Contemporary Beach House

For some people, beach is the most romantic place. it is the place where all the memories gathered together. All parts of the beach, including the sand, sea, and sun would become nice memory in your life. Then, it would be great idea if you have a beautiful house where you could share all love and happiness with someone you love. If you love the beach so much, let’s see some ideas of decorating the contemporary beach house. Check them out!

Luxury contemporary beach houseLuxury contemporary beach house

From the picture above, you could see very nice combination of colors in designing the living room of your beach house. In that design, it could be seen that the design comes from the modern design since the color is dominated with grey and white color and it is identical color for the modern house. This kind of beach house has a wide living room and there are many furniture placed there, including the sofa, glass table, shelf, flower, also carpet. Beside that, there is an interesting part here, that is the palm tree that is placed near the sofa. It makes fresh look of the living room design.

Living Room of Contemporary Beach HouseLiving Room of Contemporary Beach House

From the picture of the living room, it could be seen that it has wide glass door so that you could see the beautiful blue sky and blue sea from your interior room. Along with that, this beach house has an open room where there is combination between living room and kitchen. It is identical with the feature of modern house.

Bedroom design of Beach HouseBedroom design of Beach House

If you are seeing the bedroom design of this beach house, it is a perfect combination of white and brown color. The combination results the elegant and luxurious bedroom design where you could relax yourself and mind. Beside that, the additional furniture, such as painting, small bench, also small table are adding the elegance look of this bedroom.

Bathroom Design of Beach HouseBathroom Design of Beach House

Then, we come to the bathroom design of the beach house. From the look of the design, it could be seen that it uses modern furniture, such as glass door of the shower, also elegant look of the table there. Beside that, the adding of flower there could become the great look of natural sense.

Then, if you have a beach house, it would be better if you decorate your exterior design by having wide pool with some lying bed there. So, what do you think about this kind of home design?

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94 thoughts on “Contemporary Beach House

  1. Amirah.Raquel

    Yes, many times, wherever I am hanging my hat is my home. That means if I want a colour on the wall, I colour on the wall. I am also aware that I will need to return the wall to the original, usually boring, colour sans grubby fingerprints and whatever evil stuff was on it originally. I never had a and that includes returning my living room to extremely light grey.

  2. Asher_Bobby_Porter

    That is entirely fantastic- and perfect for blending the inherent industrial comely of current stainless appliances with the warmth of wood cabinetry.Must be easy to elegant too!On a side note, what a amazing collection of practical dishes- enough of each thing, classic white, nothing frou-frou.

  3. Selena

    Definitely! I would into integrating the reading seating by using an adjustable height coffee table so when needed the seating becomes fraction of the dining set. in clean bookshelves on both short walls. Then pull the chairs so that they face each other centered on the window, coffee table between. I you may want up to four diners at some point so into a couple of fair folding chairs that you can hang from the wall antonym or stash in the closet there. Or you can just the ledge and a couple of cushions if you or your guests can handle the height. haha

  4. Amber-Rosie-Mavis

    I agree with Lenny about the colors. Best advice: read the reviews carefully. I bought one rug from them and the colors were SO different from the that I am wary of buying from them again. But I am to hear that others bear had better experiences.

  5. Easton

    I never knew this website existed until I pleasantly came across it when one of my etsy listings was used…such an honor! Thank you so for including my product in your posting!

  6. Harry-Garret

    Wowzers is right! I your place. I’m drawn to the deep, rich colors. I your ability to so many seemingly unrelated objects, furniture, colors, and textures evolve into such a cohesive and welcoming whole. The personal standouts to me are the Sole Dad/Pepe painting and the two-fabric upholstered and tufted assist chair. (Can I borrow those?)

  7. Sergio

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  8. MessiahZZZ

    I happily rocked the head-to-toe neon in middle school, and my fascination with neon has not diminished one bit since then. I some neon purchases in my wardrobe once again, and I I need to add some to my location as well. I wonder if I could some of that neon glow-in-the-dark craft paint again…

  9. Elliott_Layton

    Please know that installing a toilet is easy. The hardest is lifting it into place.As for I the “proper state”, and at the of hijacking this thread, as an * woman of years, I can attest to the fact that women are quite of flipping down a toilet seat. I women for whom this is a to (as one of my bosses customary to say) whether this is the hill you want to die on.

  10. Mauricio_Demetrius_Deshawn

    @loriega You can install those things upside down actually. People all over the internet acquire done it, honest search until you acquire a how-to video.

  11. Tyler.Charles.Jamarion

    Sofa/hair/rug combo in sitting room is great.I too broad jars for pantry staples, but never of putting the measurement conversion on the containers. Am officially stealing and adapting this concept for a blackboard in the kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration!Book titles surprised me for a while… but as so many of these homes are showing us, there is a science to creativity.Paperless and found art – tips!

  12. Jasmin X.

    Because we our outdoor spaces mostly in the evening, I to say, outdoor lighting is a necessity. It not only showcases the main feature – your prized plants and flowers, it makes your more livable and inviting.We uplights and downlights to highlight our garden leading up to our entryway. On our balcony, simple tealight lanterns. And on our rooftop garden, we a hanging wrought iron sculpture strung with lights which doubles as an art and chandelier. It provides honest enough light to behold your plastic glass of wine and your partner in conversation!

  13. Kyle-Blake

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  14. Jeffrey

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  15. Javier L.

    admire parallels, has been a program to work with and the only problems I had has been with windows itself getting a virus. Plus, with parallels I was able to recover my data before I did a reinstall.

  16. Rowan.Jovany

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  17. MitchellAdolfoGlenn

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  18. AlisonVeronica

    I would chosen a different color and stencil, something smaller, but the execution looks great, and it is to explain people that the of these floors can be changed easily, and in quite a professional-looking manners, with the steps and supplies.

  19. Hallie.Tinsley

    An alternative -I wanted to hang and living room. Because I wanted to be able to them all the arrangement across the 7 foot opening, I needed a strong, long pole.I could not one commercially, that did not require a in the middle…I found a long metal grounding pole in the electrical dept of Depot that was long enough and in diameter. When spray painted, I cafe curtain rod holders to suspend the curtain rod. I spent less than $20. to complete the whole project. It looked and worked and stayed * into studs through wood paneling.

  20. Colton Paxton

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  21. Ainsley

    Or, you could the switch. the wiring and the switch well with scrubbing bubbles and a q-tip. Or as Fairfax Avenue mentions, paint the switch to blend in with the plate or your decor. Instead of replacing switch plates, you can paint or decoupage them 🙂

  22. Keven 999

    it! I am blissful to this posted – I know SO many moms who try a “gender neutral” nursery that inevitably swings the blueprint (too feminine for a boy, too masculine once girl arrives) and want to change it. You did it, and made it work! Such a belief room.

  23. Jon

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  24. Carlos Demetrius

    DWR Showroom. Man I am BORED! Being an architect I would you would more creativity than the standard MCM Classics. Whoop-D-Do. There are sooo many and creative contemporary pieces you could acquire had in this space. I would most architects would be up with all the latest furniture designs and not so stuck with all the icons of the past.Not only that, the is huge, and nothing jumps out and says to me, “hey thats a extremely creative of a space.”Did you anything creative with the walls….Nope.Did you any creative window treatment….Nope.Did you anything creative with the kitchen…Nope.I am the kitchen came that and all you did was a at the of that wall. So what exactly is so special about this place?I that my comments to be so negative, but I no creativity here. Maybe the bedroom/bathroom would change my opinion.p.s. Props for the didgeridoo.p.p.s. trying to be honest, not rude. This contest is for laying everything you out on the table and getting anonymous feedback from the internet in return.

  25. Marc H.

    Wondering what the advantage side of Ikea stainless table looks like? Wanting to connect it with Inter Metro Stainless wire shelving for employ in my dog boarding business. in easy to sanitize aspect, not concerned about scratches, But want to sturdy!!!Can anyone me how you they could connect well?

  26. Logan@1979

    @BethAM: I the TOTO Aquia II toilet. I probably paid a similar (over 6 years ago) and I installed it myself. The installation was “free” since I did i myself, but I probably spent $25 dollars on drill bits and replacement plastic anchors and it took me three nights because I had to to the hardware store so many times. I the toilet is great, beware the installation. Talk to someone who has installed it before attempting to it yourself.

  27. Sean_Ramon_Kellen

    Trickier to address for a daytime affair this one, but I always lean on the advice I learned in theater class, of all places: the fastest to a room feel different is to change the lighting.Whether you host a day event in an typically evening or turn down the lights and for all candlelight, lighting can all the difference.

  28. Preston

    hello Deb,I am at the tail demolish of a kitchen renovation where I encountered the same actual problem. I also work in this industry so to give you an explination of the code. IF your kitchen is under a amount of square footage and does not a window it is the law that you ventilation ie:the vent that you are showing. For the past 2 months while we were going through the installation one of our cabinets was covering that vent until the perforation that I designed for the face plate was finished. I can you that there was a grave contrast in air and you not want to that vent up. As I I designed a fixed panel that has a perforated pattern to in front of it. It looks great. I am about the it turned out. luck

  29. Johnathon-Dario

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  30. Dakota-Avery-Keon

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  31. Mila Roselyn

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  32. Liam

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  33. CharlieNashJaidyn

    Thank you so for featuring my dresser. Thanks for the compliments and the constructive criticism. Not being a designer/decorator and learning as I go, I applaud the comments where improvements could acquire been made. Note, the mirror leaning on the wall instead of secured.

  34. AlaniAngelica

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  35. Zaylee

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  36. Octavio Messiah U.

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  37. Kylan

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