Southwest Landscape Design Ideas

When deciding on landscaping ideas for your home, you or your designer will have many things to consider. At the top of your list should be the climate in which you live. If you live in high temperatures then you can go for Southwest landscape design. Southwestern landscaping was influenced by Native American and Mexican Spanish mission styles. Also adapted to a mostly dry and desert climate with profuse sunlight but little rain, Southwestern landscape design often incorporate bright colors, rough textures such as stucco and adobe, and native rocks and plants to create simple, elegant areas that are both pleasing to the eye and environmentally practical.

 desert southwest landscape designDesert Southwest Landscape Design

Great Southwest Landscape Design Ideas

Southwest landscape design is commonly referred to as desertscaping. Generally that means that the landscapes are true to the surrounding landscape. Desertscapes are generally anchored by rock rather than a grass yard. You can choose from a variety of different types of rock. This gives you the flexibility to choose the color of the rock and the size of the rock. Generally smaller rock is much more affordable than the larger stones, but if you want a more refined look you may want to choose the larger stones.

awesome southwest landscape designAwesome Southwest Landscape Design

Additionally Southwest landscape design can also use decorative stepping stones to create paths in your yard. These are simple embellishments that add a bit of personal style and fitness to the overall landscape design. The plants that you typically choose in Southwest landscape designs are different than some of the plants that you might choose in a different region. Cacti are incredibly popular choices for this style because they are quite plentiful in the southwest. One of the most appealing qualities about cacti is the fact that they require little to no maintenance. You do not have to water them often and they can flourish in a variety of different types of weather.

Flowers can also be used in Southwest landscape design, but those flowers are not generally the same as you might find in another area of the country. The flowers used in Southwest landscaping tend to be very bright colored and bold blooms like bougainvillea, lanatana, and honeysuckle. When these flowers bloom they have quite a visual impact to them which allows you to use them a bit more sparingly then you would in a more temperate climate.

great southwest landscape designGreat Southwest Landscape Design

Water features are also very popular in Southwest landscape design. Part of the reason that those are so popular is because that the Southwest design comes from the desert, and water seems much more precious there. In fact, water takes on a distinct beauty all its own in the desert. Water features like fountains and waterfalls can harness this unique beauty and place it directly in your backyard. Well, these were several ideas of Southwest landscape design. Take these ideas to create decorative accents that enhance the natural surroundings.

awesome southwest landscape design , Southwest Landscape Design Ideas In  Category
desert southwest landscape design , Southwest Landscape Design Ideas In  Category
great southwest landscape design , Southwest Landscape Design Ideas In  Category

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