Interior Design Plans For A Small House

Living in a small house doesn’t mean it has to feel small. It also doesn’t mean that the house has to look small either. There are a number of interior design plans for a small house. These approaches are particularly important in urban areas where space is very limited. Most architects who design plans for a small house know the tricks of the trade needed to make the rooms and space look larger. However, a homeowner should also be educated on the different approaches and techniques for the interior design to make the best use of their small house plans. For more, here are some information about interior design plans for a small house.

awesome plans for a small house

Awesome Plans For A Small House

Great Interior Design Plans for a Small House

So, how to create interior design plans for a small house? Most people are often frustrated when it comes to designing a house in a limited space. But coming up with a design plan for a limited space house is not a very difficult task to do. There are several things that you should keep in mind; First and foremost, you have to choose the appropriate colors to paint your house with. For a small house, it is recommended that you choose lighter tones with relatively minimal patterns. These will help create the illusion that your house is bigger than it actually is.

great interior plans for a small house

Great Interior Plans For A Small House

Choose the appropriate locations for the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms. The living room should go in between the kitchen and the bathroom. Most of the time, the kitchen and the bathroom are located at the ends of the house, thus the living room will certainly be located in the middle. By locating the rooms appropriately, your house will be well-organized and cozy. Then, use every available space wisely in interior design plans for a small house. If you are building a two story house, use the space beneath the staircase to put a drawer or a cupboard. Alternatively, you can also build a small storage room below the staircase. So if you run out of storage space elsewhere, you can easily keep your things in here.

The interior design plans of a small house is indirectly affected by what happens on the exterior. You are still afforded several options there as well though. One huge option is ceiling treatments. With one-story house plans there are no rooms above and all you have is attic space. This gives you the opportunity to include tray ceilings or vaulted ceilings giving you more interior height. A second interior option would be to design the house using an open floor plan concept. Minimize the use of non-load bearing walls to let rooms flow more freely. It also allows for more natural light to enter the home too. Then, last but not least, maximize the use of mirrors inside your house. It is a good idea to put a big mirror near the staircase, because it is the focal point of the house. Mirrors can also help create a spacious feel, making the house look and feel roomy.

interior plans for a small house tinyInterior Plans For A Small House Tiny

unique design plans for a small houseUnique Design Plans For A Small House

After all, small doesn’t have to be cramped. If you list your priorities and put your emphasis on what’s most important, you’ll get what you really want despite the size. Hopefully, all the basic interior design plans for a small house mentioned above will help you create the ideal interior design plan for a small yet comfortable home. If you are still in doubt, you can also consult an expert as they know what’s best for your house.

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