink fragrant flowers midseason. This type of ornamental cherry tree prefers well aerated soil and needs full sun. They also prefer moist, fast draining soil for best results. Pendula is our next look at ornamental cherry trees. This is a weeping version of the Higan Cherry. Pink or white single blossoms appear in early spring. This tree is not as seriously affected by disease as other Asian trees and requires, like the Amanogawa requires fast draining, well aerated soil and needs full sunshine.

Amanogawa Ornamental CherryAmanogawa Ornamental Cherry

The Akebono is our next ornamental cherry tree to discuss. This tree grows 25 feet tall and has soft pink flowers in spring. It requires fast draining, moist, well aerated acidic soil as well as full sun to grow to maximum potential. This tree is not drought resistant, like some of its cousins, so keep roots wet during drought. Our next look is at an unusual type of ornamental cherry tree. The Purple leaf Sand Cherry is a small and delicate tree that grows 7 – 10 feet tall and gives off pink blooms and the blooms appear in mid to late spring. It needs well drained soil and full sunlight. Another ornamental cherry tree is called Royal Burgundy Cherry. This is very similar to the Kwanzan in flower and form. This show stopper needs full sun and a moderate climate and grows from 15 – 30 feet. It also needs well aerated soil.

Akebono Ornamental Cherry ThreeAkebono Ornamental Cherry Three

The next ornamental cherry tree to look at is the Snow Fountains cherry. This wonderful tree reaches about 8 – 15 feet and blooms in well drained soil and full sun. This is another version of a weeping cherry tree. Its flowers are white and flow gracefully from the tree down to the ground. Thundercloud is another ornamental cherry tree to look at. This tree grows between 20-25 feet and needs full sun to thrive, and you will need to avoid soil that is too wet. This tree blooms in wonderful colors of pink and is a show stopper. Another beautiful ornamental cherry tree of note is the Mt. Fuji Cherry. This wonderful cherry has large white double flowers which come from pink blossoms and absolutely adrobale for your yard or garden.

Snow Fountains Cherry ThreeSnow Fountains Cherry Three

It matures at 15 – 25 feet and needs full sunlight and well drained soil. Well, these are just some of the ornamental cherry tree different types of note. There are thousands more in both the US and the world at large. For those of you who looking for adorable trees, then ornamental cherry trees can be your best choice. Growing this cherry tree will surely bring out the best in your yard. It can give the best factor that you are looking for. Furthermore, you get to enjoy a more beautiful spring with the ornamental cherry tree in your garden.

awesome ornamental cherry trees , Different Types of Ornamental Cherry Trees In  Category
Akebono Ornamental Cherry Three , Different Types of Ornamental Cherry Trees In  Category
Amanogawa Ornamental Cherry , Different Types of Ornamental Cherry Trees In  Category
Snow Fountains Cherry Three , Different Types of Ornamental Cherry Trees In  Category

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